Celisus has lived a good life. Ever since he reformed in Narcotic and Celsius: Princess Candecne's nice skool, even if it wasn't exactly out of free will and more apawn the threat of a momentarly insane love alicorn, Celisus felt that he finally had gotten through his previous heartache and suffering, albeit not what he had originally in mind, desided this was better, way better. He even found a friendly use of his fire powers to entertain the masses of what he could do. It was like he never left stardom from his daredevil days. However. someone he never expected to see again came to him! It was the sciencetist who made the contraption that changed his life, Dr. Theodore Suction Cup, has come to warn him that the govenor of Celisus race, Governer Calamari, is still determin to use Celisus as means to make the perfect Elemental army and has threaten to invade Equestia to capture him! Calameri, now with the power of water malmitulation, defeats any that stood in his way, and forced Celisus to surrender when Calamari threaten to drown a young fan of Celisus if he refused! Narcotic, in panic mode, calls and begs for the lougers to come and help save Celisus! But Calamari has already a dangerious plan in motion: He is also making a deadly new super-weapon based on Shen's cannons, but a thoundson times more deadlier, and threatens to use against all to stands against him if he doesn't get what he wants from Celisus: the secret to make an army of elementals, as well as for him to somehow get more elements into him so he can become "The Elemental King", and make sure no one would ever threaten his world or challnage him ever again. But can the Lougers and the Heroes Act prove Calmari can never be truely invinable?

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