Fishlegs Ingerman


Fishlegs Ingerman
is Hiccup's best friend in the books. He is clumsy and inept, always making mistakes at inappropriate moments. Stoick the Vast calls him "Fisheggs," and Snotface Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut pick on him constantly.

In The Book[1]Edit

In the book, Fishlegs is small, scrawny, and even less valiant than Hiccup. In the book, Fishlegs was unable to capture a dragon as part of his test, so Hiccup gave the dragon he had captured to him to pass. Hiccup later manages to capture a Garden Dragon which he later names Toothless where as Fishlegs keep the Basic Brown named Horrorcow that Hiccup has originally caught.

In the Movie[2]Edit

In the film adaptation, Fishlegs is quite the opposite to his book counterpart. He is very big and chubby and often spouts off information about dragons whenever he can, usually as if he were describing the stats of a creature in an RPG. This annoys the other teenagers frequently during their sessions at Dragon Training.

Later, Fishlegs learns how to fly on a dragon from Hiccup and ends up flying and owning a Gronckle. His analysis of dragons becomes invaluable for the rest of the Vikings when he identifies the characteristics and weaknesses of the Red Death.

Role in the series


Older Fishlegs

Fishlegs appears alongside his friends to help the Shell Louge Squad battle the evil forces of the Villain League and their Red Death dragon. his emphyipedia knowledge appearently expends beyond dragons, evidented when he was able to tell the louge and his friends the life-style of the centor, and prosesses a book of monsters, although, given his coward nature, he was presumed too scared to warn the louge about the Hydra's abilites to get new heads when they had to face it, leaving them to learn it the hard way, side from that, he tends to be a good use.
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