Gomble T. Flamerock is an Alternate UUniversal Pyrbra from Planet Carbungia. He is a notorious spitting cobra-like mercenary similar in appearance and cold-blooded personality to Fu-Xi. After he was cheated by a con artist that took everything he had in a rigged gamble and pawned it all away before he could get it back, he killed the con artist in cold blood and took all he had in retaliation, and has been a mercenary hateful of society ever since. He tried to sell out Sheriff Moreland to the Villains Act for a hundred millites, as he killed many people trying to find him, and as he was about to capture him, Moreland turned out to have intentionallly lead Flamerock into a trap, a hidden pit filled with Aleggenic Burries, an AUU spieces of berry that is able to use a poison that mimics what the toucher is allergetic too, and Flamerock was lactose intolerent, so  Gomble ended up puking himself into a coma, then sent to a maximum security prison designed by Moreland. Gomble is a merciless killer that will not tolerate betrayal and responds to it by killing, and is too dangerous to be around other prisoners because of this thirst for blood.


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