The Lodgers and Main 7, after a rather-exhausting experience in dealing with foes of many episodes' past, decided to take a casino break and spend time in Las Pegasus, and Icky and Iago specifically invite Prince Scorpo and his friends to join. But Applejack has proven unwilling to come in due to The Flim-Flam Brothers, and understandingly so in due to the several issues she gotten from them in the past. However, when they arrived, they find that it appears that over time since the events of Viva Las Pegasus, if though momentarly undermined by what happened in Friendship U, the brothers have gained honest business practices and started to do more charitable doings. At first, Applejack can't help but to feel as if something's off, but when everything was proven legitimate, it showed that Flim and Flam did change for the better, though they are still not without their quips and witty fun-pokings at Applejack in due to history. Gazelle was even asked by the duo to sing for the casino for a speical event to impress the president of Las Pegasus, President Vegas, and his chairmen ponies of the Las Pegasus Board to encourage the idea of expanding the name of Las Pegasus to the rest of the UUniverses, and Gazelle is a key to that. Aside from Icky joking that the 'Chuck E. Cheese' style of Las Vegas will never catch on to average non-Equestrian adults following his many poker games with Scorpo, the duo insists that because of Las Pegasus essentially being kid pizzerias and amusement parks rolled in with some traces of true Vegas air, they say that the wide-spread casinos will market more to children since similar things mentioned allow them to play such things and thus businesses will start to open up in many places, even in worlds that are against gambling since what they have isn't legally recognized as gambling. To even further make the show a hit, they even included the services of Pinkie's favorite childhood sweets-making griffin, Mr. Happy Drink, to take sells through the roof and spread the yummy creations to UUniversal restaurants everywhere, all while Pinkie Pie tries to find a way to open a new Happy Drinks restaurant in Ponyville since the one that was there when she was a filly was torn down. However, in encountering Happy Drink, she ran into an assistent of his, a former corrupt worker of Sugarcube Corner named Sugar Mama, who was kicked off from Sugercube Corner for an attempt to make an ultimate treat gone south and is now working with HD, giving ideas for the most successful of desserts and slushies attempting to make Happy Drinks so popular, it will work it's way into Ponyville again, and seeing Pinkie as an opportunity, she manages to trick her into gaining her trust as she will unknowingly help her shut down Sugarcube Corner so that Happy Drinks will replace it as the top sweet-shop in Ponyville, wanting Pinkie to suffer for it because she works there. But while that sub-plot is going on, Applejack, though slowly and begrudgingly, has gotten over her distrust of Flim and Flam and accepts that the two are capable of some change, even if it's not dramatically great as it can be argued that they just decided to not pick on the Apples and Ponyville anymore, but it counts as a change of heart. However, they have new issues in the form of the vengeful Gladmane, who aims to get back his casino and his plans for the future by suing it back and placing a serious lawsuit against the brothers, AND against Applejack and Fluttershy as accomplices, with the aide of an infamous lawyer greater then even prosicution brain pod, a Cyclops named Argost Undertaker, who processes the scary and uncanny ability to use his magically-tainted all-seeing eye to rig court cases and thus win even the toughest cases because even people who don't like him end up believing him as if he was speaking a legitimate truth. Even with the aide of Harvy Wadder, Argost will win Gladmane his casino back and put Las Pegasus back under his friendship-ruining grip. Starlight has sinking suspicions about the past of Argost and feels as if there's a reason why he would abuse his mega-vision like that. Through investigation from an unlikely source in the form of a gamemaster, gambler, and former con artist pony named Tic Tac Toe would show that Argost has a dark secret: His eye wasn't always this powerful. He was actually a student of Magic University, and a grand magic teacher who used his eye to see great things. But a magical experiment to make his eye do so much more backfired, as the eye is now all-seeing and all-controlling with a mind of it's own, as it corrupted Argost into being greedy with this new power, allowing him to control everyone he wants through physical/eye contact to win cases and lawsuits, and moved away from teaching to care for his own wealth gains and not caring that if his clients were legitimate cretins nor that if the sued ones are legitimate victims, only caring about his power and wealth that made him drunk in his power and blinded to his immoral powers. How can Starlight be able to prove that Argost is basically a corrupted victim here to help Gladmane con his way back into business and enable him to do his shady practices again when she knows Argost will mind-warp everyone to beieve otherwise and risk her credability? And will Pinkie end up discovering she is being used before she puts the Cakes and herself out of business in the hooves of a disgruntled vengeful sugar-coated former employee?




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