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The Flying Dutchman is a member of the Villain League, and a famous enemy of Spongebob Sqaurepants.

The Flying Dutchman is a green pirate ghost named after the famous ghost ship of the same name. He lives in a giant ship that floats in the underwater "sky." He is first mentioned, but does not physically appear, in the episode, "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost". Here, it is explained that after he died (his cause of death is unknown), a clothing shop used his body as a window display (mannequin). Now he haunts the seven seas because he was never put to rest. Whenever he appears, a thunderstorm suddenly occurs.

According to the episode, "Your Shoe's Untied", he last wore shoes over 5000 years ago (it could be assumed from this statement that he has been a ghost for over 5000 years, and has won the Fancy Knotting contest for the past 3000 years. The knots he knows include: The Pretzel Knot, Double Diamond Knot, Square Knot, The Constrictor, Gut Knot, Pillow Knot, Butterfly Knot, Monkey Chain, Monkey's Fist, The Monkey and the Loop Knot, a.k.a. Poop Loop. However, he is unable to tie a simple shoe knot, due to him not wearing shoes. In addition, he cannot eat without his dining sock as mentioned in "Shanghaied." In "Scaredy Pants", he expresses a dislike for the tradition in which others dress up as him for Halloween and claims that it "turns the Flying Dutchman name into a laughing stock".

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The Flying Dutchman once lost his "scare", in the episode "Ghost Host". He got so carried away, that he stopped scaring for months. He became a couch potato in SpongeBob's house until finally SpongeBob helped him be scary again. In the same episode, it was shown that he had some sort of wedding ring. In "Curse of Bikini Bottom", the Flying Dutchman was seen with no beard. It was because of SpongeBob and Patrick so he turned them into ghosts.

The Flying Dutchman is the keeper of and escorts people to Davy Jones' Locker, which is the underwater equivalent of H**l, and is an actual locker. It is full of sweaty socks, because "he (Davy Jones) works out a lot." Mr. Krabs was almost stuffed within the locker in "Born Again Krabs". In "SpongeBob vs. The Big One", "Davy Jones" is jokingly shown to be Davy Jones, the singer of the real-life band The Monkees.


The Flying Dutchman has a green glow around him, yellow eyes with black irises, scaraggly beard, pirate hat with a chunk taken out, a handbag marked "Souls", droopy nose, coat, little pigtails, and ghostly tail, and also speaks with a Scottish Pirate accent. He has a sister named Sally Dutchman.

Role in the series

As of now, Mirage have captured the Flying Dutchman, and have forced him to serve the Dark Spawn lords or else face total obliteration. But Dutchie does still care for Spongebob, and has only appeared once in some cameos, nothing more. but may be set to at least try to have a more major appearence. there may come a time where his some-what good heart may finally result in the flying dutchmen to finally leave the villain leage, reform, and return to harmless scaring (aside from oocational soul collecting). also, in non-cannon to this series roles, he even befriends spongebob and littlefoot in (however yet to appear) Littlefoot adventure series and Spongebob moisodes not made by Scroopfan.

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