Flynt the Crimegiver

Flynt Craig Crime

Flynt C. Crime, AKA Flynt the Crimegiver, is a Sailfin flying fish from SpongeBob's world who has been living amongst the people of Bikini Bottom and profited wildly from the possible cruelty within it including it's biased police, it's insanity, the rotten behavior of the Bikini Bottomites, and anything and everything between. He has a similar love to crime as the Joker, but is not as insane, as he simply takes delight in the misery of others, as he ensures through all in his power that everything goes according to plan and to ensure that his way of life remains as strong as it can be, and he'd be happy even if it didn't, taking solace in the impact his actions cause. He never even misses his mother and father when he caused them to die in a car accident, being selfishly ignorant to their absence. He is just a biased jerk who always finds pain and misfortune fun, and just finds it as funny as a cartoon. However, when Huxley Ottaway becomes mayor and bans all this cruelty, he will do all in his power to have him taken out of the picture. He is one of the only underwater dwellers to be unaffected by the mysterious gravity of the underwater environment, as he can fly with absolute grace and agility, and can attack anything from the air as he is highly-skilled in karate just like Sandy. He has Bikini Bottom's top criminal, the Great White serial killer known as Mack Smith Sharko on his side when he needs him. He has a voice on par with Richard Steven Horvitz (Zim, Billy, Stuart Zurgo), and is just as crazy as his previous roles.


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  • "Before we begin our next phase, I couldn't help but hear rumors, that a lot of you idjits here have come to believe, that I like crime! PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBT, you couldn't be FURTHER from the truth. I don't LIKE crime!... I... LOVE... Crime! I love thefts! I love smuggling! I love gambling! I love fraud! I love gang wars! I love rigging things for my own pleasure! I love watching the people of this town be screwed around by corruption, ruin, misery, and despair! I love murdering people and watching them and their loved ones in delicious misery, and just eat them up! I love money being supplied to me in EVERY easy form imaginable! I love watching those hopeless simpletons and retards all over Bikini Bottom squirm like worms! It moves me DEEPLY within my sadistic heart, to see people being used over and over and over into the unwilling grasp of a very happy and wicked enemy. The sight of people being arrested on trumped-up charges, the sight of them being framed for crimes they didn't commit, the sight of even the retarded actions of the police AND the people who act as if they didn't do anything wrong, the way they behave, the way they do anything stupid for equally-stupid reasons, the way people treat others like whale-s***, the way these idiots even expect monsters who seem destructive to have a certain etiquette or else they attack him, the way their idiocy turns them into unlikable assholes, the way they think they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, why they want it, and whoever they want to do it to. There is NOTHING, more entertaining and better, than watching innocent bystanders and morons getting their just desserts and their unexpected comings, screaming in agony and release, as they are told off by people who have the power to say they can do whatever they want! What I am telling you all, is that I am the purveyor or crime! I WILL ensure that my position in Bikini Bottom, will remain unchallenged, not even by a moronic, hypocritical, gay-toned, Krabby-Patty-fetishizing sponge, a brain-dead insensitive bully of a starfish, a d***-nosed, d***ish selfish, heartless, and soulless octopus, a greedy, criminal, scamming, money-fetishizing crab, and a smartass, air-breathing, water-loving, beaker-sucking, science-worshipping, brainless lab rat! It is time, we made sure they remember THEIR place, and ours! This place of morons was MEANT for us! You want them to take that away from us?!? NO?!? THEN HOLD YOUR FINS HIGH!!!"
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