Foe Yong is an Alternate UUniversal Nobe from Planet Zo. He is a loris-like primate that has been a long-infamous criminal boss who learned Qong Fu from the Palace of Master Uugwuey, but like many other students, he was manipulated into the ways of villainy by Master Crobra, as he convinced out of his lack of enjoyment in his job of defending the Valley, and decided to do it for a much more 'challenging' role as a villain. Thus, Foe stole the Sacred War Hammer of Beichjing, which could mow down entire areas, kill people with just one attack by shattering them like glass, and decimate anything he pleased, originally belonging to a warlock Beichjing in ancient times. Foe has since used it to declare himself a grand mob boss, destroying anyone who stood against him, until Zhigu and his students stopped him, utterly angered that he would throw away his life because of being 'bored', and thinking villainy was more fun and fulfilling to him after all the lives he saved, as he justified that his time left him no challenge, and he wanted to have one, being convinced villainy was the best way to get it, forever dedicating his life to it. The War Hammer was retrieved, and Foe was locked up for good. He has since escaped a countless number of times, and people have to bring him back once or twice. He is essentially the AUU version of Tong Fo.


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