Aux Somber Aebulox, AKA The Foregiver, is an Alternate UUniversal Eonian deity from Planet Kreeton. He is known to be the AUU's very first Eonian who gave birth to all known Eonians on Kreeton and Lagoobes, and had hoped that his inherited Eo-Gene would allow his descendants to become a very prosperous race which would build a grand and perfect empire of peace, and spread his Eo-Gene across the AUU, believing it as the next step in evolution. However, his hopes were dashed by prejudicel morons in power of the neightbering "normal" worlds being against their 'non-normal' attributes, and the prejudice had caused a pact that would forbid the Eonians' quest for building a new empire. Upset that his intentions were ruined, Foregiver swore revenge, and tried to destroy the AUU and remake it in his image with his ability to slowly evolve into a greater being. His craving for this drove him to near-insanity, and after destroying several worlds, the Eonians imprisoned him in a time crystal to freeze his transmutation, and hide him deep within the ice of an arctic island on Kreeton. Ever since, as the stories of this became more famous throughout the millennia, people have started to fear his return, though some believe it is a myth. His name is often confused for the word "Forgiver", which leads to people thinking it is sadly ironic considering what he had become, but in actuality, fore- means 'before' and he had given the Eo-Gene to the Eonians, easily earning him the rather confusing name. He is basically like the X-Men supervillain Apocalypse, and is just as powerful.


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Foregiver is the AUU's very first Eonian, which is the AUU version of Superiors. As the first Eonian who had no base form, he gave birth to a million descendants in the form of animals by shapeshifting into all known animals in the AUU, giving birth to the Eonians. He could only shapeshift into average AUU animals, and cannot impersonate others, only getting his own appearance out of this ability.

His other well-noted and infamous ability is transmutation, which is the ability to slowly evolve and get stronger every few moments. This ability is too dangerous to be left unchecked, and this ability could only be stopped with the use of time crystal technology, which not only ceases his transmutation, but regresses him into his first form as slowly as it takes it to work. This ability allows him to gain more powers, abilities, and strength until he becomes strong enough to stand against gods.

His other powers include telekinesis which allows him to levitate objects or people, plasma manipulation where he can generate and manipulate plasma in a variety of ways, teleportation, the ability to fly vast distances, can lift over 1000 tons, is 90% invulnerable, can endure incredible amounts of work and can stay active for over a week, and can live for over a million years.


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