Forrest Frost

Forrest Bert Fallon, AKA Forrest Frost

Forrest B. Fallon, AKA Forrest Frost, is a fictional Superior maned wolf published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is a valuable member of the Victorians and started off on a planet called Kra-38 working as an Antarctic fleet soldier that had a friendship with a sniper stoat named Edna, and a scientist dhole named Laura, whom he secretly had a crush on. Like his friends, he wanted to move up in the ranks, yet his problems and track-record left him going nowhere. Then he, Laura, and Edna were abducted by Incursion, along with two others, and were given superpowers as an experiment. They escaped, and retreating to the Kratosian city of New Athens, they became the Victorians. Later on, when the Victorians successfully took down Incursion, Forrest admitted his feelings for Laura, and the two became a couple. Forrest occasionally has a small cowardice for extreme situations, as shown by his hesitation to admit his feelings for Miss Victoria. While he believes in fighting for what's right, he finds it hard to fight stronger enemies. The experiments of Incursion gave Forrest cryokinesis and super-endurance.
  • MCode: ImSe


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