Maestro Forte

Maestro Forte

Maestro Forte is the main villain from Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, and is a member of the Villain League.

Forte was once the royal composer for the prince who was to become the Beast. When the castle was enchanted however, he was transformed into a pipe organ which was chained to the wall of a hidden room. The Beast came to him often to hear his soothing music, which would ease his tormented soul, and when Belle came, Forte became enraged that the Beast spent all his time with her, and he felt unneeded.

Through his henchman Fife the enchanted piccolo, he tried to destroy Beast and Belle's relationship. He tried to persuade Beast that love was meaningless and that his music was all that he needed. He was defeated when, in an attempt to cause an earthquake and kill them by playing his organ at sonic sound levels, the chains that held him to the wall snapped and he fell to the ground.

He will make an appearance in Spongebob meets Beauty and the Beast as an ally to Fagin, who corrupted him with the idea that he likes being an imanimate opject, trapped to the wall aside, and served as his spy on the louge while they hang at the castle, and trying to destroy the realationship just for fun.

in spoof videos, Forte is populater to say his line, "I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL" to various characters who kept bugging him.

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