Fortress Tortguese

Fortress Vinraff Tortguese

Fortress V. Tortguese is an Alternate UUniversal Turtor from Planet Iogatania. He is a former philosopher of peace and is currently an Archduke of War. In his peace and philosophy days, he would normally live alone on his home planet, offering advice to find one's peace. However, that changed when a war race of birds called Frackers attacked his home, and decimated his hometown. While several of his old townspeople survived the attack, however, Fortress lost his peace and his ability to forgive. He became the very first Archduke of War, and became instant leader, but the planet leaders knew Fortress lost his peace, and sent him away and was replaced by a now former friend, a fellow turtor named Master Cranos. Thanks to anonymous friends, Fortress returned, became the new leader, and had the original leaders arrested and imprisoned, Cranos included. Because of his tragedy and religion, he is morally conflicted of the idea of going to war. In one hand, he just wants to protect his people from the new psychotic dictators that are on the rise (unaware he is among them) and make the UUniverses better for his people. In another, he can't help but feel this is aganst everything his kind stands for. As he grew old, one of his eyes started weakening, and with his permanent black eye he got from the Fracker invasion, he became completely blind, only able to coordinate his position by hearing. He has a fascination with strategy and technology. Just a good strategy and a superior device of the highest sciences will help him win any fight. Despite his kind having poisonous bites, his deteriorated with his aging conditions, and he now prefers to wield an electromagnetic staff, which can attract things to him as long as it is magnetic, and it delivers painful shocks to anything he strikes. It doesn't kill, but disorientates the opponent long enough to be captured.


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  • "Believe me. I want to go back to believe in peace... but how can I when there are non-reptiles that do not?"
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