PTE Redux Conditions: It's unknown if too much will change when this world is given a redux, but it will be renamed Gambluno.


Fortuity is a world in the Miramax System, sharing the same sector as Paradisa, which is the gambling capital of the UUniverses for being the second richest world. Gambling rings, casinos, and Las Vagas-style cities are common here, and lotteries, massive marketing, and sometimes criminal syndicates, are very common here. There are several megalopolis cities with glowing lights, and the world has the richest amount of wealthy families.


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Government and Society

Fortuity is the gambling capital of the world. As a result, there are massive megalopolis cities with Las Vegas-style appearances, and they contain massive amounts of casinos. This is a world that is financed by Costacus, and money is thrown around and betted almost every day. This world is supplied with over $19 trillion, which makes it the second richest world behind Costacus, which has over $600 trillion. Casinos are very plentiful, and the world itself has over 58,000 of them. Games including craps, roulette, poker, baccarat, and various others. There are also several lotteries that are held every month.

The government is entirely capitalistic, whereas the democratic government own all businesses and finances them, and runs a council that runs every minor country and watches over the businesses they own. The cities have modern-day technology, and the architecture is among beautiful, and is often made of gold. Besides the casinos, there are also resorts and beaches, and loads of hotels with large pools, and massive skyscrapers. There are metro stations, the traffic is almost as bustling as New York City, the lights are bright and flashing, and often are more advanced than the common lights of Las Vegas, and there are fast-food businesses around.

This world has the greatest amount of wealthy families than any other world in the UUniverses. There are a maximum of 400,000 wealthy families, each doing great things with their money throughout the years. Some wealthy families are good gamblers, others are not. Though some wealthy families go into the many criminal syndicates that live outside the public eye and take advantage of bets, smuggle money and treasure, rig gambling rings, and do anything for profit. Several mafia groups exist on this planet, and sometimes run their own territories.

Aside from casino bets, gambling also exists in the form of races, gambling rings, and other gambling sports. Money was won through placing bets through the many sports that take place on this world. Though criminal syndicates profit from this as well. Crime can practically be anywhere when there's money involved. That's why police departments have increased in patrols to the point of surveillance and camouflage. The prisons span several miles due to the fact that over 500 people are arrested every year. Though crimes including cheating are only punishable by a month in prison, and worse crimes are punishable by a longer time in prison.







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