Fortunoos Lazonzoos Ka'Brainuz is a Brainiacaazk and the quintessential creator of Artificial Magic of Manatera. While Commodore KomodorePresident Scalemyer and King Snoortos brainchild'd the idea, Fortunoos was the one who created artificial magic and architected its entire presence. Being the most intelligent Brainiacaazk above even the Grandmind, he was convinced by Scalemyer and company to join them on getting Manatera to strengthen up its resolve by creating Artificial Magic, embuing it to even his very soul so he can be his own everlasting shorce of Artificial Magic. His next applicant was in the soon to be Queen Widowus, a beautiful bird-lizard native to the planet that was dying of magical cancer, who caught Fortunoos' eye. Apawn request of his brothers that brought her to him, Fortunoos unhesitantly did exactly what was asked and cured Widowus, earning them a new disciple for his brothers, but for him, she was more. The two began to bond with eachother ever so slightly, kinship turned to romance, resulting in marriage, and Widowus further devoted to Artificial Magic. Fortunoos' life was perfect. But then came the day his brothers in artificial magic made the mistake of recruiting a new disciple in the would-be King Agamemnon, intending him to be a balancer like Fortunoos and Widowus are. Fortunoos tried to warn Komodore, Scalemyer and Snoortos that the egotistical and ill-enlightened Knightan was not worthy of the gift of artificial magic and that it's better to just trust him and Widowus alone, but the trio proved insistent on keeping the egoist knightan around. Fortunoos felt disenfranchised by the trio's quickness to take in a questionable sort, espeically when he was proven to be the worse student by only wanting Artificial magic just to be powerful. One day, when Fortunoos was in his private study to vent about Agamemnon's ill behavior, Agamemnon himself showed up, killed his private scribe, and despite Fortunoos' power, Agamemnon's less honorable tendencies resulted in Fortunoos to be physically and fatally injured from their fight, forcing Fortunoos to secretly transfer his soul into the fallen scribe, as Agamemnon absorbed Fortunoos' body of remaining Nanomana, triggering a biogradsion process that turned the body to goop, either way easing Agamemnon of the biggest obstacle to his path to eventually usurp the planet from UIS and the Mana Lords and Widowus, leaving Forunoos to have to assume the name of "Lazon" to avoid being finished off, keeping taps on his beloved when she came to be thrown into a harem dungeon. Apawn Agamemnon's demise, Fortunoos would soon reveal himself to Widowus and help her revive artificial magic, as now the bitterness and pain of having lost his legacy has tampered with the Brains' need to control their emotions, else it'll increase their power and become dangerious. Artificial Magic has doubled his natural telepathic abilities, enabling him to reckitnse and know anyone, even if they were made undetectable or unreckitneseable, enable him to control very fabric of reality and all things cosmic, making him many levels above then even the Grandmind, even more then already before Artificial Magic. All these traits essentially make him the Outer God of Artificial Magic, some would say, an Artificial Thaumorpheus.
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