Foulmouth Grinjis

Grinjis Doague Breeg, AKA Foulmouth Grinjis

Grinjis D. Breeg, AKA Foulmouth Grinjis, is an Alternate UUniversal Zaranta from Planet Ardalicron who had studied Magelian alchemy and magic through his late parents, who were both victims of Captain Rarxter and several other Ovengan space pirates. He eventually joined Captain Axxus' crew to bring justice not just for their own home, but for those that were the victims of Governor Foul Cheese. He doesn't just need weapons and strength to fight. His main weapon is his dirty insults. He has the mental ability to turn vulgar insults into weapons that emotionally, mentally, and physically hurt enemies of Axxus. He rarely uses his gun, sword, or his natural strength and tusks.


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