Foy C. Jinx, AKA Foxtrot Foy, is a Superior red fox from Kratos. He is a criminal residing in Glare City who is only a very tragic figure who wished to be among the great heroes who protect Kratos from great threats to even petty crimes, and even had a girlfriend to inspire him. However, he is cheated out of reward money from turning in a high-profile criminal and is told "I fail to see how that's my problem" by his payer, who this payer is a reknowned doughebag who is infamous for never meaning what he promises and only uses said promises to talk people into doing favers that, cause he never returns the faver, may as well be tricking people into doing things for him for no reward. Seeking to earn that money because his mother was terminally ill, he gets payback when a robber steals the money and he decides to ignore it, repeating that it was "not his problem", enjoying petty revenge against the now regretting doughebag. However, when the same robber ends up killing his girlfriend's parents and when she discovered that he let him go out of revenge, she is distraught and renounces their relationship. Afterwards, this fact breaks out and thus he is not only bullied, but he is denied any chance of being a better hero. This ultimately causes him to be a con artist under the employment of the douchebag payer's stepbrother, Paramount Catamount, and does anything he wishes and is smart enough to get away with it, even when against the likes of local authorities and vigilantes. Dispite this, he's not a true villain in a major sense of the word, as at best he's sort've like what Duke Weaselton, and Nick Wilde to an extrent, used to be, just a con looking out for himself and not trying to get involved with anything more serious then a scam, even though being a con artist isn't a particularly popular practice in Kratos in obvious fact cause con artistry was respondsable for the existence of Lord Malvonio Omnitrix. With this in mind, it means he's only like this cause he's given up hope for Kratos for giving up on him for one mistake. However, this lifestyle can be changed as, following a possible arrest by the Justic Teens, they can understand well enough to do him a favor by not only attempting to convince his ex-girlfriend to forgive him as he only did the act because his payer was a con artist and thus the revenge act was justified, albeit the act of letting a robber get away with murder was not a wise choice, and thus it would be hard to get Foy back on his feet. Though despite his incident, he still has friends including a delinquent shrew speedster named Shrewdy Attosecond, among others. His powers include super-flight, ghosting, invisibility, x-ray vision, psychometry, omnilingualism, memory manipulation, and a psychic shield.

  • MCode: GhIvbMmOllPshPsySfXrv


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