Fances Le Flour has managed to woo Fluer into liking him, and charmed her into devoicing Fancy Pants, and took all of his money for themselfs. Frances offered that they married in celibration, and Fluer would be all his. Mante and Ane in the other hand, are entrusted to make sure Fancy Pants won't get any ideas to report them to the lougers... however, they never counted on A concerned Rarity being the one who tattled on them. however, this time, Frances has diplomatic a ammonity thanks to a cousin in Qui's senate. Now Cynder must get her mother with the help of Riku, Vanessa and Frances' past victims Mimi (Acompinied by Palamon), Rartiy, Brandy, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to find the one who diploilised Frances, have him fired, and remove the dipplonicy before Fluer is forever his.

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