Frances Le Flour

France Le Flour's former days as a designer.

Frances le Flour is a French con-artist snake similar to Sir Hiss. He is an all-around known criminal, consmen, and sex slaver who swindles fashionists or woman with a high enough status for their cash. He also does horrific sexual torture to them. He wasn't always like this. He legitamently did used to be a fastion designer. He was an independent, and very vinsionary designer of surreal fastion that is quite faverable, and it was incredable how a snake was capable of making and creating clothes for those with limbs. He was destin to be among the fastion mongrel greats... That is, until a pony from Equestia named Photo Finish who also has some fastioning exbertise, has gain some slight popularity. Naterolly, Frances was interested to join forces with this new fastion designer and wanted to team up with her so both his fastion and her ideas can become stronger then ever. He took her in, and showed her how to make fastion for non-pony creatures and beings, and showed all of his secrets. Eventally, Photo and Frances began to romancisizing with eachother, even a promise of a celeberty marrage was planned. Things were perfect for Frances... Until, something happened that soured his life for good. Frances wanted to make a very controveseal move, make REAL fur popular again by turning minks into a coat, and the coat would be too beautiful that no one would've cared, which would result in his throey that real fur would be legal again. Photo, concerned for his safety, warned him it's a very bad idea and it'll end with him being hurt and broken in many ways. Frances, thinking he has far to much of the people's love for them to even care about minks, insisted there's nothing to worry about. On the night of the reveil of "Frances Coat De Mink", Frances was practicly right, everyone loved the coat so much, no one mind that real minks were killed, mainly cause Frances insisted he killed them humanly and peacefuly through euisastagia. However, Frances failed to acknowledge that among the unsentient minks he killed, one of them was sentient, and a distressed mink family were terrorably broken hearted, and sued Frances and the model who wore the outfit. It ended up becoming the most controverseal thing that ever happened to Frances, and it further cemented strong statements again using real fur for fastion. Frances lost the case, and owed money combinsation for the family he didn't intent to wrong. He started to lose his remaining fortune on wide-spread refunds and lawsuits of controsevery fearing abertisers who now turned on him, his ability to ever make fastion again cause no one whould buy his creations again, his models and other employies, even the Janitor and a Sentient Kitchen Sink deserted him. Frances hoped he could still have Photo by his side, but she was forced by her lawyers and manitger to break up with him to avoid his controversey. He tried to insist he didn't know about the ONE sentent mink, Photo believed him, but sadly insisted it's out of her hooves to do and explain to everyone otherwise. The two gave final, sad glances before departing for good. All of Frances' fastion creations are either clogging up warehouses or have been burned by angered former fans of Frances due to his ONE mistake. Frances' heart turn dark, became a netourious con artest, and fell victim into becoming a pawn for Madam Deces for a sex slave trade, where he and other cronies, Mante and Ane, commit even more controverseal acts against women.


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Francis le Flour

Frances le Flour (Con Artist)

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