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Frank the lizard

is a character from Disney's 1990 film The Rescuers Down Under. He is a frill-necked lizard was captured by Percival C. McLeach.


Frank is first seen after Cody is thrown into a cage with him by McLeach-one of the many animals that McLeach has poached for various ways of making money. He quickly joins in Cody's yelled defiances of McLeach, though he becomes frightened when approached by the boy.


Frank is terrified of being killed and turned into a purse. He is extremely hyperactive.


He is a small green frilled lizard, who frequently gets his frill stuck in things. He is very fast, hyperactive, a bit of a motor-mouth and a coward, though he does try to help and shows some guts when he ends up on Joanna's back and pulls a cowboy act with her.

Role in the filmEdit

Frank appeared when Mcleach threw Cody into the cage. Cody told McLeach he'll never tell him where Marahute is. Frank popped out of the hay and told Mcleach too. Cody asked him where he came from and he said he was from the desert. Frank covers his ears when Krebbs told him he is going to be a purse. Frank doesn't want to be purse, Cody told Frank they're going out of here in the cage. Frank hatched the plan to get the key.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, Frank the lizard is set to reprise his role from the film. Not only that, but he is also expected to join the Shell Louge Squad after they free him from his prison. Frank is later revealed to be Bill the lizard's species cousin as Frank is a frilled lizard while Bill is a normal lizard.

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