Knoxton Ronald Fray

Knoxton R. Fray, AKA Fray, is an Alternate UUniversal Gesreter from Planet Fyzogmer. He was a former worker of the MagRyve Corporation, the same corporation that cleans up Pharagu and mines on Occolo, as he was beneficial for his knack of mechanics and robotics, building several mechs and machines to aid in MagRyve's way of life. However, what landed him into Oranos was that he secretly downloaded a virus that would allow him complete control over all MagRyve machines of his design, as he had it on standby in case his mistreatment by the staff, including his own boss, went too far. When it did after he was fired for theft of technology and manipulation of the original owner who was the rival who always did everything better than him, he activated the virus, caused a lot of death, and lead the invasion himself. He was eventually crippled accidentally by the Human Protection Agency and imprisoned in Oranos, his mech suit locked up tight in a heavily-fortified bunker.


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Fray 2

Fray in Mech Suit

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