Freddy Fried Khicken

Freddy Fried Khicken

Freddy Fried Khicken
is a chicken serial killer who is similar to Freddy Krueger in appearance. Khicken has Krueger's looks and powers, and will murder anyone who eats chicken. He will soon haunt Banzai as an act of a horrific revenge. He is known to go in a bloody rage when he hears the words 'Birdy Boiler". He is even known to say Freddy Krueger's quotes in his bloody deeds.


Freddy Fried Khicken's name use to be Fred Henrickson when he was raised on a farm in Africa with his parents. He loved his joyful and peaceful life on the farm, and he was loved as a little chick. Fred was very cute, however, he had one flaw he was not ready for yet: watching horror films. He began watching horror movies at age 3, which he was too young for. He learned about cuss words and sex too early, but what intrigued his parents was that he never cussed or did any bad stuff, he never even had any nightmares. Fred had watched many horror films throughout his childhood, and remained the cutest chick in the farm.

At age 15, Fred was still respected as a generous and faithful chicken. Then came the day he first watched the one movie he wanted to see: A Nightmare on Elm Street. Fred was stunned at this R-Rated horror film, and could barely keep his thoughts to himself. He then got to the point of cussing for the first time in his life. Many people began to fear and hate him. Even the farmers didn't like him because this led to Fred becoming aggressive.

Weeks later, Fred watched Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge which worsened his attitude. Then he got more from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie series, and by the time he watched the final movie, Fred was completely mad. He did many naughty and inappropriate stuff like slapping a hen's butt. But then came the day the farm was attacked by none other than Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Fred was not afraid of the hyenas, but they ganged up on him. Once they got him cornered, Fred lost his insanity, and was scared to death. Banzai was the one who did the worst things to him. He gave him the Birdy Boiler treatment, which he did not take so well. Yet, the farmers managed to shoo the hyenas away, and save Fred. From that moment on, Fred was scared, shy, and hateful. What made him worse was that whenever he heard 'Birdy Boiler', he would enter his aggressive side, and begin killing.

Then one day, Fred awoke in a cage. His parents told him that he was no longer welcome to their farm, and had no choice but to let the farmers take him where he will be put out of his misery: KFC! When Fred finally reached a KFC restaurant, he was about to be cooked. However, when one of the cooks accidentally said 'Birdy Boiler', Fred went on a killing spree. He killed 15 cooks, and injured 10 cooks. After the bloodbath, he fled the restaurant for his life after accidentally setting his head on fire, giving it it's scar-like appearance.

Fred then became the serial killer that everyone calls him, giving him the name Freddy Fried Khicken. He was feared all over the UUniverses for killing anyone who ate chicken. He even became a cannibal when he first tasted fried chicken. The taste mad him even madder, and he killed chickens as well. Then came the day Officer Axle decided to do something about it. He and the cops got geared up with flamethrowers, matches, gasoline, and propane. Then they surrounded Fred, and burned him alive.

During his death, and spending 3 days in the Banished Realms, Freddy made a deal with none other than Red the Demon Cat. Red saw the bloody evil in Freddy soul, and allowed him to be resurrected in exchange for his soul. He accepted, and Freddy was resurrected, and given the exact same powers as Freddy Krueger, which was what Freddy wanted from Red when they made the deal. Red told him that he will remain alive if he serves the Villain League, and if not, his soul would be destroyed, and Freddy would be gone forever. So, Freddy agreed, and met up with Lord Cobra. Lord Cobra decided that Freddy should be at rest in a tomb until needed. Since then, Freddy's soulless body remains in the tomb until he is finally ready to unleash his horrible insanity.


  • "When I get my hands on you, Banzai, I'll slice your body up into belony, and place you between two buns, smother you in onions with fries on the side!"
  • "Come to Freddy, Banzy!"
  • "Who's birdy boiled now, meatlung?"
  • "No pain, no gain!"
  • "Tastes like...FUCKIN' CHICKEN!"
  • "Nice hearin' from ya', mutt!"
  • "The only thing to fear is fear himself!"
  • "Welcome to my world, bitch!"
  • "Now it's time to put this bad dog to sleep, FOR GOOD!"
  • "How sweet! Dark meat!"
  • "Freddy's coming for you!"
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