"I am Freezar, the rightful god of winter!?"

Freezar is a former dragon realmian god of winter, a giantic ice serpent, and the rival of Ginger the Reindeer. In the previous dragon realms, Freezar was once a benvolent ruler of the winters of the Dragon realms and all icey contentents, including "Dante's Inferno", and is worshipped by the ice dragons of the snow realms. However, after Malefor's semi-successful great cleansing, The Dragon Realms needed to be repaired and restored, introdusing universeal settlers, who's cultures, realigen, and beliefs began to influence the world of the Dragon Realms. Freezar was strongly against this and demanded the High Council to make the settlers leave and keep things as they were in the old world. His request was refused cause the High Council didn't wanted to look ungrateful for suddenly booting out the people that helped them fixed everything. Freezar, for the time, was forced to lay back and accept it that at least he can still be god of winter..... Until the biggest cultural influence on the Dragon Realms, Chrismas, had him removed as controler of winter for it to be bestowed to an obvious idiot, Snow Miser of the Miser Bros. Freezar, outraged by this, returned to the High Council and demand that chrismas is to be outlawed and his control of all things snow return to him! However, the High Council again, couldn't help him, cause messing with chrismas would've been a costly controverseal mistake. Outraged even more, Freezar betrayed High Council standerds by attacking Dragon Realms new york during a chrismas celebration. He was defeated by the High Council lead by Ignitus and Freezar's more accepting of fate sister, Lavaia. Freezar was booted out from the High Council for unacceptable behavior and was declaired a fallen god. An outcast to what was his own home, and even his own followers turned to join Snow Miser, Freezar became an ice terror of Dragon Realms North Pole, only kept in bay by Ginger. His anger and vengence, lead him to become an ally of sorts to North Wind, who agreed to make him the controler of ice again in return to aide him in disposing the "monolpy" of chrismas, though Freezar has a more independent mind and is mostly interested in disposing Ginger before anything else, but isn't hestient to heed any request North Wind offers.
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