A secret in the history of Equestria is revealed. It turns out that during the Chaos War, races including the ponies fought in a massive world war that was not only benefiting Lord Chaos, but another Alicorn Goddess Lady Victoria, the Alicorn Goddess of war, battle, bloodshed, violence, and victory. Victoria was concerned for the well-being of mortals which were threatened by the chaos spreading across Equestria, especially when the Alicorn Gods couldn't focus too much on their jobs because of the Draconequui, Victoria sought it upon herself to help the mortals learn how to fight, but this backfired when this resulted in war, which resulted in the racial hatred around the Second Windigo Ice Age, damaging Victoria via morality illness. An eager Twilight aims to use this knowledge to improve PR among races, and discovers that Victoria is still alive, but her morality illness has turned her into what looks like a combination of the dangers of war, being extremely ill, disfigured, wrinkled, and yet still powerful, hiding in Fort Olympus, which was the most isolated yet prominent fort during the mortal battles during the Chaos War. But she has turned out insane after so many years and can only be cured if she is killed and her soul is put to rest. The Lodgers and Mane Heroes have to help save her from Victoria, and they are prepared to put her out of her misery with the Elements of Peace as Mayhem and Tyranny proved that friendship is no match for war. Alchourse, apart from the obvious that they would have to slay a morality-illed war goddess, which is already a difficult feat in of itself, they also have to content with her sentientised weapon creations, The Swords of War, named Longswordus, the leader, Dueler and Bladeus, the twin duel blades that tend to bicker at eachother even when they agree on something, Sir Friday Knight, a clumsy comic relief and well-meaning oaf, and Lady Victoria's most trusted personal adviser and executive of the swords of war, Lord Excalibur,  that swore to keep her alive until they create an alternative cure and kept Victoria alive for so long, not just out of caring for her and not wanting to lose her, but their sentience is tied to her magic, and if she dies, they go back to being normal swords and lose their sentience as the magic will leave with her soul, and they too have grown EXTREMELY determined to see this through, even to the point that they would use Twilight for a forbidden experimental ritual said to cure morality illness known as the "Sacrifice of Purity", where a pony's purity is sacrificed to be used for a cure-all tonic for Morality Illness, which would finally cure Victoria. Even when the other swords of war didn't want to sacrifice Twilight's purity personally, they are kept in line of having to do it anyway by the darkly insistent Lord Excalibur who reminds them that their sentience is on the line and that it must be done at all costs, even if onto another alicorn. Now the Lougers face the conundrum of saving Twilight, and actually finishing off Lady Victoria at the cost of killing off three still-pure minded creations of hers who are only subjected to obey the tainted Lord Excalibur because of his fear of going back to being unsentient. How would this ever be resolved?

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