Meadowbrook falls into a mysterious new illness that is worse than anything else seen in Equestria. This illness, called MIDS, basicly, magic-related AIDS, which let's be clear that unlike aids is NOT sexually transmited, has never been seen since the Alicorn God Era because of high mastery of magic and is caused by mana being consumed by MIV, Magicly Invasive Viruses, making it adaptable as well as the illness. How it flared up again is not known yet, but the plague spreads like wildfire. Meadowbrook suggests going to find the formula for the ultimate cure of diseases, the Elixir of Life. But they find that all formulas written down have been destroyed, so the next best opition is to find a gem called the Heal Jewel, which contains the soul of Queen Elixia, the Alicorn goddess of health, healing, youth, mortality, medicine, remedy, and cures. But things immediately go to chaos when she reveals that the reason why the formula was destroyed is because of the Gods' amorality to mortals, as they didn't care if mortals contract illnesses and thus the Elixir of Life was outlawed and destroyed, thus breaking the trust between the Alicorn Gods and ponies. Betrayed by this amoral act, the ponies desecrate Alicornia to find the Elixir of Life. However, it turned out to be the work of a unicorn wizard who was shunned as an Alicorn God Atheist for dare saying that Ponykind was better off without the Alicorn Gods, and an old rival of Starswirl, Galaxso The Logic-Minded, who had made himself perfectedly immortal without the risk of Morality Illness, had finally made his move to get ponies to stop blindly believe in the Alicorn Gods even after all the unjustly and cruel amoral things they had did to ponies, and deemed their destruction of a penultamate cure to be the final straw and got onto the path of "Friend-Atheistisum" as a result, the belief that friendship is possable WITHOUT Alicorn Gods. He was reveiled to be behind the MIDS return thanks to him utilising a recipe from King Epidemic, the Alicorn god of plague, illness, and pestilence, whom Elixia locked away into a gravely-ill magic tree. Galaxso made sure that any and all evidence that would point to him is magicly covered up, so no one would ever believe Galaxso had done this. Now the Heroes need to get Galaxso a taste of his own medicine to get him to confess what he had done before MIDS wipes out Equestria.

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