Frog Hunters

Reggie, Darnell, and Two-Fingers.

The Frog Hunters are minor villains from the Princess and the Frog. In the film, they tried to catch Naveen and Tiana, but they escaped and defeated them. The frog hunters are Reggie, Darnell, and Two-Fingers. After their defeat, and pretty much sometime when Facilier return, formed the villain leage, and became a servevent to Malefor, Facilier stabbed them in their hearts with his dark keyblade, and forced them to serve the Villain League as some of their minions.

they first appear in Spongebob and friends and the emperor's new groove, serving Yzma and Facilier, and Dr. Blowhole.

Pa is the leader of the Hunters, and (mildly) the smartest one, also the shortest one, and assumingly the oldest one. Pa has sharp eyes, is fast footed, and is armed with a net, making him an exbert catcher.

Durnnal is the biggest and totally the stupidest one of the group, but he is really strong, and able to absord most blows from enemies (and sometimes his own friends if the Penguins are fighting them) however, he has weaknesses, his small eyes, which can be hit by two simple fingers. and sometimes his own weapon, a club fasihoned from a tree, and his own brute force can lead him to fall down in defeat.

Two-fingers is the most unusual of the group, for he, as his name states, only has two fingers in one hand, which ables him to catch prey (like frogs, duh). he appears to have the most weapons then both Pa and Durnnal, but his prefered weapon of choose is the classic weapon of swamp men: shotgun, he has impeccable aim, but sometimes if a small creature lowers the gun, it can mostly lead to embrassment (Mostly to Pa as his underwear can be reveled) his other weapon is the throwing knifes, but only uses it if angered.

They were duped into joining the villain leage by Dr. Facilier for the price of froglegs. why the frog hunters weren't inducted into Dr. Nefarious' Team Nefarious instead since they are just as incompetent as the rest of Nefarious' minions, is highly because Team Nefarious didn't exsited yet. they were inducted to the villain leage at all is because Facilier desided he needs more help other then Lawerence (human) since Lawerence was prison boand, and the Frog Hunters were more easily corruptable, and only require an easy pay of froglegs for their serveices.

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Gumbo, the cobra.

in the upcoming project, Spongebob's adventures in lion king full story, it will be reveled that they have a pet cobra named Gumbo, who is actselly more smarter (clearly) then his masters.


  • The Penguins of Madagascar, who are smart, fast, and sneaky, often defeat them. When they are defeated, Rico scares them off by regurgitating a chainsaw and laughing evilly.
  • Pa's real name is Reggie.
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