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Frollo's Nobody: Lorxfol

Master Xehanort returned to forge a new Organization of villains to serve as Xehanort's minions, where thanks to perfected darkness goo, it also enabled him to make Nobodies as well, and first ever one was the result of mixing it with Judge Claude Frollo's DNA with the stuff, making what he named, Lorxfol, Frollo's Nobody. It was recruited to the Villain League/Nu Organization as a member of Young Xehanort's Organization, along with his heartless form.


Like his somebody, Frollo's Nobody uses his power to carry out his personal vendettas. He is also sarcastic and sometimes shows a very dark sense of humor, in relation to his sadism and malice. He's asentually a more, calulating side of a duo of Heartless and Nobody, earning him a place as head stragigest in the group, and also has a strong desire to strike out on his own, seeing his creator as just a means to an end, and once he gets the powers and control he desires, he'll soon enough seek to remove him from power and become the new king of the Great Cycled universe.


Like the Sorcerer Nobodies under his command, Frollo's Nobody uses magic cubes to guard and attack for him.

Role in the series

Frollo's Nobody is set to appear in Spirited Away as a ghost villain working for the Nu Organization under Young Xehanort's command. During the coming of the Great Cycle in The New Cronictles, Xehanort instructed him to kidnap ScarScroopMortimer MouseProfessor LatifierShan YuVolgudMerlockDemonaGastonLady TremaineFlintheart Glomgold, Big Bad WolfBen Buzzard, and Queen La, (In a different order.), for Xehanort to corrupt and alter. He and Frollo's Heartless lead the invadion of notre dom, and easily sent it to darkness. However, Frollo's Nobody and Heartless became drunk for power, and the two agreed to plan a revolt against Xehanort and claim the new Great Cycled universe to themselves. Cause of this, it left them vulerable to be surprised by the heroes allied with the reformed nobodies and Qusimodo and friends. Aside from putting up a tough fight, Frollo's Nobody and Heartless were defeated, respectfully.

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