Fromage Le Boom is a Brachinus elegans bombardier beetle of French heritage and an infamous poacher of internaional infamy, and has been searching the globe for the rarest of creatures. He was once a mercenary target of Herve, the mercenary Australian potter wasp, to take down for a good pay by an extreme animal protection center willing to pay good money. But Fromage proved too clever for Herve and ended up handing him his first failure, spriling him into his days of troubles. Normally, Fromage would stay clear of where-ever Herve treads to avoid Herve redeeming his merc credability, however, what gets him to take greater action and game outside his usual preference is when he hears of an incident where Herve has his stinger, venom glands, and abdomen, violently maimed off by misfit heroes as punishment for using it for evil. As a result of his defeat, Fromage has good reason to believe Herve is no longer an issue and aims to claim the game of Waders (OUU sea squirrels), as he ensures that he will never suffer Herve's fate because his chemical reactive abilities make it impossible, as it could go off like a bomb, and poison/kill anyone who tried, as his equil skills to Herve, as well as his henchmen, make him a force to be reckoned with.


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