Jing Fuchou Bing, AKA Frostbiter as well as many other names like Ice Witch and Queen of the Himalayas, was once a noble sage and is the mother of Soothsayer and False-Sayer, real names Jing Yeoh and Jing Qipian, who lived in Quack Ku Xun's magic city, though she lived in the city long before that, as she was there to witnessed it's founding by the first king to discover the magic pool of China, and of Dreamworks as a universe, who has served the many kings of magic faithfully with her powers of foresight. However, when she tried to warn Quack of impending doom thanks to a magic discrimantion issue, Quack pushed the warning aside, feeling that the matter will never threaten the city. However, Quack's overly strong sense of trust proved to be a fatal downfall, when Chi Users attacked the city. Having lost a home that she had for far longer then anyone, she blamed Quack for his idiotcy, and lost her sense of nobility and respect. And when Quack tried to redeem his mistake through cursing chi users, and when that backfired with a demon uprising, that only served to worsen Frostbiter's disposition. Since then, Frostbiter and left-behind magic users have formed a cult in the Himalayas and established an army of tortured Ice Renevents of failed mountain climbers in means to one day find a way to seek revenge. And with the existence of Pang Bing, Frostbiter will undoubtingly see her out. Her bitterness and sour outlook on life, in thanks to her talent in ice-magic, has made it more then obvious on how much of a cold and spiteful woman she is, hence why Soothsayer and False-Sayer have long ran away from her, fearing the risk of inhereating their mother's corruption. Her ice powers have allowed her to do many things, including bounding her servants with an eternal oath of servitude as they declare it out of sympathy, and thus if anyone chose to disobey her, their souls would literally freeze, as would they as they would shatter, and get sent to the Spirit Realm. Soothsayer and False-Sayer were able to free themselves from this curse with the knowledge they gained from her mother, and have sworn to never come back unless she went too far.


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