Fu Bu, AKA Mercenary King by mercenary/non-mercenary peers, is an Ox from the DreamWorks Universe in Kung Fu Panda China. He is a notorious crime lord, the self-proclaimed Lord of Crime and God of Crime. Starting out as an abused cart-puller for an abusive secretary, he killed his own employer and moved onto owning much of the criminal activity of all the cities off the shores of China, from the tip at Dalian all the way down to the Vietnese border in Fangchanggang, headquartering himself in the city of Hong Kong (All said cities obviously being how they were during the time period the world is in). Fu Bu's power went unopposed for generations, on a quest to rule all of China later on. It head to him to have an allience with Quack Ku Xun, a forlorned magic king and a pretender for the imperial empire. His position of power and his infamy was on par with Genghis Khan.

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