Fu So Blu

Fu So Blu

Fu So Blu is an Alternate UUniversal Targalope from Planet Zo. He is an evil Villains Act warrior with a very impressive bulk for his kind. He was one of the toughest fighters in his time, and was once a bounty hunter at one point. Since childhood, he had been secretly studying a very prohibited, but powerful martial art called Zyarjitsu, which only Zyaūar ('supreme' in a post-AUU First Cartoonian War and pre-AUU Second Cartoonian War language) Masters, who are people that descended from what remained of the magocratic Zyaūar Warrior People, can learn and master. This martial art pushes a person to superhuman levels, granting increased strength, reflexes, durability, and flexibility. He learned to master this martial art much faster than anyone else, which is what earned him a job in the Villains Act. He was possibly rumored to be a former drill sergeant for the Villains Act for people to learn Zyarjitsu, but since it wasn't easy for them, he moved on to becoming a warrior. He was once beaten by Marcilene the Marvel while looking for an ancient Zyaūar Blade, and was thought to have been dead ever since. But he survived, and since the downfall of the Villains Act, he has been plotting revenge. While his most notable weapon is his Zyarjitsu, he wields a purple energy naginata he had achieved from his father.


Blu was born on the Planet Zo as the son of a farmer mother and a warrior father who served during the Interuniversal War 2 years ago. Blu was known by many people because of his father, who was none other than the warrior veteran, Fu Bo Wao. Wao has been teaching Blu martial arts since he was 6, and by the age of 17, Blu was an expert, and did martial arts in the same mannerisms as Wao, only stronger. He was then given his father's energy naginata once he grew into retirement. Blu seemed to wield the naginata very swiftly like his father did, too. But since he became 7, Blu had heard legends about a very powerful martial art called Zyarjitsu, which was known for pushing a warrior to super levels, increasing strength, reflexes, durability, and flexibility. Despite being powerful, this martial art was rarely learned for it, and was only prohibited to masters called Zyaūar Masters, which were actually what remained of an advanced, ancient, space-faring, extinct, post-AUU First Cartoonian War, pre-AUU Second Cartoonian War nomad of the same name. Studying these masters, he learned that they were great at science and alchemy, but now, only few are out there. Wao explained that he never found a Zyaūar Master in his life, and he recommends that finding one isn't worth the effort.

But on the exact same day Wao dies of old age, Blu accidentally stumbled into hidden and undiscovered ruins that were apparently an ancient city called Gowkoo, said in legend to be an ancient Zyaūar colony and the origin place of Zyarjitsu. Exploring the place, he meets a wise being named Master Curu, claiming to be experienced in Zyarjitsu. Curu says his family were Zyaūar legends who were destroyed by a proto-reactor breach while he was in the middle of training. He hasn't been good at it since his family died. When he discovers that Blu has talent in the martial art, though, he decides to train him. He perfects the martial art, but never lets his mother know. For over 4 years, he trained, but Curu died before he could teach the last lesson.

When he became 35, Blu had become an independent bounty hunter since he needed to support his own mother. But by taking up this job, he feels pretty disturbed that it wasn't a good position someone from a warrior lineage should take up. He decides that he needs to find something good enough to make him feel unstoppable and unbeatable. After 3 years, the Villains Act came in and offered Blu a reward for the capture and "neutrolisation" of a out of control fanactic named Lord Trax, the leader of a terrorist organization that disgraced the Villains Act on another planet after a failed attempt to take down a powerful police force and wants to prove their worth again by planning a terrorist attack on Zo. Problem is, this was both unauthorized and an act of 'Yarging out', with Qui declaring Trax a renegade that needs to be quelled. Blu wanted to stop this terrorist attack, but despite capturing Trax and halting the attack, Trax decided to get back at Fu So for ruining his ability to be of worth by placing his mother, family and friends on a curse that turns them into statues. Angry at Trax for being a vengeful jerk, he kills him by stabbing him in the stomach with his father's naginata. He brought his dead body to the VA, and despite earning the reward, he was convinced that the universe was a dark, cruel place, and thinks that by joining the Villains Act, he can show them how it really feels to be treated so dark and cruel. He became a drill sergeant for the Villains Act to train recruits into mastering Zyarjitsu. But because of it being harder than it seemed, there was no reason, and he just became a warrior, finally feeling like a true warrior.

He was soon able to discover that there was a weapon on Zo that was forged by Zyaūar Warriors called the Xaron Blade, which was said to be so deadly, it could cut through the toughest of steel. Intending to look for it, he goes back to Zo with 5 warrior henchmen to find it. But along the way, he runs into an amphibian vigilante named Mar Chi Lee, who came to stop him from causing panic. He was able to defeat her with his Zyarjitsu skills, and while Mar Chi was recovering from her injuries, Blu was able to search for some clues on how to find the Blade. While he does manage to find the sword, he is effortlessly caught by Mar Chi, who was able to discover the ruins of Gowkoo and was guided by the ghost of Curu to a secret compartment where another Xaron Blade was kept. Turns out, the Blade was owned by 5 Zyaūar Warriors during the AUU Second Cartoonian War, and the 5 duplicates are still out there, some being used by only the most ancient and wisest of heroes. Blu and Mar begin an epic duel across the rooftops of the town until they make it to the top of the tallest building, the Xlaowin Tower. Fu So and Mar Chi were surprisingly fast and swift, but Fu So was beaten after he loses the sword, and falls to his assumed death, when he actually used a teleporting device to save himself, and has yet to return.

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