Fujo is a yellow-casqued hornbill from the Pride Lands, and formerly a friend of Zazu's mother Zuzu, the majordomo of Ahadi. After her parents were killed by the war between lions and hyenas and she was raised from an egg by Olufemi, the father of Rafiki, to be his assistant, finding out her true origins following the departure of Ibilisi drove her to leave Olufemi forever and even Zuzu, her best friend, to leave with Ibilisi, who then joins the cause of Mapato, a wildebeest who believes predators and prey living together is dangerous because he thinks it's the reason lions and hyenas were at war and that it caused the murder of Mufasa, as well as the death of his uncle Hasira, wishing to exile all predators to the Outlands. Fujo becomes his majordomo siding with his cause because she believes the same problem killed her parents.


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