Fuli is Kion's friend, a former member of the Lion Guard and a current member of the pride at the Tree of Life. She is a cheetah, specifically a king cheetah, and her special ability is her very fast speed. She is a major character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and The Lion Guard. Her catchphrase is 'Huwesi' which means 'You can't catch me'.


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Role in the series

Fuli reprises her role as defenders of the Pride Lands while Simba and Nala are off with The Jungle Crew. It's revealed in Icky and Iago: Road to The Dragon Realms that she's related to Cheetahto and Cheetayta, who betrayed her clan as one of the first of the Villain League.

Spoiler alert: As of the most recent episode of The Lion Guard, however, Fuli has become a young adult.

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