Furi Tamashi, AKA Gynoid, is a synthetic android from the world of San Fransokyo. Based loosely on Furi Wamu of the original Big Hero 6 comics, Furi used to be an overconfident teenage girl who got killed trying to save her mother from the Giri, an evil technocratic zaibatsu lead by Reisu Shimigama. Now paraplegic, Furi's mother rebuilt Furi like AstroBoy into a synthetic android with a downloaded consciousness from her DNA. And also like AstroBoy, her mother outfitted her with an arsenal to keep her from dying again. Facing a crisis when she learns she's now an android, she ran away to do illegal bot fighting. There she met Doctress Junsei, who offered her the chance to avenge her mother's injury and joins her to take down Reisu. Furi possesses a distinct cybernetic eye, which allows her to analyze what she sees and adapt around it with her superintelligent computer brain.


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