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Futurasia is a world in the UUniverses located in the Universal Universe. It is the most commonly-known futuristic world in the UUniverses for being considered 'the most perfect place in the UUniverses', and thus the world has that exact tag line. It has all-large cities, but enough fauna and flora to make it easier to live in. It's economy, government, technology, military, and architecture was absolutely astonishing. Cities were found anywhere, even above ground. It is even known to be in league with the Galactic Federation due to it's alien inhabitants, and for it's trades with the Alternate UUniverses for it's resources. It is currently being governed by President Berger, and the 8 mayors are currently Mayor McGruder (Acanite), Mayor Vass (Galenar), Mayor Heijman (Sparnos), Mayor Nacar (Basia), Mayor Queshire (Tautiloca), Mayor Younge (Isle Belt), Mayor Favager (Cinder Islands), and Mayor Jardine (Isles of Marinara).


Futurasia Globe Map

Before Futurasia was colonized, it was just like Earth, being ruled by dinosaurs. However, they were instead all wiped out during the Triassic Period, leaving the mammals with a longer evolutionary period, turning them into completely alien-like creatures that no one in the UUniverses have ever seen. Millennia later, Futurasia was founded by a UUniversal human pioneer named Raymond Byrd long before the UUniversal Crusades, or even the Second Cartoonian War, and he helped build the first city of Futurasia. That city, named Byrd City, has since been the capital of the world. Byrd had given the gifts of advanced technology since he came from a world that was at a futuristic level. He had become the first President of the world, and as the years passed, civilization spread.

Futurasia has had a few wars in it's past, yet it was attacked only once during the Second Cartoonian War, and was defended by the High Council. Aside from that, it has had a few wars with other nations, alien races, and even robots. Futurasia has even been known to have an alliance with the Galactic Federation since some of it's races have started living there and paying contributions, others being part of it's wars long ago. It is even known for attempting to create technologies that, while with the best intentions, were ethically wrong, including a cure for death. Since life and death are best not to be tampered with, that kind of technology was outlawed. Upon the Lodgers' discovery of the Alternate UUniverses, visits from the AUU first appeared in Futurasia, and a trading system was established so the AUU could share their resources to their neighboring UUniverses, though rules had to be brought to limit who gets the resources.

Government and Community

Futurasia is a democratic totalitarian world with a President, and 8 mayors for each country. The planet has an American government makeup, having the 3 branches of government. Each mayor and his crew control the branches for each country they control, while the President has the 2nd most control of the world behind the Futurasian Council, which is needed for moral support and decision making for the President. The mayors take orders from the President while the President takes orders of the Council. The Council has the most power over the world, and they have 80% unlimited control of the government and it's people. The world's police forces and military is the Magellan Cloud Core, which protect the innocent, uphold the law, and serve the public trust, being led by their prime commander, Prime General Futter. The population of the planet consists of not just humans, but 8 other alien races. These races are:

  1. Futurasian Alien Scale Chart

    Zylkins- Red-skinned human-like beings native to a non-Galactic Federation planet called Zylko. Though they are not of the Galactic Feds, they have paid contributions to them centuries ago. They were known to be the first race the humans had encountered, as well as the first to fight against. Though this battle wasn't exactly a war as much as it was a feud. They are known to live in a communist society where all home appliances such as electricity and repairs are for free. And it has to be considering that their world's cities suffer a few damages from either lava flows or the destructive and aggressive wildlife.
  2. Acaterians- A race of big-eared, white, orange, and brown-spotted beings from a GFed planet called Acater. They previously had a war with Futurasia, yet were able to call a truce and become great allies. The Acaterians are very tough fighters that have great skill in weapons and vehicles. Their brains are so developed, they can learn how to operate a starfighter in under a week. They are also good at interacting with children since they take loving the young as a kind of rite-of-passage, and they will even fight to protect any youngling from hostiles. In the Galactic Federation, they are known as the most perfect of babysitters and warrior-poets and even the Grand Councilwoman had once hired an Acaterian to babysit a young Cella once.
  3. Balcorans- Orange-skinned lion-maned beings which were muscular as males and were native to the GFed planet of Balcon. They mainly provided the GFeds with heavy-duty guards and were pretty aggressive, even being the third race that Futurasia had a war against. Some have even gone as far as to do terrorist attacks on other GFed planets, yet the Balcorans on Futurasia are calm and good for the Magellan Cloud Core Juggernauts. These beings live much like a pride, often having to work together when in combat. They will even go as far as to go into dangerous environments if it means they reach their goals. Aside from a terrorist legacy, these beings are also the creators of several powerful spaceships and heavy-duty weaponry. Their roars are so loud, they have been known to scare even the Grand Councilwoman. They won't hesitate to accept a challenge either, especially when it's something extreme.
  4. Wrummels- Human-like turquoise beings from a Galactic Fed plant called Wrumm. They are a very popular race because they are the Galactic Federation's main suppliers of weapons and invented all known Galactic Federation weapons, being the proud founders of the GFeds' main weapon business, the Wrummel Weapons Emporium, and they did the same for the people of Futurasia, though with alternate designs from the world itself. These beings enjoy weapons because they have had a whole load of wars in the past, one of them being against the Galactic Federation, which they almost won. They are also capitalistic creatures, whereas all known businesses are owned by the government. The WWE has a reach on all known GFed worlds, being in the form of convenience stores, vendors and stands. Wrummels have been a great asset to this world, and those like the famous and comedic Fast Kitt, are fast-sellers.
  5. Sillons- A red iguana-like reptilian race which are very short in height and were indigenous to the destroyed planet of Sill. They are a race that the Futurasians rescued from genocide of a hostile race and have become resident on Futurasia ever since. They perform many handy jobs such as mining operations, junk recycling, and others. On their old homeworld, as well as their many current colonies, they were master recyclists who took any junk they could find and mold it into functional machines. They have no true central government, and ever since losing their home world, they took up other territories to assist alien races in recycling their garbage and unneeded materials. Some worlds keep these creatures as slaves, yet the Galactic Feds have made this illegal throughout the UUniverses, though it didn't stop criminal underworlds from doing this. Though these creatures were incapable of speaking English and only their basic language, the GFeds passed a law to judge them as people as well even though they did nothing but recycle and build. They were like the Jawas of the Galactic Feds.
  6. Hadroans- Human-like beings with 4 arms and spotted brown skin that are from the non-GFed planet of Hadron. They are renowned engineers which use their multiple tinkering hands for handy work and inventing. They live in a technological metropolis on their home planet, and have populated Futurasia looking for more room for their over-population. They were also great space pioneers who sometimes loved to spend their lives surfing the stars and exploring and visiting new worlds. Through this well-known habit, they learned great GFed guerilla tactics and became rather versatile, able to learn how to use various kinds of weapons in less than a day. They have been known to have one of the greatest robotic vehicle technologies in the UUniverses, and even the Galactic Federations have been given permission to use them.
  7. Docens- Beings with ungulate-like horns and tall heights that were native to the non-GFed planet of Docenia. They were very cautious and curious beings who will often take an interest in anything new they find. This curious nature has left them to be space pioneers. They have formed their own pioneering community which exists in over a thousand teams. Though their weapons and technology are like that of the Halo humans, they are a very long-lasting race. The Galactic Federation had awarded this race for being one of the most risk-taking of races. Though they can be very easy to tick off, and their rampages are almost as detructive as an elephant's. Male horns are much taller than the females' horns.
  8. Uberites- Amphibious color-changing human-like beings which were native to the GFed planet of Uberos. They were the fourth race that Futurasia has had a war against, and it ultimately lead to them calling a truce after a thousand lives on each side were lost. They have a love for business and inventing and work on most of the sciences in Futurasia. They live in a semi-capitalistic society on their home planet, and in the Galactic Federation, most work in Galaxy Defense Industries. They are capable of living underwater or on land, and wherever they are, they bring a good meaning to business.

Cities in Futurasia are large and made of durable and tough metals. Windows are almost non-existent except for a few 'outmoded' cities that still have windows with upgrades for them still pending, and are replaced by holographic viewscreens, streets can either be on the ground or in the air, usually in rows or bridges. The architecture is similar to modern-day society, but are surrounded by lights and holograms. Teleportation isn't a public transportation system since it's more expensive than vehicles, so teleportation is only used in buildings. Doors are still apparent, but only as emergency exits when the teleportation system goes out. Parks are often hundreds of meters long, and star attractions are often just as large, but most of the parks or attractions are kept indoors or underground. Tunnels are also apparent for roads. There is also monorail systems that can travel for miles from one city to another in less than 2 hours. Plants are kept at a perfect stability, and can often be found everywhere in a city. Media and propaganda is almost everywhere in a city on hologram billboards, underground tunnel screens, and so on. Even robots play a role in the public as mobile vending machines, mobile cameras, autonomous drivers, and so on. Cities can also be apparent on floating platforms that change locations every week. There are over 20 floating cities on Futurasia.

Fauna and Flora

Since Futurasia is commonly populated by humans and the common 8 alien races, they introduced fauna and flora to the planet itself such as trees, fruits, vegetables, wolves, owls, rats, and so on. They altered the environment enough so that both Earth and Futurasian creatures can remain adaptable here. The Futurasian fauna and flora of this world is extremely different and similar to Earth's life. Plants of Futurasia are similar to Earth's. They can produce fruits, and they have similar niches. The animals of Futurasia are very different due to a different timeline and different evolution. Some animals include:

  • Hadur- A primate-like creature which hunts in troops of 10-30. They are carnivores with fangs, long claws, great agility, and loud bellowing roars.
  • Rudra- Feline-like creatures which hunt in prides. They have leathery skin like an elephants, large manes, and long lizard-like tufted tails.
  • Svarog- A giant monitor lizard which range in color from brown to green and has nostrils on it's neck. They are commonly used for riding on.
  • Beowulge- A Gorgonopsid-like mammal which hunts in packs or can hunt alone. They are known for their manes, their short tails, their large jaws, and their fierce roars.
  • Matsu- A sea mammal with a similar body structure of a seal, but is actually more related to porpoises.
  • Otso- A bear-like mammal which can stand on either 2 feet or 4. They are different from bears for their long thick tails, their large cat-like ears, and their greater diet.
  • Jotnar- A species of gorilla-like primate which can be the size of a grizzly bear. They are omnivorous creatures which will prefer to eat berries or fish, and sometimes even people when disturbed.
  • Xiāo- A mountain-dwelling predatory synapsid-like creature which resemble wolves, only they are much bigger, more dangerous, and are solitary animals.
  • Fafnir- A species of dragon-like mammal which have large bat wings for flying, and they are also semi-aquatic creatures that use their wings, crested tail, and webbed feet for swimming.
  • Rarog- A fire-colored bird which looks more like a pterosaur for it's skin wings. They have long crested heads with a beak that is packed with venom glands for defense and hunting.
  • Horus- A giant predatory canine-like creature which can come in the size of an elephant. They are the apex predators of the world and rarely attack people. They do have rivalry with other predators, though.

Immigrated Species

Some lifeforms have been brought here for several reasons. They can either have been of Earth origin, or could just be aliens. Though immigration is a limited procedure on this planet because introducing the wrong species could disrupt the ecosystem of Futurasia.

  • Rats
  • Rabbits
  • Raccoons
  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Mammoths- The mammoth was successfully resurrected from extinction on Byrd's home planet, and thus they were introduced to Futurasia in it's many tundra environments.
  • Alphan- A giant maned gorilla-like predator that is an immigrated species from Balcon. On Balcon, it is a gladiator alien which the Balcorans fought in arenas, yet this creature was brought here to be part of zoos. However, when some ended up escaping and reproducing, they have become part of the wildlife ever since, yet have never had a dramatic effect on the ecosystem.
  • Calazon- A land-dwelling squid which hangs out in the swamps of Wrumm. They displayed color-changing abilities, as well as poison-barbed suction cups, and poison barbs on it's head. They were immigrated to Futurasia to be part of zoos, yet a fair amount were released into the wild when calculations showed that the species couldn't disrupt the ecosystem.
  • Telepathodont- Mammalian solitary aliens originating from Acater. They were capable of limited movement, yet they had telepathic abilities that allowed it to defend itself against anything that came in contact with it. This defensive ability meant that it was safe to be immigrated to Futurasia.
  • Gupthor- A reptilian predator from Uberos. They were large long-legged reptiles which had poisonous bites and spines on it's tail. Though it was harmless enough to avoid sentient beings, it mainly preyed upon non-sentient creatures. This creature was safe enough to be immigrated to Futurasia, or could be put in zoos.
  • Momara- Flightless avian aliens which were introduced to Futurasia from Acater because of their nutritious meat. Though a few were allowed into the wild and were protected by law to prevent a bad situation like the extinct Moa, these creatures are domesticated for their meat and eggs.
  • Quasser- A two-legged frilled reptilian from Wrumm that was the only creature that could fire projectiles for defense. They are a herald creature for the Wrummels and have become a well-recognized species for them. They were introduced to Futurasia to become part of zoos, and were even set free after calculations showed that they could only live on one of the Cinder Islands, the only place where they couldn't disrupt the fragile ecosystem.



  • Acanitan Jungle
  • Brown Mountains
  • Lake Allan
  • Lake Vargas
  • Byrd City- Capital City
  • MMC City- Capital of Magellan Cloud Core
  • Teek
  • Arriba Techa


  • Sparnian Amazon
  • Sparnian Desert
  • Corrum Valley
  • Shadalla Mountains
  • Gulf of Sprax
  • Lake Pepper
  • Elias Lagoon
  • Lake Unger
  • Santa Tex
  • Baysville
  • Superiority
  • New Tokyo
  • Progress City
  • New Concord
  • El Porvenir
  • Mañana City
  • Gen Divino
  • Gran Tomorro


  • North Jungle
  • Gorst Jungle
  • Aylmer Forest
  • Sidewinder Mountains
  • Lake Tautos
  • Lake Gerst
  • Lake Aylmer
  • Santa Oro
  • Bajoa
  • Rush


  • Galenian Rainforest
  • Galenian Jungle
  • Galebasin Island Cluster
  • Crystalsnow Mountains
  • Lake Erol
  • Lake Locco
  • Rex City
  • Peace City
  • New Pompeii
  • El Gassham
  • Bronze City
  • Zephyr
  • Hombre Major


  • Basi Rainforest
  • Basian Outback
  • Carnifex Mountains
  • Augustus
  • Flint City
  • Fresco
  • Twilight City

Neptune's Isle Belt

  • Teslaville
  • Dyfodol
  • Treasure City
  • San Bliss

Cinder Islands

  • Province
  • Uber City
  • San Algor

Isles of Marinara

  • Nueve Island City

Jötunheimr Northern Belt

  • Many Research Stations


  • Mammoth Valley
  • Many Parks