Gōngjī Qī Wong, AKA The Rooster (), is a rooster from the world of Kung Fu Panda in China. He is a member of the Chinese Zodiac Kung-Fu Animals Society and the one that has to be born in the Year of the Rooster in order to be a strong and flawless member, as he can manipulate metal. This member is usually limited to a personality of being independent, capable, warm-hearted, self-respect, and quick-minded, yet impatient, critical, eccentric, narrow-minded, and selfish. Gongji is no exception as he is bold, unrelenting, has respect for himself and others, is independent in his struggles, cannot wait and does not wish to have time wasted with petty squabbles, and will not trust others who are not calm, collective, or are anything that are not the qualities of a good warrior.


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With the Chinese rooster pinyin tattoo on his back, Gongji can use the power of Zodiac chi. The tattoo, the Tattoo of the Rooster, only works for a rooster born exactly on the Year of the Rooster. (More coming soon...)


Gongji is a rooster similar to Zhihui, but has a yellow feather patterned robe, a beard-like neck dewlap, and the Chinese rooster pinyin (鸡) on the front of his robe.

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