Ga Sabsina

Ga Sabsina, Meek Warrior of Ferus

Ga Sabsina is an Alternate UUniversal Meek from AUU human mythology who was told of from a mythological story of the same name. It tells the story about her and her tribe where she dreamed of becoming a famous warrior for her people, yet was constantly being told that she didn't have what it takes and wanted her to make a life as a mother by marrying the chief's son. Though she is not interested, and instead ends up making friends with several humans by complete accident, and when tragedy strikes, she had to get the help of her human friends, and a possible love interest, to save the day. While the story appears to be mythological, as with cartoon logic, she actually exists and resides on Planet Ferus with her family and friends, and her steed Zarzigon named Twitter (No relation to a social media site of the same name), and is a member of the Mythical Creatures and Beings Unity.


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