Gaariod Ocoose Cean/O'Cean C

Former Master Gaariod O. Cean C is an Alternate UUniversal Oceon from Planet Oceonous. He is a very enthusiastic dancer, singer, and leader of a minor lawless sector of his home planet deep within an algal bloomed wasteland of hydrothermal vents, extremophile organisms, marine worms, and a lonely barely-breathable world called the Gloomblack Wastes. He is the 100th descendant of the former ruling family of their ctenophore (comb jelly)-like telepathic race. His family was long overthrown by the Oconoce family due to the fact that the Cean family were actselly incompident dolts and the Oconoce family only treated them so harshly because their continious mistakes, bad or half-baked polotics and nice sounding but poorly exicuted ideas were ruining the proud race. As a result, dispite Gaariod's cheery demeaner, he's actselly an extremely embittered person who made it that their allies, the Physhege, were "wiped out" (In reality they were banished to another Dimention) by the current ruler because coinidently the Oconoce and the Phys didn't exactly got along because the Oconoce were more about having the race focus on taking care of themselves then others and that if others WANT their help, they have to pay heavier tribute vs. how the Ceans handled it. He rules a holographic SpongeBob-Atlantis-like lost civilization aiming to "correct the tyranny of the Oconoce family's current sadistic descendant", Master Oconoce, where in reality, Gaariod is in self denial that his family were incompident dolts and allowed his embitterness and Master Oconoce's albeit nasty attatude get the better of him and make him forget that he is a legitament dope and that Oconoce, apart from more empisis on having the race watch their own backs and being somewhat of a jerk, is actselly a perfectly benvolent ruler who's otherwise in due need to be more open-minded to accepting the help from others and helping others even without rewards and payments. Gaariod is a person of high views for the future of his race, and sees more ways to manipulate water, something of which his race is great at doing with their psionic abilities. Problem is, the ideas sound inviting, but often or not the good ideas are wasted by poor exicution and make the inventions useless at best, potantionly dangerious at worse, hence why the Oconoce family usurped the Cean family to begin with to prevent a self-made tragity from happening. He has a sense of excitement, yet also deluded from reality that the Oconoce family are in the wrong and he's in the right. His main companion is a relic that Oconoce seeks desperately: their most powerful AI, the AUU's oldest living bubble, which had gained a mind of it's own after being dipped in primordial soup, which serves as his guide and companion. He is the AUU version of Lord Royal Highness, and has the same voice, yet unlike him, he has singing roles.


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