Gadgitia the Hyena

Ginger 'Gadgetia' Hyena

Ginger "Gadgetia" Hyena 
is an super-smart superior hyena with a body that acts like a biological machine like Inspector Gadget, and is a member of The Amazing 9. Even though she has amazing intillect, she is also humble. She seems rather fond of Banzai, however not in a romantic interest way, but ended up getting on the bad side of Shenzi reguardess. She appears to look like a normal female hyena in an extended robe, but inside of her is all tons of gadgetry. Instead of activation by 'go-go-gadget', her biological gadgetry is activated by 'initiate' and says name of gadgit.

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Before Exile

Ginger was born in a city not too far from Prometheon on Kratos. When she was born, as with every newborn superior with biorobotic characteristics, she literally came out in pieces. After her parents gained the instructions needed to put their baby together, Ginger was a healthy organic robot cub. When she became 18, Ginger was awarded a job as a biotronicist (A superior who studys the biology and makeup of a superior like her)

However, Ginger's parents were malfunctioning due to a Trojan Horse virus in their systems that was downloaded when they were exploring the Internet from their minds, and they nearly died. They managed to recover, but the Trojan Horse kept affecting them, and they surely shut down for good. With her parents dead, Ginger decided to download a safety protocol in her body to prevent herself from suffering the same fate. However, when Grinchgrog took over, corrupted superiors removed her batteries, and she shut down.

Later, she was revived when The Grinchgrog Resistance saved her by giving her new batteries. This prompted Ginger to become a member of the Resistance, and save Grotch and stop Grinchgrog. She then became known as Gadgetia of the Amazing Ten until 3 years later she had her memories removed, her biotronics turned into a regular hyena body by the disablization of her powers, and exiled to the Dragon Realms.

After Exile

Ginger was exiled to the Dragon Realms version of africa. There she was adopted by a hyena soldier and his wife, and went by the name Gina Hyena. She became a robophysicist specializing in military robotics to fight alongside his adoptive father. But when her adoptive father and mother died in a fight against nile crocs, Ginger retired, and met up with her other teammates, where they became astronauts and where Ginger became a superior biocyborg again when she got bitten by a radioactive grasshopper. Then when her original superhero name popped in her head, she became Gadgetia again, and joined her friends in the Amazing Nine.


Ginger is basically part-organism part-robot. Her whole body (organs, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, etc) work like a machine. When her mother gave birth to her, she released all of her separate parts which she and her husband needed to put together to bring her to life. She runs on 10 large dry-cell batteries that are inserted in the back of her head. Her entire body is basically a gadget, and she has lots of them. Her gadgetry include the following:

  • Plasma Cannons
  • Lighter
  • Swiss Army Blade
  • Internet Brain
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Parachute
  • Springed Shoes
  • Blowtorch
  • Buzzsaw
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Microscope
  • Jet-Pack
  • Explosives
  • Gas Mask
  • Electrode Network
  • The list is endless...

She even has the ability to scale walls and has greater flexibility. She even has the ability to access the Internet straight from her brain, able to watch YouTube videos by just shutting her eyes. She can even go to a website by just thinking of it. This also allows her to have an incredibly vast amount of intelligence and vocabulary.

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