Gager Lele Gearbox

Gager L. Gearbox is an Alternate UUniversal Therizinter from the Moon Tiqqer VI. She is a poisonous-mouthed otter-like animal tinker, thief, looter, and junker who built many things for criminals during the days following being expelled from high school, and later turned herself around when she was helped by the Vault Seekers. Before then, she was a high school student whose advanced 75%-intelligent robot companion and first creation, W0RC35T3R-W0000, AKA 'Worcester' or 'Worce' for short, was created as a science fair project to combat bullying. However, her rival and Therizinter boyfriend, Volker Holoway was a contestant in the science fair as well, and used his father's money to buy his way through the competition. Volker apparently stole her Worce designs, and not only created his own more improved and stronger version named M4X1M3-W0000000000, AKA 'Maxime' and sold them to Tiqqer VI's police force. On the day of the science fair, Volker's father bribed the judges, helping win him first place with Maxime, placing Gager third. Volker then shoved Gager, causing Worce to identify him as a hostile, and attacked him, which in turn caused Maxime to do the same and fight it. The fight critically damaged Worce and killed Volker's father, and thus it had Gager escorted to the principal's office, and faced expulsion and arrest for accidentally murdering his boyfriend's father. She berated Volker for stealing her technology, and renounced their relationship, thus called her father to create a distraction to help her evade arrest, and bought a ticket to Uridia, where she stowed away on a train leading to Fyregem, where she repaired Worce. However, she was later encountered by Volker, who, despite her not wanting to talk to him for his 'theft', he showed her evidence that her father framed him for the crime by selling the technology, gave him Maxime as a gift, and then sold it to the police, which was specified by the police itself, which he wasn't surprised to learn since his father hated her and her family for being better than them and outshining them in their own scientific achievements, growing jealous enough to do this to the both of them, even if it resulted in his death. His name cleared, she cried and thought she'd never be forgiven for her accusations, but he forgave him anyway, and the two became a couple again. However, 5 years later, when Awesome Jaxtom came into power, he apparently murdered Volker, leaving Gager to swear revenge by aiding the Vault Seekers, unaware that he actually turned him into a corrupt commander for the AAF in another uncharted territory in the Beofynzeny System so he wouldn't reunite with his girlfriend. Gager has since made Maxime and Worce her two bodyguards, and upgraded Worce into the same design as Maxime, the two of them being told apart by eye color and badass voice. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Gaige, and has a similar personality and abilities.


Gager was born on the moon of Tiqqer IV, a toxic ecumenopolis world where the buildings were made airtight by Awesome Jaxtom and thus makes each building a city in of itself. She was born to a single father scientist who quit Armatage after having been fed up with Jaxtom's ways. He raised Gager in a building called Gearword, and his daughter was very one-of-a-kind for making intense gadgets at such a young age. She was a high-ranking student in her schools until a science fair in high school changed her life. She built a robot named Worce to work as a bodyguard against bullies. But she had a boyfriend named Volker who ended up stealing her designs for Worce and created Maxime, which was much better and earned a sale to Tiqqer IV's police. Worse, Volker's father bribed the judges of the science fair to win first place, and placing Gager third.

Angry and after a heated argument, Volker shoved her admitting that he never loved her, as he only loved her for her inventions, thus triggering Worce to identify him as a hostile bully, resulting in Maxime doing the same when Worce attacked him, causing the two machines to fight. The fight caused critical damage and killed Volker's father. Gager was expelled and arrested for being held accountable for the murder, even when she admitted that Volker stole her invention. Her father helped her run away, and got her a ticket to Uridia, where he heard was where Worce and Maxime were both dumped. She took a teleport train there and finally found the two in Fyregem. But she was beat by Volker there, but found that Volker was different. She found out that he was used and set up by his father to take the fall. He was the one who stole her invention through him, selling it to the police, and giving Maxime to him as a gift, because he hated Gager's father for outshining him in a science fair long ago. But the police managed to discover the conspiracy after Gager's murder. Gager and Volker were both acquitted and Volker's father was arrested.

This revelation made them both alone, and even though she couldn't forgive him immediately for still believing his charlatan father, she at least humored him. The two became a couple again and they both rebuilt Worce and Maxime together. The two became partners in crime as expert tinkers, thieves, looters, and junkers who built many things for criminals for 5 years. They both even became Vault-Seekers-in-training when they were both allured by the potential wealth that the 88 Uridian Vaults offered. However, when Awesome Jaxtom came into power, he claimed to have murdered Volker, when really he downloaded his mind into F04T, the giant robotic guardian commander of Wenby Armatage's computer core bunker in uncharted territory. Gager swore revenge, bringing both Worce and Maxime as her own bodyguards and helps the Vault Seekers take down Jaxtom. She even upgraded Worce into the same design as Maxime, with the two of them being told apart by eye color and badass voice. Soon enough when the heroes finally rescue Wenby from her torture, Gager will discover Volker is still alive and free him from his robotic prison.


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  • "Don't screw with a girl and her robots!"
  • "Me and my robots are gonna bitch-smack ya!"
  • "Oh, God! Smells like piss and nacos!"
  • "Considering the drinking age here is probably, like, birth, I guess it's okay to drink this stuff."
  • "Oh, f*** laws! There aren't any of them left since Mr. Jaxxy-Boy took over."
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