Gaia Everfree (Alicorn)

Gaia Everfree (Alicorn)

Gaia Everfree is the Alicorn God of Natural Selection in Equestria. She is one of the many Alicorns that remained even after the end of the Chaos Wars, and is the discoveror of six magic pools spread out across Equestria, all of which are actually the source of all magic across the UUniverses. She is a potent and naturally gifted with nature spells, and have created virtually any ridiculously-crazy Equestrian animal. She is so powerful, she could hardly control her magic wherever she went, and could sometimes cause magical anomalies. Originally, she stayed obscured and hybernated to create more creatures to safe-guard the pools outside of speically selected native guardians of each of the portals in the event of them not being enough. She would soon awake from her slumber of the fittingly named Everfree forest and would return to check on the shorces of the universes magic once again. Her first canon appearance is a major role as an antagonist within Human Equestria in Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree, where she is only known of in a scary story as a figure with a tree-like hairstyle, jagged teeth, eyes of pure tar, and left a trail of gem dust wherever she went, the story being of how Equestrian humans disrupted her territory to build Camp Everfree, in which she swore to reclaim it as her own despite them claiming they would share it with others, and very soon alters Camp Everfree in mysterious ways. However, Gaia eventually discovers that the Camp actually hides the location of a geodic Equestrian magic reservoir within a cave. But eventually, the Camp would be under heavy debt and was at the risk of foreclosure in the hands of the Human Equestria's version of Filthy Rich. This threat would run the risk of the reservoir being discovered, and thus Gaia found Camp Everfree director Gloriosa Daisy, and gave her magical geodes from the cave in order to give her the power to try and save the camp, as she feared that Filthy's foreclosure and likely discovery of the reservoir would threaten the balance of her territory and cause magical disruptions in both Human Equestria and the UUniverses since, as it turns out, Gaia was the first one to discover this reservoir from her home in the Everfree Forest of Equestria, and it accidentally functioned as a portal to both dimensions. She discovered that this reservoir was the result of a quantum magical discharge leftover from Coo's formation of the dimension long ago, and used the aura as a kind of teleporter in and out of the UUniverses. Star Swirl the Bearded even discovered it with Gaia's help and considered the teleportation patch as an emergency exit should the original portal be destroyed. This teleportation function of the magical geodes would serve as Gaia's personal passageway from Equestria to Human Equestria where she would safeguard her natural hold upon both dimensions, as well as a possible connection to the magic pools in Equestria that could also be a link to the magic in the geodes, as it could aid in the magical activity all across Human Equestria. Coo might've also used this energy every once in a while, and thus Gaia and Coo might possibly know each other. However, the geodes seem to have a slight defect as it turned Gloriosa into a too-determined jerk to even her brother, Timber Spruce, who refuses to believe Gloriosa's viewings of Gaia herself, a quality which seems to spark their arguments throughout the film, nor did he believe his great-grandparents when they told the actual story about meeting Gaia, and just uses that as a fibbing excuse to sell the camp, unaware until years later that she was telling the truth and just used the Gaia Everfree story as a means of covering up havoc Gaia's influence had, all while withholding his knowledge the whole time, as it will eventually turn Gloriosa into a corrupt nature witch which the Human Mane Seven will have to stop.


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