Galaxso the Logic-Minded is an Equestrian unicorn from the same age as Starswirl the Bearded, and his direct opposite and rival. Rivals in magic school, Galaxso was aiming to accomplish things on the same level as the Alicorn Gods as he believes that mortal ponies don't need the Alicorn Gods to atthive their own greatness. But because ponies at the time considered it blasphemous, not helping that he called them idiots for accepting religion as logical, he went under serious charges and punishments, some being cruel, and when he found a magic book regarding a history of the Alicorn Gods, he was appalled by the amoral behavior they displayed, including their sacrificial moments and calling them 'insignificant', along side things like Lord Order's creation of Lord BlankslateGaia Everfree often creating creatures known to attack and prey on ponykind, that they had a Death God in Mortuus and Death Coffin (Even if it for impourent lifecycle balence), that they have needless things like An Alicorn of Chaos and one for Sickness, and above all, the fact that the Alicorn Gods don't seem to be extremely compassionate about mortal ponies beyond seeing them as mortal subjects, regardless of the risk of morality illness, and was even espeically more upset when he read that they banned and destroyed the formula for the Elixir of Life, the greatest remedy for all mortal diseases created from stones called Heal Jewels, historically known as Philosopher's Stones, but they were changed to Heal Jewels because Philosopher doesn't sound like it's related to healing nor does calling it stone very flattering to the beautiful gems, because they didn't care if mortals contracted them, especially since an incurable illness took his single mother. Convinced more than ever that the Gods were nothing but trouble and a roadblock to logic and common sense, he swore more than ever to complete his goals and make ponies forsake their Gods, believing that they didn't deserve worship because of this amoral mistreatment even more then already that he wanted Ponies to be independent of relying on the Alicorn Gods, founding an atheistic belief that gods weren't needed to use the magic of friendship known as 'Friend-Atheism'. He was said to be, as a result, supposedly executed for blasphemy, but he had actually perfected a self-resurrection spell and continue his journey. He perfected eternal youth, making him immortal without the risk of Morality Illness so he is not to be forced to be as "Cruely Amoral" as the Alicorn Gods, though not indestructable outside of not being easily harmed by conventional methods or mortal magic, and swore to show nothing but the worst in Alicorn Gods so his people can ascend in minds unclouded by 'illogical religion'. He never hesitates to harm or even kill anyone who still looks up to the Alicorn Gods, viewing them as idiots who can't perceive reality and thus cannot reach their full potential, and dislikes those who are too forgiving since that's what ponies did after their amoral mistreatment.

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