Galaxyës Blast is an Equestrian bicorn who hails from an Equestria-like land of Biquestria, which has magic that is doubled of Equestria, as his people are Unicorns with two horns as opposed to one. Both horns harnessed positive and negative energy, as the two existed to balance light and dark magic, and thus it makes bicorns masters of Equinox magic, making them mostly immune to mental weakness, let alone any weakness at all. Galaxyes is among the strongest of his kind, being Starswirl the Bearded's bicorn counterpart and gained an increased lifespan with his power, and had been trying to free him from his limbo prison by fighting the Pony of Shadows for a thousand years, and even with the help of the Elders and Warriors of the Guardians of Harmony, it was too formidable for him. Though he was one of the few individual bicorns who suffered a split personality, just like his evil brother Ether Blast, though unlike him, his is more controlled.


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