Galaxy Rush is an Equestrian bicorn (Two-horned unicorn) from the distant land of Biquestria, which is far different from Equestria as it is half-peaceful and half-aggressive, as the bicorns are a different pony breed so different to ponies. Their two horns are meant to harness both positive and negative magical energy, AKA light and dark magic, and keep their harmonic magic in balance, thus making them good Equinox masters. Galaxy was raised in Equestria since his biological mother left him to be adopted after being threatened by a Dragotaur (dragon-centaur) named Apostopheles, a Tirek-style beast whose kind comes from a land that was destroyed during a war against them due to their more-aggressive nature that even dragons would frown upon, as they were downright sadistic and monstrous to even them, and thus the Bicorns had them banished to the farthest reaches of Equestria in critical endangerment. Apostopheles refused to back down as he was distraught that they lost so easily because the bicorns quote-on-quote 'cheated' by 'abusing a power that allowed them victory in a heartbeat'. Thus, he became a menace to many bicorns and aims to one day let his kind have a rematch without outside aid, or even magic, as he doesn't believe in fighting unfairly, and used a powerful magic stone called the Cipher Cinnabar which ensures that no cheap victories are used, and he kept it within his stomach to ensure it wasn't stolen, and it ended up making him permanently resistant to any cheap tricks including paradoxes, counter-spells meant to remove it, and so on, making him nearly unstoppable, and unintentionally allowed the bicorns to develop their new half-Equestrian edge. After being targeted, Galaxy's father sent him to Equestria where he would be safe as Apostopheles is a dangerous opponent to even him, and by the time he returned, he would seem somewhat alien to his own kind after the impact Apostopheles left, and he eventually stopped him with the help of a bicorn that created an entity that changed anything it found aberrant to a certain standard, yet had to be in it's own paradox field because it's existence was such, and this magic allowed Galaxy to defeat Apostopheles and banish him with the rest of his kind after years of tormenting them, taking away the power given to him by the Cipher Cinnabar forever, as he became another legend to both his kind and Equestrians.


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