Galaxhar, mad conquest genius.

Gallaxhar is a Villain League general and is the main villain from Monsters VS Aliens. He is a squid-like alien with blue skin and four eyes and purple blood. He is obsessed with an element called Quantonium. It is his search for Quantonium that leads him to Earth. There, he plans to extract the Quantonium, clone an army in his own image and begin a new civilization. Unfortunately, his first attempt to retrieve the Quantonium, by robot probe, fails. His second attempt, which required him to visit Earth, nearly succeeds. He was able to capture Susan, whose body contained the Quantonium, and extract the element from her. However, her monster friends save her and program the computer to cause the ship to self destruct. Although Gallaxhar and most of his clones are destroyed with the ship, a few clones escape on their personal hovering devices.
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Wicked jack

Role in the series

Gallaxhar has been resurrected by Facilier and his dark keyblade in order to provide reinforcements for the Villain League. He would usually hate earthlings, but unexplainingly, he befriended Tai Lung and Makunga. He has the ability to change at will as wicked jack, a mutant alien pumpkin, while powerful, flawed only by a sweet tooth for candy. this power was provided by Dark Cynder. Eventally, the more Galaxhar failed since the Stitch fiasco, he eventally lose his place as general. He then befriends Junjie because he offers to restore that, though Galaxhar is never without his quips and nitpicks on the often stailled progress of that actselly changing.

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