Vector 855 gallus by dashiesparkle-dc6xg9p

Gallus. (Vecter by DashieSparkle)

is an Equestrian griffin in the MLP franchise. He is a sarcastic griffon who was directed to the Friendship School by Gilda, hearing about Rainbow Dash this way. Voiced by Gavin Langelo (Jake in Supergirl 2017 TV Series.)

Role in the series

Due to the leaked footage, Gallus appeared early in the episode Draconequui Wonderland with Silverstream, Ocellus, and Smolder as four of the first customers of Mischief, Maleficence, and Strife. He's revealed to have attended the School of Friendship because of the impact left by Goldstone, who attempted to steal so much Equestrian land for profit through loan fraud. This caused the griffins to be seriously discriminated as rotten greedmongers and criminals who will do any horrible and unethical thing just for money. Gallus attended the school in order to fix this impact.

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