Rarity has been challnaged by an overly dramatic aunt of the Storm King for the right to be considered the best fastion designer in the world of Equestia, fittingly named, The Drama Queen, who's magic, which are mostly derived from the rogue magic of the Inspiration Manifestation, enables here to create the perfect outfit thanks to her staff which is now in the form of being shaped like that smoke thing Cruella De Vil carries around. Even after being told that The Drama Queen has long deviated from the clan's ways, Rarity understably refuses to encourage her behavior after how Rainbow Dash had troubles from the Speed King, but the Drama Queen gotten to Rarity's greatest weaknesses: Beautiful asserseies, as the Drama Queen offered Rarity the Alicorn Brooch, an alicorn treasure owned by the Alicorn God of Beauty, Love, and anything similar Princess Enchantra, a princess and sister of the head Alicorn god that can make anyone irresistablely beautiful if you wore it. However, The Drama Queen warned of a catch. If Rarity loses the fastion contest, Rarity will be condemned to work in the Drama Queen's pocket dimensional Sweat Shop, where nopony who enters will ever wish to leave due to the eternal beauty, making whatever clothing item the Drama Queen needs forever, and she'll be given cursed immortality so even death can't free her. Rarity was tempted to refuse again, but the Drama Queen's proof her deviancy from the Clan ends when she threatens to take Sweetie Belle in her place. How can Rarity win against the Drama Queen? And more importantly, can her friends and the Lodgers help her, espeically when the Drama Queen has a dirty trick up her oversized sleeves as she re-corrupts Suri Polomore and Prince Blueblood, and a big game wielder of the IM magic in the form of the returning Clare Buckington who was restored of her beauty thanks to Drama, and a mind-warped unicorn and the most attractive pony since Mistmane by the name of Delilah Song to sabotage Rarity's entries?


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Selena Gomez - Cruella De Vil With Lyrics

Selena Gomez - Cruella De Vil With Lyrics

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