Gamerene is a world in the Video Game Universe which is a world of literal video game action and entertainment. This world has a variety of activity and people of different species, races, technology, culture, abilities, and so on. They like good action and thrills and are great at lighting up spirits through activities. Their cities are large and have ranged technology, there can be race tracks, combat arenas the size of mountains, and there are over a million ridiculously-crazy weapons, gadgets, inventions, and vehicles to use. This world also has several annual gaming events and has a vast knowledge of magic and science. The setting ranges around the world's large globe, and has been known to develop several video-game-based sports and spread their influence across the UUniverses.


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Society & Culture

Gamerene is known to have inhabitants that are 99.6% athletic, as they were born for action and adventure. Some of the people here have joined in the United Universal Crusades for their determination. Some people here can be awarded certain prizes for grand efforts and achievements. There can be over a million awards for achievements, much like in a video game. The people here live in a democratic monarchy, where the people choose their king who will rule over them in return.

The cities are massive and have a lot of different surfaces, architecture, culture, and even technology. The cities possess a modern-day society with hovering/ground vehicles, the roads can go in twists and turns, and there even exists extreme roads which go in loop-de-loops, slants, and steep slopes for those that enjoy a little excitement. Even all vehicles are built for either combat or racing, and are very cheap. The world's main form of currency is digibytes, entirely digital and stored in byte cards, that are run by cryptobanks. Even weapons are available to most people and are almost non-lethal, coming in a million different types. The main military police defense force is called the Prime Rangers, all athletic and wield advanced equipment, vehicles, and weaponry.

The setting on this world ranges from creative to dystopian. Dystopian places are hot-spots for anyone who is seeking a bit of action and excitement. There is also different kinds of wildlife that are either animals, hybrid animals, mutants, mythical creatures, or even other beings. Plants can also range in appearance, being normal or alien-like. Racing tracks can go for miles on edge and can exist in any terrain, whether it be in the air, underwater, or underground. There are also a ton of arenas for combat games.

This world is mainly known for it's annual gaming events which can earn big prizes and titles. This is a very anticipated and most prepared-for event that attracts a lot of attention. People enjoy the adrenaline rush of showing their skills in front of their very own people, and are even rewarded with many things including cash, vehicles, weapons, clothes or skins, and even a chance to go outside their world to go exploring. This world is noted for it's gift of video-game-based sports that it gave to the rest of the UUniverses during the Crusades, and so it became a popular favorite to many in other-worldly gaming events.


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