After being constantly thwarted by the Heroes Act in the altered AUU reality, especially with his latest one a few months back being thwarted, Overlord Exeter, who was previously one of the most infamous of the Villains Act's supporters before the change and had never been changed himself thanks to not having full membership with the Villains Act, has made a surprising turn-around. Exeter now wants to retire from being a villain since he felt villainy wasn't going to go anywhere, and he wants to give all of his all of his power, including his space fortress Bulwark, weaponry, robot armies, and every deed to his conquered planets, to the winner of the annual virtual gaming event on Planet Istouto called The Virtual War, which is considered the biggest gaming event in the AUU, and Exeter, being reformed, is granting the prizes himself and had been chosen to host the event. He announces that whoever should ultimately defeat his powerful gladiator robot Xronus X100 will be awarded all of his power, not caring whether it should be used for good or evil. The Kafar Loyalists and the Black Yargers not only compete during this event, but they want to talk Exeter out of retirement and maintain his support. Meanwhile, the Grand Council wants to make sure Exeter retires from villainy indefinitely and sends the Heroes Act, who have actually been looking forward to seeing the Virtual War Event and invited the Shell Lodgers to watch it with them. But when they find out from the Grand Council that the Kafar Loyalists and the Black Yargers are competing for their own evil gain, they decide to sign up and become part of the event so that the technology will be put in the hands of the Grand Council, and the worlds that were conquered will be freed. However, Xronus doesn't want Exeter to retire from being a master of conquest and to give it all up to live a retired normal life, and plans to corrupt Exeter through his own hover-chair with a mind-warping corruption virus. So it's up to the Lodgers and the Heroes Act to not only keep the Loyalists and the Yargers away from the prizes of Exeter, but ultimately expose Xronus as the traitor he is before he screws over the freedom of many planets just to keep his master from 'losing his edge'.

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Waterflame - Thumper

Waterflame - Thumper


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