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The Gamma Federation is the 3rd of the 3 federations of the Alternate UUniversal Legion of Dominant Races. It consists of the Xurons, the Uonans, the Tiikons, and the Yatorans, and it governs the Eta and Theta Universes. They are even given the rights to their own home planets even when they're not in any of their primary universes. Their main base of operations is located on Planet Sequentus in a fort called Fort Sreen, which was part of the Interuniversal War, and their main battle cruiser is the Yatorans' new Guardian Angel Battle Cruiser.


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  • Yatorans: (Leader: Prophet Yamac Giugen) The Yatorans, being the most advanced race in the Legion, are the leaders of this federation, and are responsible for the military and economic powers, and they didn't hesitate to feel bad for missing their human allies. They do well in leading the Gamma Feds, and provide the best technology for the rebellions. They were in charge of balancing out the AUU Currency Troupe's currency problems after it was taken over by the Villains Act, and makes sure that the worlds get the money they need. They are tall bioluminescent beings that are considered the most intelligent beings in the AUU for being the only known race to be at a Teadr 1 level. They have spread to over a hundred worlds, and some are abandoned and ripe for the taking to other beings. They originated from the Planet Yaton.
  • Tiikons: (Leader: Baron Teash Bu Zarakka) The Tiikons are responsible for part of the military powers, mostly the technologies, and they weren't very happy with the loss of the humans. Their technological prowess have lead to some going on the side of evil. They believed very strongly in battling against the Villains Act, and most are noted to work for Globex Industries. They never stopped doing their job, especially since they literally never sleep. They are short reptilian beings who have brains that can shut down two of their brain lobes so no sleep was needed, though it affects their personality. They are known to be technophiles who enjoy technology more than anything else. They originated from the Planet Tik.
  • Uonans: (Leader: Master Jaya McNorque) The Uonans, being as advanced as the humans, are responsible for political and diplomatic powers, and they were devastated very badly with the loss of the humans. They knew that humans were one of their closest friends, and their technology is mainly based on them and the Naroudans. Since they are good in diplomacy and politics, and they haven't had any wars for centuries, they handled conflict disputes, and even tried to advertise peace. They are chimp-like arboreal beings who evolved from a Naroudan biological war long ago, and upon discovering their creators, joined them as allies. They live in trees, and while discovering space-travel, they rarely explore the AUU. They originated from the Planet Uonoru.
  • Xurons: (Leader: Empress Imaka Jirax) The Xurons are another military force, but they also handle economic powers. They didn't show any possible emotion with the loss of the humans, but by all means it didn't meant they didn't cared, they just think being emotional will lead to mistakes and self-corruption. (and in some sense, those things have been proven true for certain members of the Domiment Race leagons). The Xurons are the third most-common race that is present in the many rebellions of the AUU. Their powers and arsenal make them extremely formidable. They handle economics because they have been known to have a digital currency system that allowed them to not only develop the money-measuring system for the Currency Troupe, but also allow digital transport of money. Their weaponry is among the best, and their military training is top-notch considering they had grand strategic skills. They are gray-alien-like beings who evolved from semi-aquatic mammals and developed hyper-cloning technology, are capable of using any kind of firearm without formal training, and have the power of psychokinesis. They originated from the Planet Xuronosis.