Gamma Universe Map

The Gamma Universe is by no means a truely chaotic universe, but is the least orderly universe when compaired to Alpha and Beta. Problems are never far and between the order the universe struggles to maintain. But it does highlight decent highlights, such as the Xomn system, the unigte nature of Laavos, a healthy mythical creature community, a dangerious tribe planet with great rewards, the home planet of the lovable, if not trying too hard, Jokedons, the Aufone home planet, the beautiful but tragic-historyed Qaclite, the controverseal ugoldist system, the mighty Garganulas, the fearsome planet without a sun, a planet of dino riders, a planet with a famous mixed reputation torniment, the Xuruns homeworld, a planet with a series of kingdoms and goverment syiles of conflicting interests, and a world just about like the game "Evolve."


The Gamma Universe Terratory Chart

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Gamma Universe Timetable

Gamma Core







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1. Gamma Core Sector

The Gamma Core Sector is the closest place for any order and safety in this conflict-ridden universe. It includes its own god zone, the Xomn race, Laavos, the mythic community, and a secret beautiful-but-dark world.

Gamma God Zone

  • Gamma Prime- A semi-temperate and dangerous desert planet that has highly-chaotic storms brought on by large amounts of heat conflicting with the amounts of cold coming from the planet's inner crust, has small amounts of introduced fauna and flora, a barely breathable atmosphere, a thicker atmosphere than many worlds, lava/rock/geothermal valleys and formations, foggy landscapes, a dark sky filled with small amounts of metallic gases, ancient Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, and a strong chemical core. This is a planet that was tough to terraform, as it was reported to have been stolen from the AUU Gods by the Ehaexons during the AUU First Cartoonian War, as evidenced by mysteriously-demonic-like architecture. There are plasmic discharges common across the world that can cause plasma blooming that increases the lethality of the unstable weather, and often creates dangerous hypercanes, making the world inhospitable for many beings no matter how advanced they are. The planet has 28 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: NE:198d
  • Nurgus Meta- A temperate desert planet and one of the earliest terraformed colonies of the AUU Gamma Gods, containing introduced fauna and flora, rock/lava/toxic formations and valleys, a yellow sky filled with small amounts of sodium, thermal shifts, and it has several liquid mantle cores, causing strange tectonic shifts. This world was colonized by the AUU Gods to harness mysterious quantum energy through unknown radioactive quantum gems, as well as other rare resources and valuable gems. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:243d
  • Tyrse- An 75%-ecumenopolis planet that has colossal buildings and monuments with advanced Teadr 0 technology, has introduced fauna and flora from the rest of the universe, rock/lava/toxic valleys and formations, flying AFTs and islands, strong weather and storms, is currently looked after by Maintainers, and has a colorful sky filled with small amounts of noble gases. This the capital of the AUU Gamma Framer Gods, or the Gods that build and provide knowledge for their universe, and when they left, the Fatecrom sent by Grafatus was put in charge of watching over the God Zone including this planet. The planet has high-level infinite knowledge of the Gamma Universe that no mortal could even comprehend, and it's AI grid has a mind of it's own as it was modelled after one of it's previous presidents, and is still operational to this day and manages the Maintainers of the planet. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:271d
  • Praxis Geta- A semi-ecumenopolis planet that has the same architecture and technology as the rest of the God Zone, has a purple and blue sky filled with small amounts of nitrogen and xenon, has introduced fauna and flora from the rest of the universe, has rock/lava/toxic/geothermal valleys and formations, active weather and storms, and is currently run by Maintainers. It was the military capital of the God Zone, and thus is the capital of the Prodigies, and has the Gamma Gods' greatest military technology and prospered and thrived during the AUU First Cartoonian War, despite much of the technology being stolen easily by the Ehaexons, yet much of the strongest of them was successfully defended, and continue to be by the Maintainers and other Teadr 0 AI constructs in the God Zone. The planet has 8 continents, 10 oceans, and a large icy and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:323d
  • Ur Thamaxus- A rainforest planet that has an entire collection of wildlife from the rest of the universe, has high levels of water, strong weather and storms, a green sky filled with small amounts of radon, ranging terrain, rock/water/geothermal valleys and formations, and Teadr 0 ruins and monuments. It is a superhabitable planet, and was a long-running wildlife sanctuary of the AUU Gamma Gods, being where the gods got reserves of wildlife that have likely went extinct in revent years. The world is currently under guard by the Fatecrom and the Maintainers. The planet has 16 continents surrounding 8 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:356d
  • Godframe- A temperate planet that has large amounts of introduced fauna and flora from the entire AUU, it has large Teadr 0 monuments, cities, and ruins that come in all shapes and sizes, as well as a colorful sky filled with small amounts of noble gases, strong weather and storms, ranging terrain from flying islands and mountains levitated by magnetanium to large rock/lava/geothermal/toxic valleys and formations, and large amounts of mythical creatures and inhabitants. This is the capital of the God Zone, and is where all the Central Gamma Gods governed during their time, and is currently being run by one of Grafatus' Fatecroms. In their time, the AUU Gods built a gigantic castle/city on the North Pole that make it look like giant mountains, and this is where they mainly ruled and acted as stewards for their Gamma Universe. It is where they first arrived since they spread out from the Alpha Universe, and it is now being watched over by the Fatecrom and several Maintainers. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:401d
  • Yusalpho- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet that has cities with the same colorful archtecture as the other cities in the God Zone, has a purple sky filled with small amounts of xenon and nitrogen, active weather and storms, wildlife from the rest of the universe, flying islands and mountains levitated by lodestone, AFTs of many forms, and have a judicial-like feel to it. This is the AUU Gamma Gods' Hierarch capital, where all the Hierarch Gamma Gods judge the life of the AUU, and give them fates through quantum manipulation. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:433d
  • Bortum Kai- A terrestrial jungle planet that has similar wildlife to Ur Thamaxus, yet having the same purple sky of nitrogen and xenon as Yusalpho, has strong weather and storms, flying AFTs, islands, and mountains levitated by lodestone, large Teadr 0 monuments and ruins that make the world's appearance gargantuan and scenic and even more so when it comes to transsentience, large amounts of water, underground reservoirs of primoridal ooze, underground virtual catacombs, and a wild teleportation grid. This is the capital of the AUU Gamma Crafter Gods, as it is where the Gods of creation itself are head and guard anything sacred about such, not only using the primordial ooze reservior to craft life, but uses hard-light constructs to craft civilizations digitally, and warp reality all the same with quantum technology. The planet has 18 continents and 10 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:486d
  • Garabum- A tartaric black gas giant that serves as the underworld and exile sector of the AUU Gamma Gods, having large flying islands, mountains, rock fields, and deadly terrain and wildlife, strong violent storms, black fogs, and many deathly graveyards. The Gods of the Underworld run this gas giant through the two inhabited moons of the gas giant. The planet has 1,006 islands spread throughout the zoeosphere. Moons: 56; DC: 180hr:808d
  • Gara XI- A barren rocky mountainous moon belonging to Garabum. It has a lack of a sky yet a thin but breathable atmosphere, large rock/lava/geothermal valleys and formations, unstable tectonic activity, a rock-solid surface, strong weahter and storms, and Teadr 0 ruins and monuments. This is where the guardian monsters of Garabum live and act when ordered by their masters, and only Death Gods can go here as anyone not of that status will be attacked by the monsters. The moon has 19 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 61d
  • Gara XV- A semi-ecumenopolis moon also belonging to Garabum with the same architecture and appearance as the other cities in the system, but the white parts are all black, it has alien-like fauna and flora, less-active storms and weather, a dark sky filled with small amounts of metallic gases, a thin yet breathable atmosphere, and rock/lava/geothermal valleys and formations. This is where all the Death Gods in the AUU lived and guarded Garabum, yet is now watched over by Maintainers. The moon has 8 lava oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 91d

Armoboum System

  • Bespurn- A temperate planet and one of the first colonies of the Tiikons when they first colonized the system. This world's climate is identical to Arteroy, and it is also the capital world of MacHine Developments, a minor corporation of tinkering, salvaging, and manufacturing for the Teadr 1 technology found in the system. The company is run by a Tiikon named Techbaron Normae Gol MacHine, and his excellence in this business has allowed the civilizations on the planet to thrive. But he seeks to one day find bigger secrets to the Arterians and spread his influence and findings to his race as a whole. The planet has 36 small continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 14hr:276d
  • Gama- A temperate planet also with the same biota as Arteroy, and is much wealthier than it's twin planet Bespurn. This is because of it's top corporation, Upsilon Enterprises, run by Techbaron Arctin Zoh Upsilon, a former academy lab mate of Normae who ends up taking credit for much of his work by reverse-engineering it better, amongst many other clever methods. Though he finds no true satisfaction in it as he is basically getting what Normae has, only with more success, which wasn't enough for him which is why he seeks to help him find the true secrets of the Arterians for good when the day comes. The planet has 3 continents surrounding 2 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 17hr:328d
  • Arteroy- A temperate planet with all kinds of alien-like biota, particularly amphibians, crustaceans, land reefs, and insects. The planet has large mountain ranges, active weather and storms, geothermal lands and complex rock formations, and has a color-changing sky filled with small amounts of noble gases. This planet is currently noted for it's large amounts of Teadr 1 ruins that are currently populated by the Tiikons, who have discovered the origin of these ruins. They were built by the planet's home race, the extinct Teadr 1 Arterians, a race of amphibious 4-armed technophile beings who had become the most technologically-gifted Teadr 1 race by simply studying and improving their technology from the technology of other races that they've been able to study, including other Teadr 1 races, becoming the keepers of technology during the Teadr 1 Age. But they ended up flying too close to the sun by finding higher sources of power and ended up wiping themselves out in the process, but not before creating a backup plan in the form of a resurrector machine contained within the planet's surface alongside a large frozen supply of new resources, containing the genetic material for any individual Arterian. But the problem was that it needed activation, and the machines were annihilated by another global catastophe, leaving the resurrection project dormant until someone else should find it. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:397d
  • Prongea- One of Arteroy's two moons. It has the same ecosystem as Arteroy and it is widely known for it's tidal nodes. These nodes were built by the Arterians to manipulate the tides of their home planet. This moon is claimed by MacHine Developments, and thus the cities on the moon are sponsored by it. The moon has 13 continents and 586 crater lakes. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 23d
  • Ammea- One of Arteroy's two moons. It has the same ecosystem as Arteroy and it also possesses the same tidal nodes as it's twin moon. Though this moon's cities are more advanced and wealthy due to being claimed by Upsilon Enterprises. The moon has 23 continents and 881 crater lakes. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 23d
  • Annexerea- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet noted for having large chrome buildings, holographic matrices, flying vehicles, large reef structures, and the climate of the planet is filled with land reefs and the same fauna as Arteroy. This planet is a bustling colony for Tiikons and the Arterians before them, and it also secretly contains an underground chamber containing a powerful supercomputer that has actually cataloged all types of technology in the AUU, as the computer was used to analyze and upgrade any technology the Arterians cataloged from other races during their advancement. This supercomputer, which also houses an autonomous artificial intelligence, still does this to this day so that the data it has now can enrich the returning Arterians. Though many Tiikons have learned about this supercomputer, after failed attempts to find it, they deemed it a myth. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:434d
  • Juthion- A temperate desert planet which was terraformed by the Arterians even though it's atmosphere made it a horrid challenge. But their method was successful, and the planet gained large bodies of water, even if the oceans are filled with massive amounts of algae, and the grass of the planet behaves more like algae, and yet much fauna and flora from Arteroy grow on the planet. The cities on the planet are Teadr 1 and currently occupied by Tiikons and other USRA races. The planet has 16 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:488d
  • Jethemeach- A fire-red gas giant that was once used by the Arterians as a particle cannon from it's very own energetic red spot, which was capable of destroying entire planets, as a weapon against planet-sized Teadr 1 weapons, especially during the end of the Teadr One Ages. But the particle cannon's operating systems have long been destroyed by the gas giant itself and forever lost after the Artertians' departure. Now this gas giant is harvested by the Tiikons for it's very powerful reactive gases. Moons: 15; DC: 76hr:2122d
  • Jeth I- A moon belonging to Jethemeach, which despite having Arteroy biota, has a hollow internal core where, inside was built a complex lens that was meant to amplify the effects of Jethemeach's particle cannons in case it was needed. Now this lens is used by the Tiikons as a solar panel to harness the sun's energy, and the batteries within can store the collected energy when the moon goes behind Jethemeach and the sun cannot shine on it. The moon has 13 continents and 8 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 29d
  • Jeth V- A moon also belonging to Jethemeach which also has Arteroyan biota and the same laser lens as Jeth I now repurposed as a solar lens. This was also the Arterians' military capital as the moon is smaller than the other inhabited moons and allows for easier military training. Now it serves the same purpose for Tiikons. The moon has 15 continents and 9 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 32d
  • Jeth X- A moon also belonging to Jethemeach, which also has Arteroyan biota and the same laser lens as Jeth I and Jeth V. This moon is bigger than the other two inhabited moons and thus it was used as an additional military training ground for heavier gravity. The moon has 14 continents and 6 oceans. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 35d
  • Teigicia- A large planet that has genetically-engineered new life from Arteroy biota, making this planet's wildlife it's own. The Arterians made this planet a wildlife sanctuary, as their own wildlife is very expansive and thus could be potentially threatened with ecological distress, allowing this giant planet to accommodate all of them and this preserve their species. The Tiikon continue to have this planet serve this purpose to this day. The planet has 14 continents, 4,548 islands, and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 37hr:677d
  • Urcenica- A large purple gas giant that is widely known for it's large flying continents in the zoeosphere that are actually made out of asteroids or meteorites that drift into the area after an unexplained astronomical incident. The substances found in all the recovered asteroids and meteorites allowed for the creation of artifiicl flying islands, mountains, and continents that are all levitated by magnetic substances including magnetanium. Teadr 1 flying cities can also be found all across the zoeosphere that, added with the flying landmasses, give the endless skies of the planet a very cosmic appearance. The planet has 56,890 flying island, mountains, and continents spread all across the zoeosphere. Moons: 24; DC: 92hr:2873d
  • Iytheka- The only inhabited moon belonging to Urcenica. This moon has large amounts of Teadr 1 cities all operated by the Tiikons and even refurbished to suit their needs and serve as a base for the Tiikons of terraform as many of the other moons as possible since the Arterians couldn't do so before their extinction. The moon has 4 continents and 2 oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 45d
  • Iura Teturn- A frozen ice planet where the Arterians built a massive treasury of wealth and resources as a preservation for when they return from the dead and require resources to rebuild. Many have tried to find this unlocked amount of wealth, but extremely powerful and near-invincible war machines have kept them from stealing from this massive reserve, as it was meant to be for the inevitable return of the Arterians. Though some are still too greedy or stubborn to listen to reason or even give up. The planet has 34 lakes surrounded entirely by frozen land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: 45hr:1062d

Facana System

  • Bintar- A semi-temperate plateau planet which is known for having colorful plants, a vast amount of introduced wildlife, and a baby-blue sky due to it's small concentration of krypton. This was an old Ehswan colony that remained untouched by the Yatorans since sentient animals have been able to find it first, and adapt to the many technologies found on it. They have been able to make a significant community on this planet, having cities with black and chrome buildings and blue-to-purple lighting. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:298d
  • Eramun Fi- A temperate jungle planet which has an orange sky as the result of it's small concentration of neon and sodium, it's colorful plants and wildlife, and it's lava and rock formations. This was a world that had a small amount of activity from the Ultimum Province, and thus built several similar monuments and cities across the planet. Though when the Ultimum Province ended, the New Ultimate Province rebuilt this world into a better community. This world has a small amount of sport activity including tech-races with complex tracks that are spread across the planet, and ball games. The planet has 11 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:320d
  • Sigma Quantus- An Asian-like temperate planet which is distinguished for it's architecture of ranging Asian cultures, whether it be similar to Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mongolian, or otherwise. This is a world which was known to have been populated long ago by Yatorans of a code of honor, and a wide knowledge of over 126 martial arts and several others. These Yatorans were called the Ultimum Province, which produced the ultimate warriors which had knowledge of a dozen martial arts, escape artistry, master degrees in various other fields of combat, and superiority in weapons. Though they eventually got killed during a minor war in the AUU Second Cartoonian War against the Zyaūar Masters. This world has since become the home of several sentient animals that carry on the legacy the Ultimum Province carried, now being known as the New Ultimum Province. Though only few are able to master the skills that the Ultimum Province had in their skills of martial arts and fighting. The planet has 8 small continents, 4,819 islands, and a small rocky and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:376d
  • Tilerog- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which has a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium, has colorful rainforests and jungles, massive geothermal valleys and rock formations, and has a large amount of introduced wildlife. This world was a colony for the Ehswans who had tried turning this world into an ecumenopolis before their extinction, and then the Yatorans took over the construction, but later left because of the pollution that was caused by it. Though later on, the planet was terraformed back into it's former glory by sentient animals from the New Ultimum Province, and thus the Yatorans allowed them to keep it. This world has a similar community to Sigma Quantus, and has a police force consisting of martial arts masters. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:401d

Dremea-Luciera System

  • Sym Phalla- A temperate planet which is known widely for having a large amount of subconscious-based mana called lucid that oozes in the waters all over the planet and making the planet itself a dream wonder. Those who die on this planet have their souls fed into this water and allow the water itself to act like some kind of mana well for dreams. This allows oneiromancers to craft a grand utopia on the planet and for the people who inhabit the planet. The planet has 3 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:349d
  • Hedphunk- A temperate jungle planet and a twin planet of Sym Phalla. This is a world noted for being the capital of oneiromancy with it's massive wealth of lucid, aka the mana of the subconscious and dreams, allowing them to bring dreams to life given the right amount of control. There are cities of mixed Teadr level, but the setting is mainly heavenly in appearance. The planet has 8 continentns and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:411d
  • Zol Eysia- An artificial planet with two moons on the opposite sides of each other that is actually an AI that has a self-sustaining ecosystem and can move on it's own, but not move away from it's orbit. Built during the Teadr One Ages, this artificial planet managed to solve artificial population simply by having it's inhabitants constantly reincarnated and mixing their souls and bodies around as well as their memories and dreams. The planet's core, called the Soul, is a powerful 100%-sentient AI that has access to the Omninet and thus can do anything to shape it's world, and provide for it's inhabitants, but it does not do so on demand, being programmed to only serve the inhabitants, thus war and suffering still exists on this planet. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:640d
  • Iyall Aahs- A cloudy cold planet known for being in the midst of an Ice Age due to the massive fluctuation of water, lack of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases, and more icehouse gases causing the planet to be in a perpetual state of cold, and is thus inhabited by mammals. This is the earliest known world to harnes the power of lucid and thus the earliest colony for oneiromancers as their power spread across the entire system when they saw lucid as a gift from the system's two neutron stars, Dremea and Luciera, after they exploded from red gas giants long ago and created new planets. The planet has 16 oceans surrounded entirely by frozen land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:652d
  • Bes Gallrume- A gray stormy gas giant that has so many hyperstorms all over it that in an orbit, hundreds of lightning bursts can be seen and they never stop. This gas giant is known for having fantastic features from orbital view, and despite the richness in resources and fuel, the gas giant has no zoeosphere and thus it is too dangerous to mine. Moons: 15; DC: 65hr:3123d
  • Sooymeus- An artificial planet with two moons on the opposite sides of each other. This is mostly an ice-cold planet and the core is like the Soul of Zol Eysia, but it has a much darker setting filled with floating islands, each island looking like a town, village or city filled with rooms, skyscrapers and houses that hold people’s memories and in turn create more islands to craft the world around them for these souls to project themselves into. Some souls are taken from the dead, others are artificially made from other souls. While the islands are a paradise, the ground of the planet is a hellish frozen landscape full of toxins, liquid nitrogen seas, methane water and ice, and so many things that could easily kill a person. The planet has over 69,000 islands, and the ground geography shifts due to intense storms. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 36hr:712d

Portilimus System

  • Pormtal- A mix-matched world known for having large portal singularities that immigrate creatures from all over the AUU. This makes the planet ranged in climate, biota, conditions, and so on. The setting is inconsistent, but it does contain a king and queen ruling over most of it. Magic, science, and nature all dominate many areas separately or in a united manner. The planet has 5 continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:423d

Xomn System

  • Xomn Prime- A lava planet that is close enough to it's three suns to be inhospitable and scorched. However, it is colonized by the Xomns because it contains traces of valuable metals and gems, and thus they have established AFT lava refineries that use quantum energy columns to take lava into a tank and extract metals and gems from them. There are no cities that can be found here as the environment cannot support life of any kind. The refineries are air-tight, and treasuries storing the gems are found as solar-powered heavily-defended space stations above the atmosphere. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: NE:179d
  • Xomn Greabus- A lava planet which is distunguished for it's AFT cities that rest on quantum columns and can hold up to 2-20 AFT platforms at once, and these columns are spread throughout the planet's inhospitable lava surface, though the planet supports it's own wildlife in the form of oxygen-producing plants which extract water from the planet's moist crust. There are also predatory lava-tolerating animals that are very hostile, though they cannot harm the quantum columns without getting hurt. The columns have cities that use teleportation as the greatest source of transportation, applying it to all the corners of the cities. Vehicles are all aerial and can easily tolerate the heat of the planet's surface. The planet has a small rocky and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:203d
  • Xomn Minor- A desert lava planet which is actually the first planet the Xomn set foot on during their space age eons ago. They terraformed the planet moderately to provide plants that allow for a stable and breathable atmosphere, it has a red sky as the result of it's small amount of helium, it has large cacti and large invertebrate inhabitants, a balanced supply of water, large lava-filled canyons, large rock and lava formations, deep flooded caverns, and it is where the Xomns discovered quantum energy in a primitive experiment, making this world known to be the birth place of mortal-discovered quantum technology. Cities and large villages were created here, and the Xomns used the quantum technology they discovered to it's utmost potential. There are also large AFTs that actually originated from grounded cities and are levitated above the ground on quantum energy that also serves as a teleportation elevator to the cities themselves. These elevators can support more than one AFT as they can stack 3-10 at once. These columns can be seen barely from orbit, and so can the cities if they are big enough. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:283d
  • Xomn Omngrus- A semi-temperate desert lava planet which has bioluminescent plants, rock and lava formations, geothermal valleys, a turquoise sky as a result of the small amount of radon and xenon, oceans of either water or lava, colossal chrome Teadr 1-like monuments, structures, and technology, and large gray deserts. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 bioluminescent amphibians called Xomn, which are among the many races to almost reach a Teadr 1 level, even having a brief conflict with the Yatorans long ago. They discovered time and space manipulation, and quantum technology, and are the first mortal race in history to invent time travel and ban it to the point of near-extinction. They are wise beings whose quantum technology inspired that of other races across the AUU. They have soon moved onto becoming widespread across the Gamma Core Sector and even being close allies to the inhabitants of the God Zone. They inhaibited their entire system and terraformed it in no less than 3 days, earning them a reputation as one of the possible successors to the Yatorans. The planet has 19 continents and 9 lava/water oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:323d
  • Xomn Ti- A semi-temperate desert planet with massive land corals, dull-colored plants and amphibious wildlife, and large wetlands. It was formerly an ocean planet until climate change reduced it to a semi-desert planet and the Xomn's capital for science and technology. The planet has large Teadr-1-like structures that can store tons of data and store an ultraintelligent supercomputer which can do anything and provide for the Xomns. This is where the Xomns deployed the Dyson Sphere (Dyscon Sphere in AUU terms) that surrounds their entire system and protects them from invasion, especially from the Villains Act. The Dyson Sphere, besides providing protection from those whose DNA it doesn't recognize, it also uses a quantum-based time shield which brings the system out of sync from the AUU's timescale, allowing them to detect breaches before they even enter. This time shield also allows them to do things quickly and prepare for even an asteroid strike. Among the other breakthroughs this planet has made, there are also AI vehicles and weaponry, and it is where quantum weapons and time travel were discovered, and research on quantum technology continues even to this day. The planet has 7 oceans and 75 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:367d
  • Xomn Major- A large temperate planet which was terraformed by the Xomns to have the same environment and ecosystem as their home planet. Differences are that there are much smaller rock formations and Teadr 1-like monuments, and is the second planet the Xomn had set foot on during their beginning space age days eons ago. The planet is known for suffering an quantum accident centuries ago which left the planet's timestream to go haywire. The Xomn on this planet created a special team to control these quantum anomalies and prevent any long-extinct animals from the planet's prehistoric past or distant future from wreaking havoc. This team still fights as an entire squad descended from the original team. The quantum anomalies can be random and unexpected, and the team has kept the planet safe from their chaos for centuries. The planet has 10 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: NE:398d
  • Xomn Maximus- A dark-red gas giant rich in quantum energy as it used to be an AUU God colony until it was abandoned for it's quantum storms. However, millennia later, the Xomn established mining colonies to harness the quantum energy, and even learned how to use quantum energy as weaponry through the quantum storms. There is no habitable zone, so the colonies hover above the planet through a planetary ring-like space station based off of leftover AUU God technology that the Xomn themselves were able to gain through quantum time travel. The Xomn were able to mold the ring into a habitable surface that has gravitational fields surrounding all sides, and the surfaces themselves have soil necessary for life to flourish. This stationary ring has proven to be one of the greatest creations the Xomn have created, and the most complex, and building it took only 6 months, while it would normally take a Yatoran 2 years to do such a thing. The ring uses quantum nodes to extract quantum energy from the planet and also keep the ring itself stable and in optimum orbit. Moons: None ; DC: 30hr:680d
  • Xomax III- An icy moon belonging to a purple gas giant called Xomn Ax that has an ocean underneath rich in aquatic wildlife that can tolerate the cold. This world has been a unique colony for the Xomns as it contains caves rich in energy crystals that are useful as an energy source besides quantum energy. Most of their underwater quantum columns' cities are powered by these crystals. The Xomns themselves are naturally capable of living in different environments such as underwater and in space, and so they can survive in the oceans of this moon. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 340d
  • Xomax X- A temperate moon also belonging to Xomn Ax which has a rich amount of rare resources, and as such it is the economic capital of the Xomns' system. The world trades with the AUU Currency Troupe, transporting spices, laserum, rarium, magnetanium, and fossil fuels to Inorbon. The moon has colorful jungles and wetlands, and geothermal valleys are wet and are rich in spice geysers and mines. Ground cities exist on the land, and quantum AFT columns exist mostly above oceans. The moon has 5 large continents surrounding 4 small oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 454d

Gorra System

  • Bartoy- A semi-ecumenopolis planet that is noted for one half being covered with a global city with white, chrome, and gray buildings with computer-database windows and a connected AI network, ground vehicles travelling through complex highways, tunnels, and roadways, a global metro-station system that goes outside of the city, a balanced amount of plant decor, screen/holographic display and propaganda, robotic services, and AFT platforms, and the other being covered by a semi-temperate ecosystem with lush colorful fields, dense colorful forests, crystal clear waters, reddish deserts, land reefs, mountains and canyons, large rock formations, a large amount of introduced fauna from hundreds of planets, touring hoverbus transits, wildlife reserves, and a beautiful clean environment protected strictly by law and hundreds of surveillance drones programmed to report and apprehend any criminals, poachers, or anyone who disturbs the fragile ecosystem. The ecumenopolis is separated from the outside environment by security measures as weapons are highly illegal on the other side, and equipment and belongings have to be checked as some have specific levels of clearance. There are small towns and cities outside the ecumenopolis borders, and all of them are under the same protection as those in the ecumenopolis cities and bound by borders as well. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 4 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:269d
  • Thexron- A semi-temperate desert planet which has large rock formations, colorful alien-like fauna and flora, a color-changing sky due to it's small amounts of noble gases, and for it's mixed cultures. This is a USRA planet where over a hundred different planets have established colonies, businesses, cultures, architectures, and ways of life. Sporting events, gambling activities, mining, weapon-manufacturing, trades, and hundreds of large cities are common on this planet, but so are high amounts of criminal activity. Hundreds of alien and sentient animal species accompany their own territories and lifestyles. The planet primarily has a parliamentary democracy, whereas the president is chosen by a parliament consisting of hundreds of speakers for the people that only come when specified or chosen. Each state on the planet has a maximum of 15 speakers, and each review people's thoughts about elections and analyze them multiple times until the final conclusion is made. The planet is protected by a police force that is top-notch and using the best military police technology in the market. The cuisine is based around Yurun cuisine and comes in over a thousand forms, and there are up to 27 different architectures in each of the cities located across the planet. The planet has a large supercontinent, 4 microcontinents, hundreds of islands, and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:297d
  • Igithroy- A temperate planet which has been a world of computer technology for ages since it was founded by the USRA. It has researched computer technology for so long, they have developed an artificial data dimension where they have discovered special lifeforms called Dictymon, noted for their triple-stranded DNA, their finely-developed artificial intelligence, their ability to learn quickly, and for their ability to evolve as they mature. The planet soon got inhabited by these creatures, and it is considered a popular sport to interact with, fight, compete with, and holding annual tournaments with them. The digital realm, known as the Dictyverse, is a world that is hard to enter for non-Dictymon, and it requires a complex amount of digital reconstruction, a field of which the people here have not yet discovered, so nobody knows what goes on in or what is in the Dictyverse besides what their Dictymon companions tell them. Most people here or even beyond the planet have adopted these creatures as companion pets, and they research the complexity of these beings. The planet has several large cities, most of which being megalopolis cities with artificial intelligence, Omninet, corporations which expand on networks, and hundreds of small towns that are easily connected with the network through underground cables. The planet has 14 small continents, 568 islands, and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:325d
  • Terxellthum- An ecumenopolis planet that has large white and chrome buildings, holographic display and propaganda, holographic flying vehicles, an entire community of public machines, and was infamous for having workaholic regulations as their economy was collapsing due to an old great depression, and they felt that the best thing to do was to work double-shifts, and have since become disdainful of fun and games. As a result of the ban and penalty of such a thing, and for the fact that many playthings were being governmentally confiscated, a revolution was born in the form of the Freemakers, which swore to restore fun to their planet, even if it meant their own planet's economy had to suffer. Thanks to the USRA, the problems were resolved, and thanks to the AUU Currency Troupe, the economy was restored. This world has since toned down on the work and have restored fun and games. In time, the planet became as fun as it's neighboring colony of Golsoy. The planet has 10 small oceans surrounded and covered entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:354d
  • Golsoy- An ecumenopolis planet that has a global city that has the same architecture and appearance as that of Terxellthum, as it is a colony world of it's people. The people that lived there gave all their physical work over to labor robots, valuing leisure and games over hard work. Centuries later, the people began to build the casinos and amusement parks for which their world would later become famous, as the rest of the people in the AUU see it as a world where anything goes. During this time, the citizens of Terxellthum accused the people of Golsoy of sabotaging their monitoring systems and factories. After investigation by the USRA, it was found to be caused by a youth movement from Terxellthum called the Freemakers, who wanted to free their home planet from the opposite cultures and bring it to the customs of this world, but thanks to the USRA, differences were successfully settled. Due to the wealth of this planet, the entire Gorra System was an important part in financing many things in it with the permission of the AUU Currency Troupe. Golsoy had a democratic government with a Prime Minister, and while the planet had no major exports, it received imports including consumer goods, industrial goods, and food. This planet hosts a number of lavish casinos, which were marketed by holographic advertisements in the orbital traffic lanes of the entire system and beyond. The planet has 6 large oceans surrounded and covered entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:388d
  • Broy- A temperate planet which is filled with alien-like fauna and flora, has a sky that changes from red, orange, and yellow due to the many noble gases comprising it, and for it's many megalopolis cities that are all run by either three megacorporations. All of these megacorporations compete for control over the planet, and have gone into a corporate war with each other. They were intending for a traditional war, but then they developed a way to make the war work without causing chaos. So they put all of it's inhabitants into what's known as the Tangent Program, where everyone's interaction would be confined to virtual reality modules, yet be able to travel in a virtual simulation of their world while the outside world would be inhabited by all workers for the three megacorporations. People in the modules who start to work for the megacorporations are free to exit and live in the outside world, yet be bound by a specific set of rules in terms of service. As for the war, they have created a combat module called the Wartual Module, where they practice annual virtual wars where each megacorporation has competing squads of over 17 individuals each from six classes with unique megacorporation-brand weapons and temporary mutagen-based abilities. This method of war was among the most well-thought out and famous solutions to a deadly war in the history of the AUU, and each of these megacorporations have CEOs that are supported by the Grand Council. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:400d
  • Rezzen- A rainforest planet which has a surface covered mostly by water that goes almost knee-deep, has wet colorful flora in the form of tall trees, plants, land corals, and zooplantae. The wildlife is mostly introduced, there are very treacherous heights, weather is highly-active and consist mostly of rainstorms, there are gorgeous waterfalls and rivers, and the planet has an entire network of underground aquifers that are sparsely populated by worms, insects, and the many animals that feed on them. This is a world that was previously populated by a native society which worshipped an ancient family gem that powered their primitive electrical machines until a war formed about what to do with the gem. This war wiped them all out, and left the gem to fall apart. But it's energy remained as it forged millions of underground caverns rich in energy crystals called flamegems, which contain a lot of power, yet the power was unstable. Later on, a mining corporation rediscovered the flamegems, and intended to use them for a great purpose. However, their power brought a lot of opportunities for smugglers, criminals, crime lords, and even the Villains Act, which took over the mining corporation until their disbanding. Besides the flamegems, the world is also a good agricultural world which also trades crops and food through the AUU Currency Troupe. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:414d
  • Addak- A mountainous tundra planet which has large frozen wastelands, coniferous prehistoric-like plants, geothermal valleys, and is in the midst of an eternal ice age, and thus it had no seasonal weather changes, staying cold year-round. This was a planet that played well in many criminals, villains, crime lords, and smugglers to hide due to it's ice age and it's remoteness. Thus this world has over a hundred signs of criminal activity going on through the many towns located across the planet. A police force does well for defense, as they have set up over a hundred military bases and fortresses to defend from not just the criminal underworld, but also from other-worldly invasions such as those from the Interuniversal War, or on rare occasions the Villains Act. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 6 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:445d
  • Qroy- A mountainous taiga planet with colorful alien-like fauna and flora, ancient Yatoran monuments and lands, and a deep-blue sky due to it's actinium. It is known for being a world that believes that enhancement, genetic, cybernetic, or otherwise, is the way of the AUU Gods, and as such, all inhabitants of this world are artificially enhanced, and possess a wide range of Teadr 1-like technology derived from leftover Yatoran technology and their own Teadr 2 technology. As such, these beings consider themselves the finest world of artificial enhancement in the AUU. Though most of the planet's population is enhanced, they do allow other-worldly beings, such as the USRA races, to live here, and don't care if they have enhancements or not, as they know that everyone is allowed to be equal with or without such things. The world had formerly been in a kratocracy where only the strong and enhanced rule above the normal and weak, which was sometimes discriminated and segregated, or even had advanced wars with, until modernization lead to them declaring equality to all people, and later on, people started to see more in enhancements since the founding of their well-known religion of technology being the sacred words of the AUU Gods, but will still stick to having no enhancements at all, which is why they allow non-enhanced other-worldly beings to live on their planet. The planet has 3 large continents and a global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:486d

Oopsimo System

  • Coracoon- An ecumenopolis planet with a Teadr 1 global city that is all metal and is similar to Coruscant. This is a Yatoran planet that has actually been the 5th planet they colonized in their history in the year 1920 BC. The cities are large and stand over 80ft tall, it maintains a steady supply of plants, holograms and screens are common for display and a few other jobs, vehicles are autonomous, and the architecture is among the best ever seen in the AUU. The buildings are made of chrome, silver, or other precious metals which have holographic windows, a teleportation grid, subway stations, and bright neon lights. The planet has 4 underground levels where more civilizations can be found. It has 16 massive lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:228d
  • Ekfrillon- A forest planet with an inhabited moon called Ekfron. On the planet, Teadr 2 cities and civilizations with matching architecture to Coracoon's cities flow peacefully and have been fully relieved after their planet recovered from a Villains Act war long ago. The moon is a home for Globex facilities and military outposts that had served as one of Coracoon's Rebellion bases, and the planet was also protected by 4 orbital defense stations (ODSs) which are equipped with shield generators which they can cast around the planet, and mountain-sized planetary-defense lasers used to destroy enemy warships entering the planet's atmosphere. It has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:305d
  • Iscao- A soiled planet where a race of military Teadr 3 insects called Terbitons fought during the Interuniversal War, and have went up to Teadr 2 during the battles. But when they were wiped out by Gordon the Animal during the Villains Act, Iscao soon became the home for a few other sentient insects such as the Teadr 2 Atonts. The Atonts created their own cities underground to avoid bad issues with the other sentient insects that inhabit the bigger cities. The Teadr 3 cities are made of bronze metals and have green lights that illuminate the night like deep sea fish. They even have their own supply of plant life, underground tunnel systems, and some of it's activity occurs on the city's flying platforms. It has 3 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:554d

Anax System

  • Anax Minor- An ecumenopolis colony of the Xomns and the capital of all time lords floating inside a huge artificial sphere known as the Chroxosphere. Husks of futuristic cities exist on artificial tectonic plates, which constantly shift to connect different parts of the planet. The planet has 56 flying islands, 5,560 islands, a global ocean, and two intersecting large icy planetary rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 15hr:459d

Laavos System

  • Laavos- A very intense lava wasteland planet that has unstable volcanic activity. Despite this, it is the homeworld of many unsentient creatures capable of surviing around and even in this lava. The world is deemed an evolutionary marvel and a favorite for xenobiologists and researchers to study these creatures in action. However, the creatures possess unique and rare gems on their bodies considered 'more valuable than even rarium' and are targeted by poachers wanting to harvest these one-of-a-kind jewels. The creatures of Laavos suffered a great number of endangered creatures as a result, with 50% at risk of extinction. This lead to the USRA making this punishable by death, deterring many poachers from seeking out Laavos again, and those that still persist are swiftly captured and executed without trial. As harsh as this is, it is necessary to preserve the unique creatures. This practice paid off as nearly 90% of the creatures of Laavos returned to full force, while the other percent needs sentient intervention due to poor reproduction. The planet has 5 lava oceans surrounded entirely by unstable tectonic land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:353d

Phagos System

  • Lui Satamrus- A temperate alien-like planet which is distinguished for its purple sky which contains a small amount of nitrogen, it's alien-like animals, it's colorful flora, and it's many chrome God-like cities. These cities were said to belong to the AUU Gods before their banishment, and left their cities to be studied by the Yatorans. The world has technology beyond anything that Teadr 1 technology, and the Yatorans have studied this world for eons, hoping to understand it more. But even after eons, this world's technology still remains a mystery. Regardless, this world has it's own council of several Yatoran individuals called the Wai Guardians, which protect this world from greedy individuals with their gifted magical abilities. The planet has 7 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:346d
  • Pabulum- An enchanted food world which-literally has an environment consisting of giant foods that take the forms of trees, rocks, bushes, and so on. This world, ever since it's inhabitants had a problem with gluttony, had ended up leading to a rogue mage from Lui Satamrus who enchanted this world into being filled with massive foodstuff formations, which despite the implications that this would make more obese people, it's President has been forced to make laws to limit it. However, this world ended up making a fortune selling fast food to people. The planet has space traffic surrounding it with space advertising stations which-advertise everything on the planet. This world has a Teadr 2 society with holographic/screen propaganda. Even it's moon is literally made of cheese. The planet has 10 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:384d

Serason System

  • Ascilia- A very hot and dangerous barren planet that is similar to Mercury, but has craters filled with lava. The radiation on the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet rays have made colonizing this planet impossible, but the planet is mined for its richness in rare resources for the Voctharians. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type IV; DC: NE:98d
  • Beuhiri- A lava planet with very bizarre geological formations. This world is especially renowned for its lava being filled with molten zoobrainium. This molten zoobrainium has allowed its sentience-granting capabilities to spread and create silicon-based lifeforms, which take the form of biomechanical animals, which they Voctharians spend years studying. The planet has 268 lava oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 17hr:154d
  • Taili- A barren forest moon belonging to Beuhiri which serves as the Voctharians’ research colony for the planet itself and the capital of their biomechanical technology. Their studies on the silicon-based lifeforms on Beuhiri allowed them to reverse-engineer their own vehicles for civil use, among other possibilities. The moon has 687 crater oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 12d
  • Slion- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Pluetera- A barren temperate planet and the first colony of the Voctharian animals. This world is known for its primordial soup oceans that were synthesized with leftover zoobrainium, which the animals managed to tap into and use for experiments. There are also geothermal wastelands of many forms. This world has always been a hotspot for extremophilic lifeforms for a long time and this is thus where extremophile fuels are produced for the Voctharians. It also has many ancient Zoobrainian ruins that held great secrets from those who built them. The planet has 12 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:344d
  • Vocthar- A forest planet which suffered a disaster where nature itself overwhelmed them thanks to an unearthed hidden underground ecosystem. This ecosystem escaped and destroyed civilization, and the people were reduced to an underground society with a hundred settlements spread beneath the surface. But this hidden ecosystem also held a hidden zoobrainium shaft which allowed all the animals in it to become self-aware and take over. Thus the sentience and animals have to struggle with coexistence on this world, and yet some have managed to find peace. Though many sentient beings intended to reverse the takeover, they have failed in the regard since the zoobrainium had developed a mind of its own, becoming the sentient animals’ god Zoctar. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:387d
  • Qustis- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Fremanerth- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Bucheytune- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Bucha VIII- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Nobleoter- A forest jungle planet and a medieval Equestria-like world with sentient animals who were exposed to an underground zoobrainium shaft earlier than those on Vocthar. Though these animals were different due to their Teadr 6 civilizations and upon the Voctharians’ arrival they have struggled in mixed ways to coexist with each other. The Nobleoterians have had a rivalry with the Voctharians for a long time and they have been often jealous of them. However their magical capabilities put them on even grounds with them. The planet has 4 planets and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Wulea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Opara- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iesta- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Verm- A flesh-infested post-apocalyptic world which used to be a sentient civilization of USRA origin until the reawakening of a primordial ancient lifeform. Vrat-humanoid necromancers had the power to control flesh, disease, and genetics, allowing them to even use blood as a fuel for their power. Long ago, in prehistoric times, one lifeform dominated the world: the Vermitine, whic is essentially a mass of shapeshifting flesh and organic matter that grows stronger by feeding more flesh and organic matter to itself. It became the most powerful lifeform on the planet until it was wiped out by climate change, until the Vrat-humanoids, called the Sarcoids, brought it back eons later as a necromorphic form of control and power. They worship the original lifeform as a god of the same name, and they gave the world back to it in exchange for their own survival and ascension. This deal worked and it made Verm itself a forbidden world to many, and its borders are heavily guarded by the Voctharians. The planet has 10 continents and 6 blood oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC:
  • Mutallion- (AUU Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, TBC...)

Goyrus System

  • Goyrus Prime- A jungle planet noted for its high abundance of tall trees and it's purple-sky as the result of its small abundance of iodine. This is a Uonan planet where the villages are all found in the tops of trees, and all the inhabitants ride massive flying creatures. This world was only attacked once by the Villains Act to send the Uonans into slavery for the massive amounts of precious jewels on the planet's surface, yet it was only a primitive attack which the Uonans were more than capable of handling on their own. The planet has 4 continents and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:334d
  • Oalmon- A rainforest planet which was once a colonizing choice for the Naroudans, but they instead gave the planet to the Uonans. Thus all villages and cities are located above the ground in large treehouses. The planet has a massive amount of planet-life, and is also known for the never-ending tropical storm above the planet's global ocean, making the ocean too dangerous to be around and it's easy to drown when flying there. The storm doesn't have that much of an impact on the 5 small continents on the other side of the planet, though small rainstorms are prevalent, as well as small thunderstorms. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:389d
  • Marus- A wetland rainforest planet which has no moon, which means that the weather patterns are ranging and there are no seasons. This is a Uonan plant where all cities and villages are located inside the trees. The strong isolation of the canopy allows the Uonans to be shielded from the ranging weather, as if they were in a city that was indoors. The planet has several large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:451d
  • Iuss X- A forest moon belonging to a green gas giant called Iuss. The moon itself is very large, and can support a ton of life, and all the villages are found inside the tree canopies. This is a Uonan colony given to them by the Naroudans and formerly a colony of their choosing. This world is often known for its underground spice caves which-is mined by Thabes, and traded through the AUU Currency Troupe. The moon has 10 small oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 401d

Hydrowanwa System

  • Bovoi- An ocean planet with massive and complex coral reefs that make up part of the planet's Teadr 3 cities, yet only for small sentient fishes and others. The actual underwater cities are massive, glowing with light and the inhabitants are calm and have an intriguing religion of charisma and intelligence. The planet is part-aristocratic, and part-democratic, where part of the world is ruled by elite citizens, and another is ruled by the people. There are 2 presidents which-controlled each government. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:386d
  • Aqorica- An ocean planet with Japanese underwater Teadr 2 cities. Aquatic animals thrive in these bustling aqua streets, and an old Aqorican legend says that if you live here long enough, you can become semi-aquatic. The legend has been proven to be true many times, but scientists say that it's because the ocean is filled with an unstable and unidentified oxygen isotope called oxhydrane, commonly used in aquagens (medicines that grant aquatic respiration), that not only makes life flourish and grow sparsely, but it has an adverse effect on those who go swimming in the oceans for nearly 3 days. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:406d
  • Hydraino- An ocean planet with Teadr 3 cities hidden deep in the caves of the seafloor. Sentient aquatics remain hidden here to keep theirselves away from the ocean predators. It was known to have been the location of an Interuniversal War battle between 3 aquatic beings: Shnakkers, Anmaras, and Lamgans until the Legion of Dominant Races halted it. This planet has the most abundant life in the Hydrowanwa System, and the largest array of predators of any other ocean planet in the AUU. This planet has icy rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:479d; Capital City: Hydraide City
  • Bubboino- An ecumenopolis ocean planet where sentient and unsentient aquatic animals thrive. The Teadr 2 cities are made of very strong chrome and silver metals which comes in various colored neon lights. There are also small domed cities in the water for the air-breathers that visit, and these domes are all supported by underground air ducts which pump oxygen from the surface into the domes. Coral reefs make up part of the city's nature, and sometimes parts of the cities are in underground grottos and caves. The cities nearly reach the surface, and plants make up 50% of the planet's seafloor. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:503d
  • Glugania- An ocean planet where only one large island called Gloosia exists. The island is big enough to support many semi-aquatic creatures, and only one large Teadr 2 city is found on it called New Arrinslade. Most of the cities, however, are typically found in the sea, and have air pockets for air-breathing visitors. The underwater cities are tightly-built and have the same architecture as that of Bubboino. New Arrinslade is a city which is human in origin, and it is noted for it's large silver and firmly-built buildings with durable glass windows, holographic signs and propaganda, and roads that can often go across the air in curves and straight paths, as well as metro stations. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:553d

Ka-Kin-Mara-Solala System.

  • Sa-Larius- A beautiful but hiddenly dark world of a very interestingly both beautifully yet love-craftian mixture of science and magic is found. The system and the world it is in are blocked off by dark god-like magic designed to keep outsiders out to avoid intervention. On the surface world is a utopian animal society runed by The Ladies of Order and the realijustus influencers in The Monks of Generations, both these groups are strictly one genderal, living in a matriarchal society where the females are fighters while men take care of children and spread philosophy. However, they are in abit of a major feud with the Lovecraftian-Eqsed underworld of the once rulers of the planet, which go by many names, but are primarily named as The Ka-Kins, which in their language, translates to "The Under Clan", who live in an underworld that looks like your still on the surface, yet you are underground because this world serves as a gate between the AUU and a Lovecraftian-eqsed dimension that lives within the planet. These forces are at war with eachother because the animal settlers mistakenly tried to colonize the planet and aimed to make it the best city ever, but the Under Clan ruling Solalars, or mage-beasts, responded by sentencing the outsiders to be condemned to become beasts of their design. The colonists have diverted from their modern dreams and entered a holy war between them and the Under-Clan. The Mage-Beasts sometimes kidnap their children and turn them into wrest-bladed brawling creatures they use as pets and personal favorites to do serious damage to the Utopian side. A monk prophet predicted that a'such favorite of a mage-beast would rebel against its master and become the "Under-Rebeler" and bring the Mage-Beasts to their knees. Unfortunately, the Mage-Beasts have done well to prevent any such issue. This is based on the "Shadow of the Beast" video game.

Loasar System

  • Ogthimon- A semi-desert planet which is actually a magic world for its chemical valleys which produce several kinds of potion rivers and lakes derived from super-heavy elements. Some of these potions can have a minor but temporary effect on the wildlife, some being perfect for baths or spas. This world has thus become a perfect world for the Augurans to craft potions for advanced spells and alchemy. Most cities here exist in the tops of gargantuan trees so the Augurans could avoid predators that they have a hard time avoiding on the ground. Even the plant life of the planet have excellent ingredients to make efficient potions. The planet has 8 oceans surrounded by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:292d
  • Thrush- A temperate planet consisting of several wetlands and jungles, as well as a purple sky due to its small concentration of nitrogen. This is an Auguran colony which is noted for several villages, and for a few minor Teadr 1 monuments of Yatoran origin which originally mined for rich amounts of metals until they were all exhausted, leaving the mines abandoned and leaving them to be tunnel systems for the Augurans which were useful during the Interuniversal War and the Villains Act. The cities and villages are all based on either primitive or Teadr 1 technology. The planet has 7 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:329d
  • Gu- A temperate planet with flying islands that, instead of the usual magnetanium, it is actually levitated by massive quantities of loadstone, which interacts with the planet's strong magnetosphere to allow the flying islands to actually fly. This was a world where the Augurans started their own campaign of colonizing several worlds, allowing them to get several planets of their own. Though some planets ended up with war and disagreements that were settled, others were theirs for the taking. This world spawned several heroes in Auguran history, their descendants still fighting for their kind today. The planet has 5 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:345d
  • Augury

    Augury- A rainforest planet that was long inhabited by sentient animals who possessed a wide knowledge of magic, and was said to be the very place where magic originated, and spread influence across other magical worlds, and is the home planet of 4ft fairy-like insectoid beings called Augurans, the so-called guardians of magic and rumored to be the originators of it. It is also one of the few planets to house mythical creatures, and was once the first choice for the main HQ of the Mythical Creatures and Beings Unity, but when it was apparent that this planet would be the first choice, this planet was made a minor capital where it's Auguran superiors were found. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:375d
  • Euphony- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which has a few rainforest areas and flying islands levitated by-loadstone, and the sky is pink due to the small amount of deuteranium in the sky. This is an Auguran colony, and all the Teadr 1 monuments and cities were actually created by them through several advanced forms of alchemy spells that base structures and manifest them on other worlds. The flying islands also have a few monuments and carry several forms of Augury wildlife. The cities are also gigantic and can go at different heights through AFT structures and tall buildings. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:401d
  • Crux- A tropical planet with a blue sky consisting of a small amount of mercury, has a surface covered with 86% water, a few small islands that span the entire planet, and several flying islands levitated by magnetanium and loadstone. This is an Auguran planet where the inhabitants have learned to interact well with and communicate with sea life through alchemy and spells. This is also where they developed aquatic potions, and have built several resort cities and massive villages. Though some Augurans have developed a tribal lifestyle and live in the tropical jungles in primitive societies. The planet has 107 small islands surrounded entirely by-ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:438d
  • Pi Aeon- A large jungle planet which has a red sky due to its small amount of helium, and a massive amount of land reefs that were formerly underwater coral reefs until the global cooling left the water to freeze into glaciers and the corals have adapted to the land, despite a few wetlands and swampy marshes. This is an Auguran world where several megalopolis villages were built, and is a perfect training land for Auguran warriors. Though like Crux, there are several Auguran tribes, others being sentient animal tribes. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans and lakes, as well as an icy planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:474d
  • Thimi Sapphem- A taiga planet which is well-known for its crystal valleys, geothermal valleys, and rock and lava formations. There are a large amount of coniferous forests, and the temperature ranges due to the volcanic valleys and the distance from the sun, as well as a large amount of Ice-Age-like megafauna. The Augurans are barely able to survive outside this world in abandoned virtual catacombs beneath ancient Teadr 1 ruins, all of Yatoran origin, who abandoned the planet due to ancient seismic activity. The planet has 2 large continents and small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 35hr:498d

Verst-Morque System

  • Jesmaytis- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uogue- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uo Vene- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Caili- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ivicus- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Verl- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Morqog- (AUU Destiny) A red, orange, and brown gas giant that is known for having a heavenly-colored zoeosphere, and a lot of celestial entities, as well as an actual planetary surface that's easily handled due to artificial gravity nodes on the surface. The world has 5 artificially-created giant flying continents: Icmiria, Sensus, Gmerth, Cu, and Xars. Each of these continents are where temperate life flourished, and individual sentient animal colonies began to emerge. Long ago, the gas giant's former Jupitian inhabitants on the core created two singularities called the Lightryd and the Darkryd, who both exist as living moon-like celestial objects that act like omniscient and technologically-omnipotent eyes that created their own mortal races through the primordial substances of their world. The Lightryd created the Cais, Awokyds, Exons, Ihroguns, and Morens, while the Darkryd created the Archs, Shakkens, Neiis, Ryzgons, and Soncts, who both never knew about the other side of the world across the forbidden sector. Then 900 years ago, after their creators' disappearance, the two waged a terrible war over the power their own home possessed, and keeping their mortal creations on the zoeosphere out of it. Then the drawing point came when the Darkryds lost the battle, and due to the impossibility of agreement, were forced to merge and become one new celestial object called the Omnisphere, but this caused it to have a split personality and merged the light and dark sides together, causing their two Golden Ages to end and causing 'The Great Fall' and causing both sides to run into chaos as this was retaliation amongst the other personality of the Omnisphere. This made the light personality create the Guardians to defend its creations as the dark personality was convinced that it must destroy their creations via the Destroyers if they couldn't have it. Thus the battle against light vs. dark begun, and still continues to this very day. The Guardians and Destroyers are both at a Teadr 2 level, as the two are evenly matched in both technology, tactics, power, and versatility. However, the planet itself ends up suffering from this constant feud that BOTH sides are guilty of pushing because they are being as petty and pathetic as their creators. The planet has 5 flying continents, 5,918 flying island continents, and 1,580,120 flying islands. Moons: 37; DC: 48hr:730d
  • Rouble- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Eege- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:

Monn System

  • Cycleon- A vastly alien planet and former rogue planet with no sun since it's old one died out. Thus with a dysfunctional planetary cycle, the natives pulled in a new sun and carved an asteroid into a new moon, and literally have to pull the sun and moon around the planet to have a celestial cycle. Keep in mind that this is a magilo influenced world, so don't worry about logic concerns like them being able to do that stuff. The Celestial bodies are pulled by massive creatures, a sunstone golem for day, and a nocturnal gigantic beast for night. This world is based on the move Mune as well as it's native beings and fauna. The world however, is being contested by the USRA and UIS trying to get the world to side with one of them. The Day favors the USRA while the Night favors UIS, but the natives of the Cycleon maintain peace regardless, as to them, the whole USRA and UIS thing is just abunch of hype. The planet has 14 continents and 8 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:365d

Justous System (AUU Warframe)

  • Ition- A desert wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Yearlina- A desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oille- A lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Qec- A semi-temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Justion- A semi-ecumenopolis wasteland world that has large Teadr 2-like monuments and ruins, large amounts of colorful fauna and flora, large flying islands, mountains, and rock fields levitated by magnetanium, strong storms, a gray sky due to its small amount of metallic gases, it's large rock formations, it's bioluminescent scenery, it's geothermal/toxic valleys, and it's large war-torn graveyards. Eons ago, a Teadr 1 race called the Justoids did battle against a megacorporate opposition for possession of ancient Troyx technology that could revolutionize the AUU massively. However, the technology was under the stewardship of the Sentins and thus belonged to them. What came next was a hundred-year war for this technology that seemingly killed off the Justoids. However, a measly 260 individuals downloaded their consciousness into Troyx-based synthetic suits called Synthframe Suits, which gave them the abilities of the Troyx and allowing them unbelievable powers and skills. They remained in stasis for eons as their enemies claimed all they had protected and formed 4 factions across the entire system. Eventually, these new warriors will awake and take back their system and the technology that was left in their hands. They continue to fight against these factions to this very day. The planet has 17 continents, 5,060 islands, 8 oceans, and a large icy, rocky, and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Uchllo- A toxic junkyard planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Opherion- An ecumenopolis junkyard planet (Corple, A megacorporate semi-robotic plutocratic race with advanced robotics and laser technology, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Yonger- A robot graveyard wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Whurch- A toxic wasteland planet (Whurches, a race of hive-minded protest beings that infect and receive hosts and fought against the other races of the system for survival, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xooster- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Serion- A swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iycitzager- A dark-green gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Otgron- A stormy rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vyerion- A temperate jungle planet (Vyeers, A race of technocratic, militarized, and deteriorated human-like beings that are an aggressive warlike race that steal technology to better themselves, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tiesyra- A stormy tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Wersis- A mountainous temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ora- A robotic wasteland planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Bypherion- A junkyard planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Mayterra- A mountainous snowy planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eustion- A coniferous taiga planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Zyrion- An icy canyon planet (Sentins- An alien force of mechanical beings that fought of a Teadr 1 race called the Costyrs, returning on this planet, the last of their colonies, from a secluded and uncharted system after being driven back centuries ago, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Geyen System

  • Gevitox- A stormy terrestrial planet abandoned after climate-controlling satellites malfunctioned and released disaster-creating small pods all over the world turning it into a wasteland world plagued with destructive weather such as increasing huge tornadoes, colossal tsunamis, sudden release of fire whirls from the ground, fiery and scorching heat, scattering thunderstorms, dangerous falling of massive hailstones, and quickly happening polar vortices all over the world. The planet's terrain changes depending on the conditions of weather. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type II; DC: 29hr:456d

Yingocauckya System

  • Yegopodamia- A world that's essentially AUU Yugomatainia, which houses the mighty conquest race the Yingocauckyains which look relatively similar to Yogomatainians with AUU key diffs. Only this time, they are not held back by a ridiculous phobia to things sweet and nice and cute nor enjoy being disgusting slobs like the Yugomatainians. The Yingos are a monarchy lead race with a king and queen, and congure worlds in the name of their sovereignty and superiority. They deemed the USRA a challenge to their sovereignty and ignited the Yingocauckyaian War. They were a nightmare to held back, but an inspiring leader lead the push to put the race in their place for good. Embarrassed and wounded in pride, the Yingocauckyains swore vengeance. They joined with UIS to rebuild their forces and make them better than ever. To get further strength, the Yingos arranged a marriage between the royal prince Prince Farck Doung, with the Neightbering Galbatorix system with their princess, Princess Sindie, only this time, despite being AUU equivalents, Sindie is not a psychopath (But does hold harsh viewing to The USRA for preventing Galbatorixian expansion), and Farck is not an idiot and liked what he sees in Sindie. This created the now infamous Yingo-Trox Alliance and a strong supporter of UIS.

Galbatorixis System

  • Galbatoria- The Home of a Mixed-Species Race known as the Galbatorixians. Males are typically haired covered wolfmen while females resemble nearly like yellow Rabadons, only built more like amazons and have antennas and weird flame-swords. Like their neighbors, they have an air of superiority to them and deemed the USRA a challenge to their authority. Only unlike the Yingos, they didn't rush into war. Rather instead, the Galbatorixians are more observers and see in hindsight that fighting the USRA on your own is fruitless. While the Yingos did overwhelm the USRA, it was only by an overwhelming push that the war was won. That showed the Galbatorix that they need to act smart about dealing with the USRA threat to their superiority. And UIS and a marriage made alliance with the Yingos would lead to that direction. Both the Galbs and Yingos made a great indestructible space wall that blocks out USRA expansion to other now isolated systems.

Isolated Systems-1

Trinstice-Binicus System

  • Techridia- A giant alien terrestrial former ecumenopolis planet that is transformed into a world populated entirely by robots and organic machines. It was the home planet of the Teadr 1.5 bionic beings called the Techrids who abandoned it eons ago due to the massive climate change rendering the world a techno wasteland of Technyds, robot animals that were remnants of the Techrids' ancestral race, the Teadr 1 Troyx, making the world looks like a blend between the worlds of ReCore Far Eden, Horizon Zero Dawn, BIONICLE, and other robot-apocalyptic wastelands. This world has since had rare populations of Techrids among other bionic beings, robots, and cyborgs. However, the world has since came to be dominated by the robot pirates of Morlod that activated a bionic curse that turned them into skeletal immortal bots, basically leaving them to infest the subsequent systems and turn the isolated systems into systems of robotic piracy. Things haven't been the same ever since, and UIS, having an accidental hand in it, tries to keep especially quiet about this series of systems. The planet has a large supercontinent, 3 small continents, and 2 oceans. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 50hr:812d

Memzrenu System

  • Memulon- The planet with the ruins of what could've been UUF Gamma-1 Headquarters, but litterally on the bases' first day of existence, the base was raided by the Morlad pirates stupidly quick, and UUF members condemned to become bot pirates, with the commander, Commander F'igure Hied, being turned into a space ship figurehead by the pirates and encased in silver forever adorning a horrified expression. The bases now became treasure storage for the pirates.

Marag System

  • Qorder- (Guardians of the Galaxy Morag, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Morlad- A stormy ocean planet (Robot Pirate Capital, Ratchet and Clank Merdegraw, TBC...) Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:512d
  • Hartence- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Pirit System

  • Piradia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ooime System

  • Oolana- A swampy cloudy planet of strong weather, and it's swamps are overgrown with weeds and swampland, and home to hostile indigenous mutated swamp life mutated by very toxic servowaste from Morladian colonies. It's also a hiding spot for some non-Morladian space pirates. Legends spoke that an ancient pirate treasured Gem-Orb was placed on this planet that is said to be able to transport all forms of wealth and valuables into any location it resides under the command of any who uses it. In the wrong hands, it can bankrupt entire universes, and luck would have it that it is resting on a swamp planet in a set of systems plagued by robot pirates.  Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Maz'zama'azz'za System

Kinlorr'riom System

Toastsasom System

Khosteraos System

Nigferas System

Binarosos System

Hazzmoos-Moossass System

Xazz System

Azz'zho System

Mystatron System

Jinkoor'ruluzion System

Jilleraia System

Lila'liza System

Jikkka-Jikka System

Moooz-Mooz System

Bimbim-Bimbo System

Kaa'aazz'zzaa'axzkaz System

2. Boglana Sector

A secter founded by famed exploror of the Human race, Inkrust Boglana. It is purely a wild secter with little traces of sentient life baring tribals and the USRA owned planet and/or any civilised system. It is where brave souls come to seek out Junka, along with planets that have alot of history of war.

Lessa System

  • Juinkun- An Australian outback world which has a great significance in AUU God times. It has large billabongs, beautiful coral reefs, rainy weather and rainforests, large desert outbacks, and a massive array of wildlife and megafauna. According to unearthed ancient artifacts, this world once belonged to the AUU Gods that had the power of supernaturalism and magical crafts. Though they soon went into deep trouble in the form of dark spirits called the Juinkans, which the world itself was named after upon the discovery of the ancient artifacts. The Juinkans were powerful supernaturals that could adapt, grow, multiply, and use unlimited power. Thus it was believed that the AUU Gods battled the Juinkans during the AUU First Cartoonian War. It still remains a mystery as to what had happened to the Juinkan, as no evidence of their existence has been found. Following the AUU Gods' departure, they made this world into an ordinary outback planet following their victory over the Juinkans. The planet has 8 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:344d
  • Tellow- A temperate planet with colorful forests and wildlife, humid air, a sky comprised of mercury instead of xenon, and has previously been a world colonized by the Yatorans. This was once a Globex world which researched robotics, particularly android technology, specializing in mechanical transplantation and life-like robotics. Though during the Exo-Wars, Infernus saw this world as a grand opportunity, taking it over and using it's android technology for evil. Though when the Exo-Wars ended, these androids retired, and formed their own communities. They built large cities and they all still live even today due to their internal machinery making them immortal. Though some of the androids have been dismantled. Though these androids, being part-organic, still retain biological functions including the ability to give live birth. This lead to the world slowly gaining an organic population, and soon other non-androids were allowed to live here. The planet has 7 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:386d
  • Rusult- An ocean planet which is covered 92% with water. Ever since the glaciers melted completely thousands of years ago, this world has been one of survival of the fittest. This world lives under the protection of a navy force called the Naval Command, which lives in several branches across the many islands, and protects countries from piracy and attacks. Some time in it's history, people from Harbanisan came and started living here, and as a result, some have been naturally gifted with physical water travel, forming more fish-like qualities such as holes in the neck, flippered hands and feet, and little hair. These beings are called Seapients, which despite facing a bit of a prejudice, is still accepted in some countries that they are what give them hope of surviving in a waterworld. The planet has 5 small continents and over 589 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:394d

Vullen System

  • Vullision- A lava planet (Three Suns, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Wugo- A lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Kryllak- A semi-temperate lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Irraus- A desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Polgursia- A Bulgarian temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Junka System

  • Junka- A tribal planet filled with Head-Hunters, Cannibals, Sacrivicers, and other Outsider Hostile tribes. Junka is said to hold some of the greatest treasures in the AUU, from sacred golden artifacts, bejeweled crowns stolen from kings, even an untabbed Rarium hoard somewhere in the planet. The tribal beings consider outsiders to be prey to them, and wish to either use all of their victim's parts for food, tribal bling, or even to appease a predatory monstrosity they deemed a god and/or other sacrivical broo-ha-ha. Many treasure hunters tried to claim the wealth of Junka, but few ever come back and often with nothing but phsyical, emotional and mental scars of the primtive horrors at presence there. Back then, Junka was the planet many of these brave souls challnaged to earn it's wealth, but the death toll was bad enough that the USRA races have enforcers to guard around the system and prevent anymore from risking their lives against a deadly tribal world. However, a reckless few still come to the planet and thus it's natives still get to enjoy their primitive fun.

Surshur System

  • Keter- A semi-temperate lava desert canyon planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Veswora- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Okraine- A Ukrainian planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Clyrma- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet (AUU Invisible Inc, Corporatocracy, Private Intelligence Agencies, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Pesloytera- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Thozoruta- A temperate jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iearia- A rainforest swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Itssper System

  • Beter- A desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Oscomia- A junky wasteland lava planet which is known for containing vast mountains and valleys of garbage, has large lava oceans which are used as incineration pits, there are large rock formations, geothermal/toxic/lava valleys and large amounts of dull-colored plant life, fauna exists in the form of insects, the sky is either red or blue due to it's small amount of neon and mercury, and several towns and cities exist. The world started out as an uncharted world void of sentient inhabitants and was barely habitable, and thus the world became a dumping ground for junk all across the AUU. Later on, criminal activity formed on this planet, and civilians began to build a viable community with what little junk they had. They built slums, dried-up backwater towns, rare sights of sparsely-populated cities, and even a scavenging community which specializes in searching the junkyard wastelands for any precious resources, valuables, and other objects of interest that can be traded for a quick buck. The incineration stations are all run by Thabes, which have formed their own community on the planet, and bigger civilizations are populated by people of all races and sentient animals, which despite being partially civilized, also consist of bandits, junkers, pirates, criminals, crime lords, smugglers, and thieves. The communites have a sense of sanitation to them as they have built buildings with whatever metal they can weld and mold into walls, there is holographic/screen display and propaganda, red, orange, yellow, white, blue, and purple neon lighting, robotics and cybernetics, ground/air-based vehicles, metro stations, and the planet has developed fabrication technology where lasers can be used to synthesize anything desired including clean food, sanitary water, resources, and many others based on whatever they can scavenge, and use this technology to build their own homes or for other purposes such as healing and processing. The planet has 8 lava/water oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Mopria- A wasteland planet which is filled with small traces of plant life, wildlife has evolved to survive the treacherous post-apocalyptic wasteland, there are large Teadr 2 city ruins, junkyard valleys are scattered all over the planet, water is still plentiful, weather is much more intense in the form of powerful lightning storms, sandstorms, and acid rain, and the sky is covered partially by smoggy clouds. This was a former USRA planet which was abandoned and covered in heaps of garbage left over from decades of mass consumerism facilitated by the Yurun's popularly-specialized food-focused multinational megacorporation of C&C Consumers, founded by two Yurun brothers named the Cweeblezome Brothers, which built grocery stores, fabricators and synthesizers, cantinas and restaurants with holotables using board/card game interfaces, and had been so popular, it spread it's influence throughout the entire AUU and became the most popular food chain, originating from this very planet. However, as a result of the mass consumerism being threatening to their business, C&C evacuated Mopria's population in fully automated starliners and relocated them to other worlds, leaving behind trash compactor robots to clean the planet for eventual recolonizing. The plan failed, however, and all TC-Robot units were said to be inactive. However, they actually developed sentience, claiming the city ruins for themselves and forming a Teadr 2 community. Upon the disovery of this new community, the USRA declared that this world would be left to them as they wouldn't want to be disturbed, but they came and declared their full support, wishing them good luck. Since then, this world has been one where the TC-Robots have lived in peace and prosperity, and would still be remember by other-worldly beings as the birthplace of a popular food megacorporation. The planet has 8 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Ratrounus- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Seinus- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Waimia- A mountainous tundra planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Benhaben System

  • Retraixo- A desert planet where sentient and unsentient creatures live in the planet's two suns. It is so hot, water has to be farmed from the planet's moist crust. There are Teadr 4 cities and towns here that can usually be found underground. Because this planet has less plant life, there was no air on this planet when it was discovered, so in order for life to live here, artificial photosynthesis systems had to be installed to keep the atmosphere breathable. The Teadr 4 cities are all made of clay and supports by metal bars. This planet has little to no unsentient life besides the ones that were introduced to it. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:207d
  • Vantooine- Another desert planet where sentient and unsentient creatures live in a much less hot environment. It is far enough from the two suns that 20% of it's surface is covered with water. Salt flats are very common on this planet, and Teadr 4 cities are abundant to it. These Teadr 4 cities are much more firm than those on Retraixo, having much more stability and integrity. It has less artificial photosynthesis systems since plants do exist here, but only right near the lakes of the planet. It has 12 lakes, the largest being on the South Pole of the planet. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:373d
  • Gorthone- A steppe planet that is so far away from it's two suns, it has a normal temperature which matches that of Earth, as well as being covered 68% by water. Because it has more water, the planet has a larger biosphere, having a large abundance of plants and animals, and it has over a dozen Teadr 3 metropolitan cities here. This is the only planet in it's system that doesn't require artificial photosynthesis systems, and the Teadr 3 cities are not made of clay like the first two planets in it's system. They are made of strong metals that are either bronze or silver, and the lighting can range in color, and some parts are underground. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:401d; Capital City: Wos Warine
  • Ahbne- A steppe moon belonging to the red gas giant Ahbner. It has large bodies of water, and is the only place in the Benhaben System that is seasonally cool even with 2 suns. Jungles are common here, as well as Teadr 3 cities that are made of bronze metals and have large lighting systems. The streets have screen display, and had ground and air vehicles that are guided by flying screen signs, and it has glowing roads. It also has Globex facilities, which are responsible for creating the resources that the artificial photosynthesis systems of Retraixo and Vantooine require to work, and military outposts and bases that are meant to watch the artificial photosynthesis systems on Retraixo and Vantooine. It has 2 continents and 3 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 502d

Faytyr System

  • Thocury- An ecumenopolis planet which has a red sky due to it's small amount of neon and helium, and has large Teadr 1-like buildings, AFT platforms and monuments, and has a blend of other USRA race structures. This was an ecumenopolis built by the USRA as a world of their own significance, and has several national monuments and museums dedicated to their history, and the planet is populated by all their races as well as several sentient animals. The planet does sustain a fair amount of wildlife ecosystems, and the lower catacombs of the cities are filled with criminal syndicates. The planet has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:289d
  • Xeiter- An ecumenopolis planet which has a similar architecture and appearance to the cities of Thocury, except they are more of a Teadr 2-like structure and based more on other USRA races than by Teadr 1 technology, and the sky is deep-purple due to it's small concentration of nitrogen. This world is also one with USRA significance, also having national monuments and is populated by USRA races and sentient animals. The planet's wildlife ecosystems are much larger than on Thocury, and the planet has twice as much wildlife. The planet has 10 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:332d
  • Asphara- A terrestrial jungle planet which has a massive amount of colorful plants and wildlife, and there is daily rainfall due to the massive amounts of moisture in the air, and the sky is pink due to it's small concentration of deuterium. This is an Ohrugan colony which has several megalopolis cities, some being in the sky in AFTs, and there are several refineries for the planet's many resources that are traded across the AUU through the AUU Currency Troupe. This is a world that had suffered a few attacks during their wars with other races, particularly the Kraetans, and the Kraetans briefly controlled a small portion of the planet during the war until they were exiled off when it ended. The planet has 9 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:376d
  • Gasmooine- A stormy wasteland planet which is surrounded by large rock formations, lava fields, geothermal valleys, and large mesas and canyons. This was a world that used to belong to the USRA until climate change in the form of global warming has lead to a superstorm that forced the planet to evacuate, and left all civilizations in ruins, and the whole planet to be drenched by daily rainfall, storms, and jets of steam and lava. Visits to this planet are considered hazardous due to the dangers the storm poses, and some of the wildlife had evolved in isolation to kill any they see due to desperate instinct, including sentient beings. The planet has 8 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:428d

Abassca System

  • Glownum- A swampy planet filled with many toxic pits and hazards. This is a Xuron colony which is harvested for it's toxins which are very useful in military weaponry and various other uses. This planet was nearly abandoned due to the Byzankan-Xuron War, yet the planet was still strong enough to prosper, and it's cities took a few years to be rebuilt into it's former glory. The planet has a few oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:321d
  • Sterbim- A snowy ice planet and the capital of the Xuron Government's Department of Science and Technology. This planet is where the Xurons gained their technology throughout the years, and has faced several attacks during the Byzankan-Xuron War. This world would eventually get some Globex buildings established once it became a USRA world. This planet is covered mostly in frozen land and there are 3 small oceans. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 40d:664d

Corus System

  • Corus Prime- A rocky temperate quarter-ecumenopolis planet (Regular Sun, Kepler-452b, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 384hr:843d

Coager System

  • Crade- A desert plateau planet which is a Tiikon colony where several Globex facilities and fortresses can be found. The planet has a sustainable amount of plants and megafauna including dinosaurs from the Tiikons' home planet of Tik. This world is where several Tiikon military cybernetic experiments which helped them in their past wars. It even helped that this world had a few hidden Ehswan monuments. The planet has a large supercontinent and a global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:183d
  • Iusum- A mountainous swampy planet which is a city colony for the Tiikons. This world's cities can either be on the ground, or on AFTs. The world's skies are red as the result of the small amount of bromine in the sky, the plant life is extremely abundant, and the wildlife can range in size. This world is also mined for it's vast amount of astronium, which can also be found in the planet's rocky crystalline rings. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:356d
  • Xasler- A rainforest wetland planet which is extremely hot due to the geothermal valleys and land vents that send the planet to global warming. Though this means that sea levels have rose, the heat makes it a perfect world where the reptilian Tiikons, as cold-blooded creatures, can thrive in the heat. This world is mainly colonized for large megalopolis cities and military outposts. The planet has 12 continents surrounded by large oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:425d

Oumber-Goom System

  • Oumber Prime- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Goom Prime- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uymbry- (Uym Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Uymbol- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Scehelia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Outen Prime- (Outen Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Outa- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iedriter- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Xethey- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Atler Vume- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Royll- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Broven- (Brown Dwarf, TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Toge- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Iben- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Illey- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Quge- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Oae- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Reke- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Tornea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Bolem- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Qapray- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Lokstery- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Apnira System

  • Iarius- A desert planet which has several gorges, cliffs, mesas, and canyons, and a high abundance of plant and animals. Most of the planet's sky is covered with water vapor clouds that basically cover the whole sky, and thus makes several storms that do help the planet sprout with life. This was a military training colony for the Cunones until it was abandoned due to seismic activity that tore apart several cities, and left most civilization in ruins and several Cunones killed. Thus this world has never been touched again, and has only been a tourist attraction for the USRA races. The planet has 9 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:310d
  • Tesglice- A semi-temperate desert planet with several moist desert lands where plant and animal life is present, and the sky is indigo due to a small blend of actinium and argon. This is a Cunone world where several large megalopolises exist, as well as several places for agricultural business. Some megalopolises on this planet are even large enough to be seen in space. The planet has 7 large continents surrounding small oceans, and a large icy and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:22hr:332d
  • Veonus- A lava planet which has several large rock formations, and a small amount of plant life that have adapted into breathing methane instead of air as the result of the planet's climate change. This was once a world belonging to the Cunones which had an abundant amount of plant life, but then it was ravaged by a series of superplumes that wiped out almost every lifeform on the planet. Those that survived were able to get used to the acrid methane and actually adapt to breathing it. As for the Cunones, following the deaths of hundreds of them, they were forced to evacuate the entire planet, leaving it barren and nearly void of life. The atmosphere was acrid and poisonous to any except the life that have adapted to breathing in it, and there is nothing but lava, water, tainted plants, and ruins of old Cunone cities. The planet has 7 small oceans surrounded entirely by scorched land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 24hr:379d
  • Mico- A quarter-ecumenopolis temperate planet which has several ranging environments to support all forms of wildlife. An ecumenopolis covers over 25% of the planet, and the architecture is similar to Spanish society. This is a world belonging to sentient animals, and the ecumenopolis is all built by them basing it from Cunone architecture. The planet has 6 large continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:418d
  • Tacassa- A red-and-orange gas giant which has a giant space structure of Ehswan origin called the Corona that takes up the gas giant's large icy, rocky, and dusty planetary ring. The Corona is inhabitable due to a ring-spanning invisible force field which keeps in breathable oxygen produced by the plant life on both of the Corona's terrestrial surface on the top and bottom, whereas artificial gravity allows for walking on both surfaces. The inside of the Corona is comprised of inner structures and ranged-gravity cities which support life that inhabits it. Following the destruction of the Ehswan, the Yatorans had thought the Corona was destroyed. But when the Cunones colonized this system, they inhabited the Corona and have made it a perfect place for research and agriculture. The Yatorans then made this world a USRA colony where all USRA races populate. Moons: None

Zerpentus System

  • Zerpentus Prime- The homeworld of the Anacondans-like Serpents known as the Zerpentsins. Though not offictally with UIS, they are a UIS leaning race of scrap scavingers that had been known to collect USRA trash and scrap metal, being that the Zerpentsins are well adapted scavingers by trade, and would even accept contriband tec from controverseal races to even left overs of defeated VA tec. They often sell the scraps to UIS at prices of their choice depending on how troublesome and/or risky collecting the pieces were, or sometimes just because the particular Zerpentsin is a greedy fucker. But for the most part for higher ranking UIS members, and/or certain people they liked, they can give generious "enough" discounts to 30% off, occationally 40% depending on who's doing business. Often the Zerpentsins are UIS' relieable force of collecting leftover scraps of interest so UIS can get a chance to have a better look at them and study such things so they can learn how to replicate their own, or even learn it's weaknesses to trounce it. The Zerpentsins are also talented recyclers, turning scrap and trash that didn't get sold off to buyers into their own tec, which helps to make their scavinging more effictent. The Zerpentsins are old rivals of the Yuruns, cause in the days that were pre-Vexxomite War, the Zerpentsins once attempted to turn the Yuruns into slave labor to make their scavinging even easier due to mistaking the Yuruns as a weak and phathic race, but the Yuruns proved unexpectedly resilient and fought them off, rendering the Zerpentsins to be extremely embarrised of the wound they gotten from them, which lead to Zerpentsins sometimes helping out Naaar Slaughterhouses as acts of revenge sometimes, even having allowed Naaars to build Yurun Slaughterhouses in their planet, thus rendering their planet to be a UIS/USRA contested system ever since cause of this.

Miguerl System

  • Clecezuno- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Kobikera- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glone Vi- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Viva- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Creijim Qrex- A Mars-like planet (Creijud Home Planet, Teadr 2 Avengers Chitauri-Like Beings, Vertical and Horizontal Planetary Rings, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC:
  • Crejer- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Tesceron- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ogloeruta- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Greelea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Noater- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Astaonope- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Scesa Ita- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Ghjokala System

  • Hoikoimak- A private UIS science planet where UIS enemies are taken to be exspearimented by many UIS exspeariment concepts designed to better understand the biology of outside forces, but also to see if the unwilling test subjects can be sciencetificly converted to cease being pro-USRA. Because the system is in UIS juristiction, there's little the USRA races or the Grand Council can seriously do to the place to stop these exspeariments.

Klee System

  • Kleealaka- Home of A Teadr 4 race of bat-eared Kangaroos with wings capable of long distence glide known as the Kleeala, are known to be VERY stern supporters of UIS in fearing the enprouching rampidt colonialisum of the USRA and fear for universeal independence being replaced by dependence at risk of war from disbansion. As such, when proven right, the Kleeala had no choice but to join UIS to halt USRA expandsion and encourage universeal independence. The Kleeala don't believe in fighting or conflict, but they use great magic to block out ships from expanding beyond the Klee system into now isolated worlds. The Kleeala are otherwise friendly folk, but they garnered an extreme distrust to outsider expansion beyond native systems and fear vast enfluence that get ripe for abuse, hence their presience in UIS.

Isolated Systems-2

Raxn-Treetus System

  • Qreilin- The would've been base of UUF Gamma-2 Headquarters. It became a quick vicitm of the Yucc before the base was even remotely acknowledged by UIS. Thus, cause of the Yucc situation, UUF tec and bases were left abandoned and consumed by nature due to severe risk factors. The would've been commander of the place also fell into obscurity, to the point that UIS didn't bother listing his name cause he was likely a victim of the Yucc at this point.

Wakka Wakka System

Wakkos Waooks System

Wa-ho Whoaow System

Kallo Kallay System

Ta-To-Ta System

Mosssasspasmas System

Infectus System

  • Planet Qurrenteen- The Homeworld and ground zero of the infected isolated systems now infested by a parasitic zombie-spieces of mollisk/chinderians known as The Yucc. The neightbering systems tried to turn the creatures into their controled commodity, but it failed and allowed them to infect and spread. UIS considered this system to espeically be remained closed off from the grand universeal community to prevent the parasites from spreading, and to prevent them from becoming the next bruud.

Subbis System (Subistrons)

  • Subbis Max- A soiled rocky planet with bizarre magical powers and a biota infested with Yucc, as the native race, the Teadr 3.5 Subistrons are the one race in the ruined system to successfully survive against the Yucc. (TBC...)

Drombex System

  • Drombex IV- A wasteland planet filled with tech witches and very ravenous biodrones of their origin as an intended defense against the Yucc but the planet was still ruined and the drones became feral, yet still serve the tech witches who have come to take over the planet and have defended their own community against the Yucc. (TBC...)

3. Eschose Sector

The Eschose secter, founded by the Jokedon, Dr. H. Eschose This, is the home secter of the Jokedons, the Aufones, Qaclite, The Controversal Ugoldest, and the conflicted Nabb. This is actselly the closest Gamma actselly has to an orderly secter, barring noteworthy intences of situations though.

Sujja System

  • Sujimus- A temperate planet with ranged environments and is famed for it's Japanese-style architecture, government, and cities, and for it's main inhabitants being human-like anthropomorphic beings called the Suji, which have an appearance based upon kemonomimi. These magical beings, originating as the result of ancient genetic-based alchemy event called the Sujimining, had given these beings animal-like personalities and abilities. They are a care-free race which can be bold enough to fight for themselves if they need to, having many wars with each other and other races in the past. They have a vast amount of magical capabilities, and most of their lands are enchanted, cursed, or given other magical qualities. The technology Teadr can range on this planet depending upon the country. The planet has 7 continents, over 798 islands, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:376d
  • Hingar- A Hungarian temperate planet which has a expansive amount of megafauna, red plants that include trees and grass, a moderately-gray sky as the result of it's small amount of metallic gases, and for it's rich amounts of geothermal landscapes and gemstones. This is a Hungarian-like world with a parliamentary republic where a Prime Minister is elected by the parliament, and it has similar culture and architecture to Hungary. The gemstones found in the geothermal valleys are not used for currency, but also traded through the AUU Currency Troupe in exchange for goods. The planet has 14 small continents and 9 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:396d
  • Jokalivia- A planet of non-stop hilarity and pranks that is home to netouriously humorious race of Trodon-like creatures known as the Jokedons, earning the planet the fame of names like "The Planet of Jokes", and The Joke Planet. In contrast to what most expect, pranks are not just for the sake of amusement, but a way to express how much they would love eachother and others. They even show they love their planet by giving it the most craziest alternate changes akin to that of the planet changing tools from spore, from changing the color of their grass and plants, to making wacky rock formations that vary on sytile and nature. They're in a way guilty for misdemeanors for things like "Crop-circles" on less advance planets and staging "Alien Aductions" by playing sci-fi pranks on the abductie as a sign of friendship, but natroly, their intentions are misunderstood and Jokalivia does end up getting into trouble time to time. Some pranks even ended up endangering them. One prank angered the Bullarns that risked the planet's destruction when they turned their moon into actual cheese, ruining the grace of the Bullarn's moon, and condemning them to the smell of "Good Cheese", not helping is that the change is irreverseable to even Bullarn tec, where they were lucky the main races kept the Bullarns from destroying them through promise of fixing what was done. Another Prank upsetted the Pharcums by having a Pharcum lord being tricked to wear a new piece of armor that had a "Kick me, I morn for my parents" sign on it in an attempt to make Pharcums more remorseful for their dead, but it ended up causing the Pharcum war instead, of which could've endangered their planet. Another was even on the VA itself as an attempt to get the VA to reconsider their actions by pranking one of their best generals, General Gull A. Bleand, to make a direct and costly invadtion to a well armed USRA planet and ended up losing un-surprisingly and was arrested as a result. This lead to the VA declaring a war on Jokalivia for misleading a valuable general to his capture AND for a prank, but fortunately, this was declaired a day before their disbansioned, and the attack on Jokalivia was prevented before it can even be acknowledged. This lead to the Grand Council and the Legion from since then to keep an incredablity strict eye on Jokalivia, for not just to keep the AUU from continiously exspeariencing pranks, but because their incredable planet altering tec and the fact they can turn moons into foodstuff is almost on boarderline Teadr 1, and they wish to find a way to ease down the Jokedon's love for pranks to make them proper USRA race material.
  • Siepox- A temperate planet which has been known to have been a USRA planet ever since it's beginnings. The setting is often comprised of geothermal valleys, massive deserts, lava and rock formations, rainforests, a sky that can often be red, orange, or yellow due to it's small amounts of neon and sodium which go through small chemical reactions which, despite changing the pigment of the sky, doesn't have any other effect on the atmosphere itself. The cities are massive, and are made of either silver, chrome, or obsidian-colored durable metals, and the primary population of this planet is mostly consisting of hybrid beings that are the result of cross-breeding with different races which, due to a balanced amount of prejudice and oppression, have been given a special program by the USRA which supports and makes them often appreciated and help them inspire peace to those who hate hybrids. This world was chosen to be the Hybrid Capital of the AUU because it was the birthplace of the Hybrid Analysis and Identification-Device (dubbed HAI-Device), a device that became popularized for scanning the genetic blueprints of a hybrid to see what abilities it has or will have upon maturity. This world has since been declared a world specifically for hybrid beings, and thus the world was left to them. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:416d
  • Gavahameus- A dark-blue gas giant which, despite being dark in appearance, still has mornings from it's planetary sun. This gas giant has a habitable zone with over 78 continent-sized AFTs of Sujimusian origin. These AFTs, called Artificial Flying Continents (AFCs), a rare type of AFT, are noted for being habitable on it's surface, and underneath in it's many catacombs. On these AFCs, the Sujimusians have built cities and communities with a similar government and society to their home planet. They live in high-tech kingdoms, and have learned how to wield magic and science as well as they did on their home planet. They seem to have gained this AFC technology from reverse-engineered Yatoran AFT technology, and have made other large monuments with it besides AFCs. They've created large Teadr-1-like structures, and flying mountains, or just added regular AFTs. This gas giant has 2 icy and rocky planetary rings going vertically and horizontally across it. Moons: 56

Aggous System

  • Dogolt- A semi-temperate desert lava planet (Crime Lords, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Wiri- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Soclite- A partial-wasteland planet which has small amounts of fauna and flora, a white-blue sky due to it's small amounts of krypton, large rock formations, mountains, and old city ruins. In the eyes of some, this world is a dystopia, as the planet was so polluted by factories that little of it remains habitable. To solve international economic crises, all nations have combined into a single entity, the Soclitan Unity Government. The government, in order to redeem their mistakes of over-trusting outmoded corperations and to eventually be able to restore their once clean planet, while preventing themselves from being prosecuted by too angery civilians to listen to reason for the pollution they ended up encouraging because of being a world that highly over-values gas and oil (Which serves as a primo arguement against Oil and Gas in AUU Modern uses by Eroxxon), they create virtual catacombs which are under constant surveillance and always keeps track of people, wiping their memories through surveillance drones posing as their service drones, and always tell the populace that what are actually dangerously toxic regions are wildlife preserves, while keeping the populace inside the virtual cities safe using atmospheric conversion centres, which treat the poisoned air, rendering it breathable. These practices may be extreme, but if the alternative is a raged fueled riot and/or rebelion that leads to the goverment's downfall and eventually the destruction of civilisation and any hope to restore the planet, it isn't exactly right to deem them "Tyrants", rather they're too afraid of the people being too upset about their mistakes to listen to reason and only lead to more harm then good. While it shows that they can't trust their people to have a sense of loyalty, given the circumstances, they're not exactly wrong about it. The surface entrances and exits are restricted by law and protected by DNAR fields, motion-sensing shielded turrets on every corner, and ultraintelligent soldier drones. They also founded a police force consisting of soldier drones of a lower model in order to quell the start of a hindsightly fruitless rebelion, some including powerful criminal syndicates that know about what the goverment is doing and want to cause it's downfall to take over themselves and argueably only serve to be worse then a goverment with a poor sense of trust to the public because these criminals may not always have the people's best interests in mind as they just want the shot of free power and/or to cause a new lawless world. To be counter this, the SUG itself has been working on a special biological implant called Biopreservers, which could be implanted into the body and replace damaged tissue and organs as the host body experienced harm, eventually resulting in the host becoming exceptionally strong and resilient, even in a poisonous atmosphere. Even though one would unenlightenly think a goverment with this much power would have higher risk of undesireable leader corruption, but thankfully, the SUG founders did had this hindsight and made sure every future leader and polotision is implanted with a brain switch designed to have an emergency shutdown activated by the main leaders command should corruption be noticeable or proven, thus leading to the offender being shut down like a robot to be reprogrammed to play by the rules. It is even useful against those that are too ashamed then nessersary of what the goverments of old did to the planet and try to expose the truth and risk an unproductive rebelion. While it's not hard to find the SUG's actions distasteful, it's also not hard to see why they are made to do this. The goverment has entered a age were it is full-on surviveal mode, even if it means adopting unpleasent extremes, just to ensure their civiliation isn't ruined by their past mistakes, and outsider criminals attempting to take advantage of the issue, often for self-furfilling goals and not really actselly caring for the people. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Gyndora- A mountainous temperate lava planet (Crime Lords, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • XV-Zero-1-9- A planet that doesn't even have a proper name yet that suffered the worse crime outbreak ever. It was once a humble mining planet until the goverment got too careless and replaced all miners with a Sub-Omnican line that were more efficent and cost cheaply to make and require no income being robots. As a result, alot of the money is spent on upgrading the towns into metroprotolioises while money that isn't spent is held up in private banks. As for the citizens left in the dust by a goverment that forgotten to have impourence with the people, the populus turned to crime as a way of life, even corrupting some of the Sub-Omnis into it. Thus created a hasordious way of life ever since..... Or would be if Digi-Reserections weren't rediculiously cheap and easy to come into criminal procession. This is an AUU Lawbreakers Game world, but given some original twist.
  • Omether- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Loylia- A semi-ecumenopolis wasteland planet noted for it's mechanical and metropolitan graveyards, it's dull-colored plants, it's passive-aggressive wildlife, it's purple sky due to it's small amounts of argon, it's dense forests and wet jungles, it's active weather, and for it's large mountains and rock formations. The world is post-apocalyptic as the result of a catastropic plot by terrorists that caused a portion of the planet's moon to impact it's surface, destroying much of civilization, including the OmniNet. Fortunately, these extremeists did not go unpunished, but the damage was still done. Much of the planet was lost without it, and communication was difficult. Then the planet's prime science corporations wanted to rebuild the lost civilization into corporatocracies of their own, and thus they established new data networks that are a new form of communication, connected through personal cybernetic implants that allow them to see media, broadcasting, information, and others from their brains. The corporations rely on the individuals who are able to courier data using these implants, as they hope that their influence will give them all the resources and profit they need to build their new communities. They provide suppliments and support for their people, and in exchange, they use their products and give them profit and support back. So far, the corporations have built many civilizations that all use their particular technology. They still do this corporate competition to this very day. All the while, these corperations have also aimed to rebuild the planet itself, make the parts that weren't destroyed much more durable, and flat out banned terrorisum. The original aim of the extremeist attack was simply to have the Omninet destroyed in order to bring back the outmoded AUU internet, but because connections became too shity for even that, the extremeist faction, Net-Regressers, did too good of a job and yet also failed their mission and made the world connectionless instead. The then-goverment of Loyia did well to punish these self-surrendering group who admited defeat in realising that they only did more harm then good. Thus, all they did was replace the Omninet with an even more effictent system, and still left the Internet relitively outmoded. The only reason why Omninet hasn't been replaced by the new method is because the method of accessing cyberspace through your brain is deemed rather controverseal, untested, and risky, even if terrorisum is banned. Concerned critics and/or tec exberts warned that if a group even more extreme then the Net-Regressers, only more well-hindsighted and more calulated, if they really wanted to, they could release a computer virus that can control, harm, or even kill people, or even give them malware that'll always make them aware of their presence and see the atrosities unfolded by them, siting that, even with a ban, Loyia is no more safer from extremeists then they were post the rise of this new tecno age. Fortunately, the corperates acknowledge these concerns and take them seriously enough to send out patches and software updates to make the people extremeist proof, but could these pro-cautions be absolute, or just delaying a horrorable ineditability? The planet has 6 large oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Ierphamy- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Cygri System

  • Cygri A- A near-ocean sub-tropical temperate humid planet (Red Dwarf, Kepler-1229b, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 68hr:826d

Marzse System

  • Ziten- A red humid stormy desert planet with powerful storms but tranquil mornings, barren treacherous desert landscapes, large cities with metro train complexes, advanced elemental sewers, alien biota that's actually composed of hiveminded microbes and viruses, and a red sky filled with small amounts of neon. Storms raged across the surface of the planet since the introduction of water backfired and triggered unstable storms. A virus known as WAKE is the native intelligence that not only creates fauna for the planet like rollbugs and bloodbeasts, but also infects other fauna, turning them into walkers or crawlers. Although terraforming was well under way, the alignment of the planet's northern winter solstice with the planet's closest approach to the star still triggers global dust storms, worsened by the water introduced to it, sometimes lasting up to several weeks. During an exceptionally violent storm, the colonies of the planet lost all contact with it's capital, as it had insurgent rebellions that despised the corporate government's faulty new society ages and accidentally released the long-dormant WAKE virus onto the capital. Soldiers in service of the corporate government, elite marine troops, were sent to find out what happened to the colony, and ended up helping them quell the virus and alter it into being non-parasitic, at the same time revolutionizing the faulty government. The planet has 88 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:374d
  • Lars- A humid red desert planet where water has become the most precious resource with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control. But this war is dwindling available water causing Lartian raiders to attack moisture farms with stolen tech including their great Technomancers. The planet has a small rocky planetary rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:514d

North QXYZ System

  • Croaak

    Croaak- The home planet of a Corperate dominated Coraaks. In a socity with an ecomamy dependent of slavery, the Coraaks enslaved many anfibians they can get their mits on, even the Aufones. They had a stronger tec level so it was never much of an issue for conquest. However, the Aufone Revolution would happen and caused the other anfibian slaves to revolt against the Coraaks. The revolution ended with the Coraaks losing their slave system. However, they succeeded in regaining many of their former slaves under a stronger leadership, but the Aufones got lucky by joining the USRA which would protect them from the Coraaks grip. However, it would not just be the end of it here and there so easily, espeically when a union of USRA critics/bitter rivals would come to get involved.
  • Minribbit- An impourent mining facility of the Coraaks where slaves are sent to mine for it's near-endless abundence of reshorces, from precious stones to things that can benifit the Coraaks in other ways, from things that can be used to enhance weaponry and other equitment, to things that can benifit them and UIS as a whole. Ever since the "Aufone Revolution", security to keep more revolts from happening have been strentghen exbenationally. The Coraaks are believers that "If a mistake happens, make sure it can't be repeated", and the results speak for themselves.
  • Toadation- The planet that is the desitnated place for their slavery places, or, as they would rather coin it as, "Govermentally Desinated Life-Careers", or "GDLCs" as they are called. To the Coraaks, Slavery is too strong of a word for them to use, and too "Outsider perspective" for such. This planet is considered a nightmare for recaptured anfibian slaves of he Coraaks, espeically to Aufones, even more so if your a rouge colonist about to get commupence of trying to go after the planets of South QXYZ.
  • Froggus- A Coraak funded millaterry post planet designed to protect North QXYZ from likely retailiations from extreme enough Freed Aufones, or to keep slaves from escaping. Since Coraaks are rarely capable of actual fighting, this planet often hosts slaves being turned and augumented to become fighters for them, along side UIS soldiers for added protection.
  • Salamandor- A hold planet for slaves to be place in if they are immeasurely too disobedient for labor. The planet has no buildings or structure but person sized boxes that are left out in the open with little monitering as the disobedient are made to endure being exposed to extreme weather conditions of the planet while watchers are luxerised and protected. The treatment is designed to break spirits and "condition" the would-be slaves to not be able to be a spark of another revolution.

(Coraak colonies Coming soon.)

Crasarc System

  • Nowabia- A planet containing large gorges and grasslands. This means that the planet is mostly populated by flying sentience. Teadr 4 cities with flying vehicles, large metal buildings with glass windows, and flying platforms can be found near the cliff sides of this planet, most of them being on AFTs. This is where Globex facilities work on tech flight to allow USRA beings to fly. This is where the Teadr 2-level GravWing-10 Wing Pack was created, using anti-gravity thrusters and arm-worn wings to allow steering. This has improved air combat at an extraordinary rate, and also serves as the planet's main method of transportation, requiring a license and a year of training to use. This planet has 5 continents, 4 oceans, and dust, ice, rock, and crystal rings similar to the ones on Saturn. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:385d
  • Aufonola

    Aufonola- A large wetland planet that has massive Teadr 4 civilizations with Indian-like architecture, and water covering almost every part of land, depths ranging from 1ft to 9ft. The planet is ruled by a race of Teadr 4 salamander-like beings called Aufones, which are capable of living underwater or on land, live in an agricultural society, and are part of the Legion of Dominant Races and formerly the USRA. The race has provided the other races with diplomatic and agricultural advancements such as nearly-impossible underwater farming. The planet has 5 continents, and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:412d; Capital City: Sprice City
  • Nabb- An ocean planet which had only 5 islands. While the islands were inhabited by the Aufones and filled with grand cities that have the same usual architecture that the Aufones adapted, the oceans were inhabited by the planet's main race, Teadr 3 fish beings called Nabbans, which had a 3-year war against the Aufones since they considered the islands holy lands. They eventually settled this dispute through a peace treaty, though this probably didn't end the war altogether. The seas are filled with glowing coral reefs, and there are also reefs on the islands, filled with land-adapted corals and other sea fauna. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:400d

South QXYZ System

  • Sailboondocks

    Sailboondocks- The first planet owned by the southern minded Sailnecks, a terratorical paradoxical advanced race that lay claim to the many currently unclaimed planets as their property with the excuse that "We just haven't got to them yet", implying laziness to lay claim to terratory as quickly as they knew of it. The Aufones once aimed to claim these planets of invaluable reshorces in figuring the Sailnecks were not smart enough to notice. But they were proven wrong with the Sailnecks did notice their attempts and fought with them. But when the USRA came in to help the Aufone colonies, the Sailnecks were overwealmed and could've effectively lose there birthright system, until the UIS came to save the day and helped the Sailnecks FORCE the USRA and the Aufone colonies out, with little care to that those colonests became homeless now and only insisted that they were only protecting their property. As a result, the Sailnecks swore undying loyalty to the UIS, and with UIS help, they went to work to lay more claim to the south system's planets.
  • Un-named Rarium Planet VBN-O932- A rarium planet that didn't even get an offictal name other then a desinated unclaimed planet with a fancy code name because this was the first site of when the Sailnecks declaired their war. At first it seemed to be in the USRA's favor, but then UIS arrived and sent everything downhill. This planet is predomenantly the reason why rouge colony attempts in the Aufone community exist, so under UIS suggestion, Sailneck patrols are placed around and in the place to catch them and sent them to the Coraaks.
  • Un-named Cryptospirene Planet VBN-001X- An un-named Cryptospirene planet that ended up proving that the supposedly Yateron unigte reshorce can be found somewhere else outside of the Alpha Universe, if though currently as of now the other OTHER place. When the Sailneck War happened and then turn for the worse when UIS came to aide the Sailnecks, this planet was quickly abandoned before an attack can happen because the reshorce, when compaired to others, isn't nessersarly that worth it. Rouge Aufone colonists RARELY show up for this planet for that reason.
  • Un-named Magnetanium Planet VBN-209Z- An un-named Magnetanium planet that was also quickly abandoned due to the reshorce not valuable enough to be worth dying in an ineditable attack. The planet is also rarely touched apawn by rouge colonists.
  • Un-Named Prismum Planet VBN-002I- an un-named planet filled with Prismum. A majority of colonists ditched the planet before an ineditable attack since the planet's reshorce isn't typically that valuable, but Prismum lovers chose to stay and fight for the planet and were quickly took down by the Sailneck reclaimers, but not without fighting valiently. Their sacrivice didn't went un-noticed and inspired later planets to bare much more backbone.
  • Un-named Auroris Planet VBN-K89- An Auroris filled volcano planet that was the first of the Aufone colonies that attempted to fight back against the Sailneck and UIS attempt to boot them out. It no longer became being about the gems, whether they were of great worth or not, it was about their right to stay and not be subugated to be treated like intruders to those that have no legal ownership and dare claim to have such, just because their planet is in the same system as these planets. This was where the Sailneck and UIS advance was slowed down due to Aufones becoming more willing to fight for their right to claim, and though admirable, UIS simply had a better stragity around the colonies numbers and slowly but surely, all resistence proved fruitless. But the attempt to fight back still inspired the Aufones to fight for their colonies and to push harder, creating the phrase: "Remember Planet K89!"
  • Un-named Scintillum Planet VBN-K1SS- An Scintillum filled planet where the USRA began to back Aufone resisters to the Sailnecks' Attempts to rollback Aufone enfluence at the start of the Sailneck war. Ever since the start, USRA millaterry forces began to established bases to defend the higher price planets from Sailneck attacks. Course, this was back when it was only the Sailnecks. With UIS, the Sailnecks became a more serious threat. As such, the historic event, "The Invadtion of K1SS", was a reknown painful event for USRA confidence because USRA soldiers were over-wealmed by UIS aide and empowered Sailnecks. Bravely as they fought, defeat and the planet being de-Aufoned became ineditable, and made the Sailneck War a much more serious topic then it should've been.
  • "New Goaeclite"- A USRA primary base planet and another mining planet filled with Lumoglite. The Invadtion of K1SS and the ineditable annexing became a brass general uproar! The generals ordered for their troops to become more stronger and more efficent against the now seriously taken Sailnecks and the UIS allies. When it was made known that "New Goaeclite" was next, however, soldiers that are less brave about the situation started to become anxious about UIS's power, sometimes leading to some of them to desert the forces and get away from the ineditable downfall. Deserters that got caught or were intervined against were punished harshly. So, this was perfect for a more clever approuch by UIS, since "New Goaeclite" had a much stronger force. UIS spies to bribe the least loyal soldiers freedom and protection against USRA retailiation in return to expose the greatest weaknesses of the USRA's defences and stragities. Thus, in wanting to avoid the ineditable, the less loyal soldiers did so with little regret other then buyers remorse and self-louthing, but UIS was honorable enough to take the info reveilers out of the System and into isloated lives in UIS controled systems to start anew. As such, the plan paid off, and any who stayed loyal were quickly met with overwealming force and humiliating defeat dealt with by UIS and the Sailnecks. It would be forever dubbed as "The Downfall of New Goaeclite".
  • Un-named Glonium Planet VBN-6R33D- An Aufone Colony and a mining area for Glonium that believes in diplonicy over violence. The Aufone leader, Duchess Zeldanai, became an advocate of peace and wanted to make relations between the Sailnecks and Aufones peaceful when fighting proved continiously dishastorious thanks to UIS, even with USRA help. Zeldanai met up with interested UIS representives and a Sailneck ambasitor, Uncle Fogg, an iconic and beloved Sailneck, to discuss a treaty to settle differences. The treaty would state that the planets that are no longer claimed by the Aufones will belong to UIS and the Sailnecks while they maintain the other planets in return for peace, and, apart from arguments about how they had the planets with "The Prettier Rocks" while they kept the not as great pretty rocks, but Fogg and the Representives proved willing to compromise with additional deals of trading in mind. It looked as if Zeldanai would've succeeded in making things more peaceful in South QXYZ, but, a rouge miltia group made up of embittered refugees from K89, K1SS, and the fallen New Goaeclite donning offical Aufone and USRA millatery garb at the time, charged in and fired at Uncle Fogg and the UIS representives. The Representives survivced thanks to speical protections, but Fogg was slain by the embittered fanactics who began to shout "DEATH TO UIS" and "REMEMBER K89" as they even attacked Zeldanai for trying to invervine for the representives and that peace is the only way to save their homes in South QXYZ, but was instead propmtly shot at by the fanactic leader while the representives were forced to escaped. The planet came to be under the regime of Anti-UIS politics and Sailneck hate and encouraged to fight a clearly unwinnable situation while the injured Duchess was exiled for only trying to advocate for peace. Fortunately, their recklessness was short lived as the Sailnecks and UIS quickly punished them in the name of UIS's intregaty and Uncle Fogg. This planet became the memorial site of Fogg and a cold rememder for the USRA of what could've been in the days post-war. Zeldanai did survived her wounds and has since came to be a stronger influence in Aufone culture that would change the way the USRA thinks and better handles certain folk. Her desendent, Duchess Zeldanai Tria, became a promdomentant ambasitor and peacekeeper for the Aufones and the Sailnecks ever since, even with the risk of a wrong move leading to her to be enslaved, who aims to re-establish a new peace talks to re-gain the Sailnecks trust and newfound approval to at least come to the planets to mine for the gems and not by all means live in them but to live in space stations around the planets so it is not to intruse on the Sailnecks eventual plans to "Get to make homes on them planets". It's a slow moving process, but one that is heading to a kinder direction.
  • Un-Named Lustite Planet VBN-ARUTRISA- An Aristocratic USRA colony that began to become more and more protective of the Lustite planet with the UIS and Sailneck forces coming ever more and more determined to take down USRA enfluence in the system. The defence force proved too great for a conventional invadtion. So the UIS came up with another stragity, and this time, it was through the planet's own love for riches. A self-impourent govenor of the planet, A Narodan named Govenor Cap I. Talist, a known self-impourent greedy and untrustworthy doughebag who only got in power because it was bought for him by his enableist wife, a seator. Cap was met by a Skep representive that came to offer him zillions of USRA money in return to sell them the entire planet back to the Sailnecks for that price. The bastured agreed unapologenicly, his greed too great to ignor. As such, UIS and Sailneck forces came and forced all of the residents off the planet by law of new ownership while Cap and his broken hearted wife left a day prior to avoid scrutanity. Alchourse, Cap was eventually captured by vengeful USRA forces and sentenced to a life sentence, but the damage was already done. Hope was dwindling fast, and the will to fight faded in all but the Aufones.
  • The Moon of Astronium- A moon that lives in an Asteriod belt filled with nothing but Astronium that was once an impourent Aufone colony. With incrising approuching of UIS and the Sailnecks, evacuations were made ahead of an ineditable invadtion as Aufone refugees abandon the moon and the valuable astroriods and not be subugated to UIS wrath. However, USRA soldiers stayed behind and aimed to respark the same bravery that happened in K89. All that happened instead, was an overwealming bloodbath that forever lives in infamy as "The Massicure of the Astronium Moon", where UIS and Sailnecks overwealmed the USRA soldiers and forced a retreat from survivers! This further deteriated hope in the USRA ever being a saving grace in the system.
  • The Gas Planet of Laserum- A Gas planet that has an Astroid Belt that is crawling with Laserum shorces and holding a space station that is by far the most impourent piece of USRA enfluence called The Laserum Mother, the most enfluenceal Laserum mining colonay space station ever made by Aufone hands and improved by the USRA. The USRA Superiors want to get the Space Station away from an incoming armada of UIS and Sailneck ships and ordered for the stations evacuation to avoid it being a terrorable casalty of the doomed Sailneck War. But the leader of the station, Admiral Liberty, a proud Yateron war hero, refused his superiors in hopes to turn the war around, even at the risk of being declaired a renigade and that the USRA won't help him if he disobeys them. The Admiral disobeyed the order and kept the Laserum Mother in her current station and instead, turned the colony into a rebelion called The Children of Laserum who were willing to use the very Laserum to enhance their weapons and deal a serious blow to the impending UIS and Sailneck arriveal. Eventually, the UIS and Sailneck Armada arrived, and the rebelion was prepared to give a fight for both their lives. It started off with a spectatular space battle between the station's colonists and the UIS/Sailneck allience, both sides lose lives and taken serious damage, where even a fleet ship was destroyed and survivers had to evacuate. But eventually, a commando squad of Vyrans ultamately helped UIS and the Sailnecks win the war and take down the rebelion, slay the Admiral, and allowed the forces to destroy the Laserum Mother. But even in death, the Admiral had the last laugh. He made sure that he sent an inspiring message to reignite the fight in whatever USRA enfluence was left and made sure that the USRA won't go down in a wimper and not let UIS and the Sailnecks have an easy victory, even when the odds are stacked against the USRA. It will forever be remembered as "The Twilight Hours of the Laserum Mother Battle", a battle that came to be so famous, it even has several movies and video game adaptations surrounding it and the Sailneck War in general, and further proved the valuable uses for Laserum as a whole.
  • Un-Named Zamphyre Planet VBN-90210- The Zamphyre Mining Planet and the first Post-Laserum Mother battle took place and when the USRA showed that they took Liberty's final words to heart. When UIS and the Sailneck invaders came, it was FAR from an easy battle for them. The USRA grew wise to their usual wiles, so their rivals were forced to battle USRA forces head on! It started a famous battle known as "The Year-Long Conflict" where neither force showed sign of backing off and continued fighting to the last soldier. Lives on both sides were lost, and eventually, UIS and Sailneck forces won out by at least a few extra soldiers, but it was enough to prove to the UIS are the USRA are willing to fight hard!
  • "New Titanmorna"- The mining planet for Vulcanysta and the second Post-Laserum Mother battle and the USRA has not relented down since. Both they and the UIS/Sailneck forces brought out the big guns to enable them to decide a victory quicker. It was incredably hard and bitter battle for both sides, but neither gave in. It was named "The Battle for New Titanmorna". Even when a victory was bleak, the USRA kept a brave face and fought to the bitter end, not allowing UIS an easy victory. Even with the UIS victory ineditable, the USRA made peace that they may not be able to keep the system, but they can at least go down fighting. The leader of this fight, Hamlet of Xorbeth, a Xorbeak USRA ally and reknown general, personally lead the fight against UIS forces himself and battled valiently and was an inspiring force for the USRA. He was a brave soul and gladly gave his life for the USRA, even in a war with no garrentied USRA victory as long as he deminstraighted that the USRA were not pushovers.
  • Un-Named Frothum Planet VBN-0CEAN- An ocean mining planet for Frothum and a place of a battle that inspired an AUU equilent of Battleship. A serious Above and Underwater series of battles took place here, the 3rd greatest battle since the Mother Laserum re-inspiration battle, where navial forces from USRA/Aufones and UIS/Sailnecks alike fought for suprimiacy. The planet will came to be filled with artifical reefs and ship graveyards of fallen USRA/UIS ships, and be forever a reminder of the battle that took place.
  • Un-Named Cryonite Planet VBN-K0LD- A Cryonite planet that is the epicenter of the forever infamous Post-Laserum Mother Battle "The K0LD War", where the rouhest battles took place when the UIS/Sailneck Group began to push harder then usual, but the USRA forces kept a brave face and fought on. Even if it ended in defeat for the USRA, their bravery did not flinch, but it did brought notice that UIS are begining to pack a meaner then before punch.
  • "New Goffux"- A Valkyrium mining planet and the epicenter of the "Battle for New Goffux". This mining planet was in a middle of it's own problems with fighting an Anti-USRA seperatest faction, The Defeatest Platoon, that wanted to force a surrender to "New Goffux" to avoid an ineditable invadtion and force people to leave the planet to not die. The Pro-USRA goverment would rather have things be settled peacefully and to let the USRA do what it can, but when death threats were issued, the gloves were off and things were forced to be serious. The Soldiers were exhausted after they defeated the Defeatest Platoon in many ways, just as the UIS/Sailneck arrived in time for the soldiers to make a brave last stand.
  • Un-Named Coruscite Planet VBN-Klass09- The Coruscite mining planet and the place of the great "Klass09 Battle" where a famous ambush battle onto a Sailneck and UIS legion by brave USRA forces surprised them and kept them at bay. Even though UIS and the Sailnecks will eventually win, this tactic kept the Post-Laserum Mother battle re-inspiration going and kept the USRA confident.
  • "New Maswuiter"- A Gas Planet in simular appearence to Maswuiter and baring a plentiful supply of Gasphite and the epicenter of the greatest space battle since the Laserum fight where both USRA and UIS forces fought long and hard. Even when a futile battle, the USRA kept the memory of those who sacrivice their lives to fight a good fight and gladly gave theirs, even at the face of inedability. Ghostly remains of destroyed fleetships of each side remain to this day.
  • Un-Named Rarium Planet VBN-Opa0pas- The Final Defence of the Aufones main planet for the system and holder of the greatest battles in the war ever to be seen in any subuquint war and battle. The USRA's bravery was inspiring enough to invite famous war heroes from most of USRA backing or supporting races to join the fight to hold back Sailnecks and the UIS from making a forceful demand. It became forever known as "The Opa0pas Great Defence Battle" as the USRA fought long and hard to prevent this from being an easy battle. Even if victory wasn't garrenited, the USRA made sure that it was not gonna be an easy war for the UIS and Sailnecks at the least. After this planet, the Aufone main colony planet will follow suit, proving the UIS's undenitable ability to prove that they are not something for the USRA to scoff at, and proving that the USRA is not unfailable, but the Aufone leadership thanked the USRA for at least supporting them in their hour of need, even when things were never in their favor. The Sailneck war would inspire the USRA to be MUCH more cautious around ever trying to colonies even currently unoccupied worlds ever since and would make them respect any claim of ownership by any ruling race(s) in the planet/systems/specters. Most of all, it would inspire humility and make the USRA reckinise that no amount of Teadr 1 tec support makes you undefeatable. And losing to UIS and the Sailnecks over a system filled with precious gems, was the greatest kick into humbleness ever. Along with that, even though the entirity of the battles were hard for both sides, no greater resentment came from it. Instead, both the USRA and UIS came to respect eachother as truely worthy oppendents, personal opinions on each other's beliefs aside, and would inspire future generations to use this war as an exsample why the UIS must be handled and approuch with caution, while UIS itself came to see that the USRA is not always afraid to fight back when it really needs to, but knows when to try to end things civily like with Zeldanai's attempt.
  • "New Aufonola"- A currently unclaimed planet yet dubbed as "Sailneck Terratory" was once gonna become a new Aufone colony planet in aiming to claim the many un-named planets reported to have rarium and/or other valuable jewelery and stones on them, but the Sailnecks proved unforgivingly hostile to "tresspassers" and declared war on the Aufones over it. At first, the Aufones with USRA aide proved too great for the Sailnecks until UIS aid came in and proceeded to chase every single Aufone and USRA member out of the system. The Planet that was once "New Aufonola" was the site of a last stand between the Aufones and their USRA Allies, against the Sailnecks and their UIS reinforcements. It was a rough battle, but the UIS forces ultamately won out, and chased the USRA out of system. The tragicly named New Aufonola is forever assusiated with broken dreams and lives that were ruined by the Sailnecks prefering the planets to themselves and yet have yet to make their actual claims. Dispite that, the Aufone Rulership wisely desided that it's better to let the Sailnecks have the planets if they lay claim to them, espiecally if UIS is backing them up, even more so with the Coraaks allied to them and could risk captured Aufones be sent back to them as slaves. But that did little to stop stubbern members of the race to go rouge and try to force back their former colonies, with the predictable end result of those rouges being captured and enslaved.

Evigo System

  • Qur- A desert planet which is distinguished for it's rarium-rich forests and jungles, it's lava and rock formations, and it's vast mountainous heights and parks. This is a world populated by sentient animals, which have built Teadr 3 cities here, and have been mining the rich amounts of rarium across the planet, and have been using it in their currency. This world sometimes trades their mined rarium through the AUU through the AUU Currency Troupe in exchange for goods. The planet has 8 continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:264d
  • Tacord- A semi-temperate planet which has a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium, it's large rock formations, it's dangerous terrain, and it's flying islands levitated by magnetanium. This is a Globex colony which researches military biomechanics, and played a big part during the Interuniversal War, producing several forms of life-like machinery that worked just like organic matter. This world was originally working for Infernus during the Exo-Wars, and when he was defeated, these facilities were adopted by Globex and put it's machinery to good use despite the bankruptcy. This was one of the many worlds that have hardly struggled against the bankrupt crisis of Globex. The planet has 7 continents, 4 oceans, and a dusty and rocky planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:302d
  • Orlitz- A Swedish mountainous temperate planet which is noted for it's large amounts of coniferous forests, it's prehistoric permafrost attractions, and for being a minor Globex planet where research on the prehistoric wildlife is being conducted. This is a world just like Sweden, having the same architecture and culture, and has a constitutional monarchy where a Prime Monarch was the head of the world and there were several Prime Executives who were in charge of every country. In ancient history, this world had been known for it's large amount of crusades and it was having a hard time establishing a law and government since it was infested with criminals, pirates, and bandits. There are over a hundred mountain systems, and the seasons are mostly cold except for the summer because of the wider activity of storms. This planet has over 15 small continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:323d
  • Mexzant- A temperate planet which is similar to Earth or Marbon, except it is 17% bigger, and has more alien-like wildlife in the form of a yellow-orange sky as the result of the small amounts of neon and sodium, colorful and humid jungles and wetland canyons, it's large amount of geothermal valleys and rock formations, and especially for the metaphasic radiation that, as the result of an unknown anomaly, can allow those who live on it to be immortal. Most of the people that live here can be at an age of about 300 years. Though this lead to some individuals like Corruption Co, which took over Globex's experimental facilities on this radiation, trying to steal this energy to make villains immortal. The civilization of this planet is at a Teadr 3 level, as they have helped Globex create life extension serums with the use of this radiation, but have never been able to harness this radiation. The planet has 7 continents, 4 oceans, and a large icy, rocky, and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:362d
  • Ousefix- An orange-to-red gas giant which has been a world that was said to be crafted by the AUU Gods, as well as one of their very first inhabited gas giants. During the times before the AUU First Cartoonian War, they crafted flying islands and flying continents, advanced civilizations, monuments, and machinery, and to this day, it still remains one of the most ancient colonies of the AUU Gods. Based on clues collected from corrupted data disks from the godly machines, during the AUU First Cartoonian War, this world lived in 6 kingdoms which still remain unknown. Though, the dark forces wanted to unite these kingdoms into one and turn it into a war nation, though the fight against this killed millions of people. Though this scenario was only based upon speculation, it's the most accepted scenario. It seemed to make this world reliant upon a powerful source of energy called Neic, which are harnessed from the gas giant, and comes in 4 forms: red which augments power, yellow which augments magic, green which augments strength and life, and blue which augments speed and reflexes. This lead to people to believe that these sources are what the dark forces fought for to make something that will have unfathomable power through the combination of these 4 elements, which has never been done because it was theorized that combining them was far too dangerous and could create something dark and unquenchable. Several minor and modernized kingdoms exist on this gas giant, spawning several powerful heroes to protect these 4 sources of power, and using them for the good of their kingdoms, often using them for augmentation. These sources are watched over by a sage that has the strongest connection to them than any other hero. The gas giant has a large crystalline and rocky planetary ring. Moons: 44
  • Eternium- A cerulean-and-cyan gas giant which is noted for naturally having a series of flying islands levitated by the unstable gravitational anomalies that appear on this gas giant. This world has these because it was once a Teadr 1 planet that was transmogrified by an unknown godly race to become bigger, though despite it becoming a gas giant as a result, it ended with this world becoming one with flying islands that can range in size. This world, since the AUU First Cartoonian War, has since been one of a Norse-style medieval community with a praetorian guard consisting of genetically-augmented knights that wield a variety of magical weapons that are 'forged and blessed by the AUU Gods' through a magic ritual by elders, primarily a heavy patterned sword called Oxymidias, forged by the god of purity and strength, Oxymire. This world had produced many capable fighters during the AUU First Cartoonian Wars, and all that was left following that battle was the weapons that made this world's praetorian guard so strong. The world has over 58 million islands, and a large icy and crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 76

Vegades System

  • Midich- A desert planet which is actually very barren and almost void of life except for a few plants and animals. This world has been famed to be a ship graveyard where several cruisers and warships from space battles littered the entire planet, and leave some scavenging sentient animal inhabitants in small communities to make profits and big livings in trading the left-behind goods that have been preserved for eons. The communities, though not at a grand Teadr level, use all the technology they can to make a living on this planet with very little water, and the intense heat. The planet has 7 small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:296d
  • Sook- A semi-temperate rocky desert planet where several canyons, mesas, mountains and valleys can be found, along with several plants and animals. This is a world that is infamous for a vast amount of mercenaries which inhabit the ghost towns of the extinct Vegduuns that lived on this planet a long time ago before they abandoned their goals of colonizing other worlds due to surplus during the Interuniversal War, and their eventual genocide. Some of the mercenaries here are descended from the many sentient animals that were friends to the Vegduuns, and as a result of a rogue band of Corruption Co. scientists declaring an unauthorized mass kidnapping of these inhabitants for unethical genetic experiments and never forgetting the cruelty they suffered, while Corruption Co. itself apologized for it's disturbance after punishing the culprits, the animals that survived had gone vengeful and killed a few workers as they retreated, and they have since gone to a life of crime, making this world one for smugglers, raiders, bounty hunters, and vicious killers. The planet has 8 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:332d
  • Vegdum- A desolate desert wasteland planet that used to be inhabitable and populated by bird-like bats called Vegduuns. However, due to the genocidal bioterrorist attacks left by Gordon the Animal, who used the fact that the Vegduuns only lived on their own home planet for surplus needs during the Interuniversal War to his advantage, the planet has gotten an uninhabitable terrain, and there are poisonous storms. The last of the Vegduuns have been mutated by the poisonous climate and have become a newly-evolved species called the Vegdukkks. The bioterrorism that was wreaked on this planet makes it difficult to terraform even for a Teadr 1 race. Cities are now buried underground as the result of intense poisonous sandstorms, and only the Vegdukkks are able to resist them. It has 3 continents and 4 oceans, as well as a rocky ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: 27hr:377d
  • Braxcon- A tropical world which was formerly going to be a resort world for the Vegduuns before they gave up their colonizing attempts. Thus all they left behind on this planet was a small resort city that was left incomplete by only 12 houses. But then sentient animals came and found the incomplete work, and decided to complete it themselves. Within 5 years, the world became a prosperous resort world and the incomplete city, now a huge megalopolis resort, became the planet's main capital. The planet has several colorful plants and animals, and the sky is yellow due to it's small concentration of sodium. The planet has 8 small continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:414d
  • Cei Ghatrum- A temperate planet which has several large and colorful wet jungles and exotic wildlife, as well as a purple sky due to the small abundance of argon. This was once a Yatoran colony which had it's own teleportation grid which was installed beneath the ground in an atomic matrix that allowed fast transport between any area on the planet. Though the planet was abandoned due to the Byzankans taking it over during the AUU Third Cartoonian War, and following their banishment, the planet was too ruined with damage and vandalism that the Yatorans couldn't bring themselves to restore it after how much they and their allies have been through. However, sentient animals soon went to restoring it and defending it from enemies during the Interuniversal War to prevent it's teleportation grid from being used for evil again. Thus, the Yatorans allowed them to keep the planet. The planet has a large supercontinents covering most of the planet. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:448d

Dragar System

  • Nister- A desert rocky wasteland planet containing several flying mountains levitated by magnetanium, which this planet is rich in and mined for by the USRA. The USRA has established several mines to extract this substance and have started applying them to their AFTs across the AUU. This world, meanwhile, is abundant in several oasis, jungles, and megafauna which are often used for riding on and domestication. Several small villages exist to profit from these mining operations and grow in business to expand them. The planet has 6 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:321d
  • Gao Themnus- A lava planet which is noted for it's red sky consisting of neon, a ground consisting completely of lava formations and a hot surface similar to Venus. It was formerly a Yatoran planet which was the victim of a tectonic apocalypse which made the planet inhospitable and containing little life. Eons later, it was made into a USRA planet where massive AFT islands, platforms, and cities of Teadr 1 architecture. These aerial cities are complex and has several sky-trains as the main form of transportation despite several other hovering vehicles and air traffic. The entire planet is coated with these AFTs, the planet having a maximum of 200,000 individual AFT monuments, hovering over a dangerous surface that is considered suicide to travel through in hovering vehicles could overheat and make it explode. The planet has a rocky planetary ring. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:356d
  • Drakin- A mountainous humid grassland planet which is famous for being a Cunone colony which played a significance for the Cunones' alliance with the semi-sentient indigenous beings on this planet, the serpent dragon-like creatures known as Drakkans, which despite refusing to leave their home planet, have helped this planet well in the Cunone Rebellion's many battles on this planet against the Villains Act for the location of the main HQ of the Cunone Rebellion. The planet has 9 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:385d

Nordeim System

  • Onus- A desolate desert planet which has several geothermal valleys, lava and rock formations, canyons, and a large amount of wildlife that is often introduced from Augar. This is a colony for the Augeans where several large megalopolis cities were established, as well as lava refineries for the precious metals and gems found in the lava. The canyons and various gorges are the result of several tectonic imbalances that have created a terrain that almost seems uninhabitable, yet the planet itself is still breathable and can sustain life. The planet has 8 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:282d
  • Augar- A temperate planet similar to Earth, having the same number of continents and oceans, yet the wildlife was different in the forms of a massive number of plants, and some of the wildlife, which include fauna and megafauna, was genetically-engineered. This is the homeworld of a Teadr 2 human-like race known as the Augeans, which are similar to humans except for being taller, having different anatomy, and have alien-like eyes. This race claims to be the most genetically-perfect one in the AUU after thousands of years of genetic selection, augmentation, and engineering, and have gotten technology almost comparable to Yatorans, even said to have baffled the Yatorans themselves. This race has since became close allies to the Yatorans, and the race itself was in debate about whether they should be part of the USRA, and later Legion, or not for many years. The planet's cities have similar architecture to Yatorans, and come in either large megalopolises and asteroid-sized AFTs. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:318d
  • Sehiri- An ecumenopolis planet where a massive city covers 80% of the planet, where most of the planet has oceans and massive ecosystems. This planet also has a yellow sky due to the fluorine comprising it, has introduced Augaran wildlife, has several lava formations formed by the planet's old tectonic activity, and the underground catacombs are mined for their riches in trillions of rarium crystals, which is the system's main form of currency. This is an Augean colony where the cities' architecture is exactly similar to other Teadr 1 technology, and the buildings are either on the ground or can be found in AFTs, and several AFT platforms can be found as well. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:334d
  • Iara- A subtropical jungle planet which has massive colorful jungles similar to rainforests, and having similar wildlife, when they're actually just jungles that get more water due to the heavier rainfall and weather. This planet has thus become the Augean's scientific capital where they perform several scientific experiments on their way to become the next Teadr 1 race, despite the fact that they've been at this for decades. Though they had developed artificial evolution here, and it's what lead them to creating new kinds of animals for their planetary system. This is also where they studied several uncovered Teadr 1 technology and applied it to their lives. There are also several large cities, some being merged, that can be found here. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:375d
  • Barus III- A temperate moon which belongs to a cyan-blue gas giant called Barus. This moon is used by the Augeans not as a colony, but as a wildlife sanctuary for their various amounts of natural or genetically-engineered wildlife. The entire moon has been introduced with the plants and animals from the planets and moons in the system, and is often used as a source for their wildlife in case some catastrophes occur in their system. The moon has 5 continents and 3 oceans. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 289d
  • Barus XII- A temperate moon also belonging to Barus. This is a moon with many forests and oceans, and the soil is rich in fertilizing substances. This makes the moon the agricultural capital of the Augean colonies. While these goods are often traded to the AUU Currency Troupe, most of it is provided for the Augeans. Several farms have been established here and the Augeans have even discovered in-vitro meat production here, as well as genetic, hybrid, and vertical farming. The moon has 8 continents and 4 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 511d
  • Gipryter- A red-and-orange gas giant which has a habitable zone where a series of AFTs are found, as well as several mining colonies for the gas giant's rich amounts of metallic gases. These mining colonies are run by the Augeans, and this world is the first gas giant to ever be populated by a Teadr 2 race. The gas giant has a few storms that often get intense and could normally blow the AFTs out of their location, but the AFTs are firmly locked into place by a quantum gravity drive which prevents forces from acting on it. Moons: 51
  • Vuspin- A snowy ice planet which is a volcanic world where temperatures shift. Volcanic activity makes certain areas hot, the planet's distance from the sun makes it cold and snowy. Though what makes this planet significant is that it's volcanic caverns contain vast amounts of rarium, which the Augeans that inhabited this planet in several AFTs mine for and use in their currency. There is thankfully enough life to keep the planet breathable, and this plant life can grow spontaneously after being scorched and can adapt to the icy cold. The planet has a large supercontinent which covers almost the entire planet, and a small icy and dusty planetary ring that goes vertically around the planet due to a similar askew axial tilt to Uranus. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 33hr:627d

Jak-Jakk System

  • Jak-Jakka- The home planet of the Calibop-like avian race, called the Jakamops, that are apart of a contested system as both halfs of the diplomatic planet of these bird beings both asided with the USRA and UIS, as now it turns into a place where both sides need to fully aside with the other. The Jakamops don't see a grand point to the conflict and just prefer to pick both sides.

Niivo System

  • Umbroin- An ocean planet where water covers 99% of the planet. Sentient and unsentient creatures live in the large coral reefs and the underwater Teadr 3 cities that consist of subway stations, large chrome buildings, bright neon lighting, an abundance of plant life, and incredible architecture. This is a USRA planet that is commonly inhabited for Globex research on semi-aquatic technologies, and Teadr 2 domed cities which match the architecture of the underwater cities for the air-breathing inhabitants. Only 3 islands are found on this planet, and each serve as the domed cities' only means of using an alternate form of satellite transmissions since the planet has no moon, and therefore no axial tilt for the satellite systems to remain stable. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:296d
  • Cobos- A moist desert planet populated by sentient and unsentient insects. This is a USRA planet which holds dozens of Globex facilities for researching weaponry and enhancement serums, and military outposts which protect these facilities from being attacked. It is also one of the planets colonized by the Teadr 2 Atonts, which make their cities underground or even make them above the ground as large mounds. This planet is known for it's rich amount of energy crystals which can be used in laser batteries in laser weapons, which the Globex facilities have installed mines to retrieve them. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:345d
  • Woenus- A mountainous planet which is rich in energy crystals that are used by the planet's Teadr 3 cities as an energy source. It's atmosphere is too poisonous for life to flourish on it, so cities have to be kept inside domes. The cities have large silver buildings with durable glass windows that function as computer interfaces, usually for the buildings' AI, it has screen display and propaganda, a 66% abundance of plants, metro systems, and ground vehicles. The planet has little to no water, and has a large rocky and icy ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type III; DC: 23hr:402d
  • Qaclite

    Qaclite- A bizarre tropical planet with sparse fungi and plants. The sentient creatures that live here have been using the plants as their strongest means of technology. Everyone on this planet is a vegetarian, and technological corporations here have been known to develop environmentally-friendly technologies such as biological solar-powered plant-based supercomputers called BotaniComs. This is also the birthplace of Vinastics, a gymnastic sport that specializes in Tarzan-based vine-swinging and tree-sliding. This planet has been known to have suffered several biological terrorist attacks that were halted by Councilwoman Lotus. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:474d

Ugoldest System

  • Ugoldest Prime- A semi-ecumenopolis desert planet and the capital giant planet of the Ugoldest system, ruled by technocratic reptoavians that are infamous of having Ugoldest denounce loyalty to the USRA and the Legion races because of certain laws that ban tec, espeically, even for the likes of Astro Lasers and Nova-Titans, of which these people use and celebrate like unappresiated things. The system's goverment, naming themselves The Ugoldest Order of Tecnological Equil Oppertunity, AKA, UOTEO. They argue that tec shouldn't be ban, hated, or feared for it's power and instead must be appresiated no matter what. They argued that the Nova-Titans should still be used for their intended purposes and then some, showing it by having Novas serve as police forces, making Ugoldest effectively crime free, and though not ignorent to astro-lasers deadly planet destroying powers, they argued that if used correctly, the weapon can save lives just as much it would take. The system's leader has been known to try and advocate for Nova Titans and Astro-laser Tec to be made legal again for many years in the rest of the universes, with obviously no true success. While the system is a known defier, it doesn't mean they're hateful anarchests to the rest of the universes as they still maintain a friendship with the Legion, if though they'll never go back in abiding with the Grand Council due to it's "Tecnophobic" laws. The Ugoldest system has a mixed reputation as a result, of which they're willing to accept for their beliefs until they can one day cure the fears for Nova-Titans and Astro Lasers. And to ensure they can stay independent and protected from those, USRA bound or otherwise, who are against their way of life, enjoy an allience partner ship with the UIS that'll protect them from outsider over-reach. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:179d
  • Ogalt- A semi-temperate planet that has a red sky filled with small amounts of neon and helium, a thin atmosphere with a half-breathable atmosphere, small amounts of introduced plants and invertebrates, active poisonous weather, rich amounts of laserum, abandoned mining shafts and refineries, large lava and rock refineries, ancient Teadr 1 ruins and monuments of Plasmoid origin, and light-tan soil. This has been an eon-long mining colony for the Plasmoids, and later the Yatorans, and then commonplace societies. Despite the barely-breathable atmosphere, the world is a highly-profitable world with not just mining colonies and red sludge plants, but also munitions and weapons factories that were briefly commondeered by the Villains Act, and later CrimeTech, until their downfalls, and much of their stolen factories are occupied by Corruption Co. The world is also a smuggling base of operations for illegal firearms of all kinds. The planet has 6 continents surrounding 4 small lava oceans and 56 small lava lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: NE:202d
  • Saranthum- A semi-temperate planet with brown moist soil, large rock formations, boneyards and orgaliths, large amounts of invertebrate fauna, land reefs and zooplantae, foggy and murky swamps, active weather, ancient Teadr 1 ruins of Plasmoid origin, large mountains, underground volcanic caverns filled with rarium and laserum, and large extinct volcanoes and crater lakes brought on by a distant global flood. The world has mostly AFT cities or cities on antigravity supports, or cities that stand above oceans. Much of artificial colonies on the ground are mining colonies and factories, and other business-based colonies. Much of the transportation is through a refined Plasmoid teleportation grid through teleportation wells that transport people to any desired location on the planet. The planet has a large supercontinent and a small global ocean with several small lakes of either lava or water. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:262d
  • Borture- An Earth-like planet which has been under war for years. Ever since this world was colonized for it's vast amounts of laserum, a common crystal used in laser weaponry, several forms of weaponry was created thanks to Globex. However, a war started when fighting for what to do with these weapons. This war against two oppsoing forces lead to one side using orbiting satellites to destroy cities, causing a brief dystopia where the victorious side used the weapons to take over the planet, and were making plans to use it in the Interuniversal War. However, this immediately stopped when this awakened ancient genetically-engineered sapient and semi-intelligent beasts called the Bourtomi, originally created by the last race that populated this planet during a war, which threatens to steal the technology for themselves and plan a campaign of AUU-domination, just as they were programmed to do by their creators. Thus a war still wages between the unified factions and these behemoths. The planet has 8 continents, 5 oceans, and a large rocky laserum-infested planetary rings. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:300d
  • Grixle- A temperate planet that is a literal fungi-occupied world, and much of the fungi is hostile and carnivorous. Aside from fungi, the world is also occupied by zooplantae, native invertebrates, and introduced vertebrates. There is also a white-blue sky filled with small amounts of krypton, strong weather, monsoons, and storms, large rock, lava, and toxic formations, geothermal, lava, and toxic valleys, and ancient Teadr 1 monuments of Voxum origin. This is a world that was actually never abandoned as the Voxums were wiped off the planet by the carnivorous fungi and hostile wildlife as they were the most active during a certain season. Despite fighting for survival with their military prowess, they were ultimately overwhelmed and wiped off the planet, leaving their monuments and cities in ruin. The world has since been dubbed a prohibited world by Teadr 1 races such as the Yatorans. The planet has a large supercontinent, a medium-sized global ocean, hundreds of lakes, and a small rocky planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:318d
  • Sarphgure- A cyan-and-green gas giant that is best noted for an airborne algae that forms a multicellular mist that, despite being harmless to otherworldly beings, contains poisons that can have benign consequences that, despite being non-lethal, can cause intimate damage. The airborne algae is photosynthetic and is actually scared of creatures above their biology, and there are other native fauna such as filter-feeding aerial creatures that rest on the large flying terrain, which are also occupied by sentient beings that, when not residing on AFT cities, reside on the flat terrain in parks and playgrounds. The gas giant has 76 large islands and 567 landforms, and an icy planetary ring. Moons: 34; DC: 56hr:866d
  • Sarph VI- A mountainous temperate moon belonging to Sarphgure. It has a terrain filled with mostly large mountains decorated with plants and high-altitude-dwelling fauna including airborne animals, there is a green-blue sky filled with small amounts of radon and mercury, active weather, small volcanic activity, and an entirely-subterranean civilization populated by sentient animals of Teadr 4 levels. The inhabitants rarely go to the surface as much of the avtivity they do is underground. The moon has 16 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 201d
  • Sarph IX- An ocean moon belonging to Sarphgure that has large and beautiful reefs, and used to be a Globex world that built vast aquacities in the deep rocky depths. These cities were beautiful in architecture, and had bustling populations. However, things went downhill when an experimental substance caused serious chaos. Globex had been working on a biological substance based upon stem cells from an alien slug that was meant to be the next breakthrough in artificial evolution. However, while the serum, called ZIMN, was a commercialized success as it could allow instant regeneration of tissue, alter biological composure, and purify DNA, it is critically unstable and kills cells to replace them with stem duplicates, and thus it required constant suppliments, otherwise it would lead to mental and physical consequences. When ZIMN was used up completely and it was getting highly scarce, an apocalypse occurred as everyone turned into mutant zombies that craved flesh. Thus, the Globex executive and inventor of ZIMN has considered it a long duty to fix this problem, despite the fact that Globex says that the people are too long gone. While most of the staff would leave, this executive kept his own family and friends around and take control over the moon's main dataframe and control the moon's cities to ensure these mutated citizens are safe and don't end up causing the cities to be flooded and drown, and have been trying to fix the problem ever since. They extended their lifespans through special devices, and they continue this strenuous pursuit to this very day. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 275d
  • Sarph X- A temperate snowy moon belonging to Sarphgure. It has strong snowy and rainy weather, small amounts of hail and sleet, a white-blue sky due to it's small amounts of krypton, native snow-based fauna and flora, large rock and ice formations, algal blooms across multiple water locations across the moon, and mostly-dilapidated cities. It is a world that was one of many to maufacture one of the diseases that caused one of the 16 Adapting Plagues of the AUU's history. Once being a former terrorist act spreading an adaptive sentient disease on a Black Treday (AUU Black Friday) through dollars, dubbed the Wealthy Ill, and it ended up spreading across the moon and later across multiple other worlds across the AUU. It wasn't until a proper quarantine act involving alcaholic poisons, which was the Wealthy Ill's weakness, the sickness became less-apparent across the AUU. Since the plague, the world has went under ruin for hundreds of years, and suffered greatly during the Great Stagnation when CrimeTech took charge in both of it's ages. The moon has 4 continents surrounding 3 small oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 311d
  • Sarph XV- A snowy moon belonging to Sarphgure. It has strong chemical weather and storms, small amounts of native plants and animals, a deep-blue sky due to it's small amount of actinium, and large mountains and ice and rock formations. Despite having an atmosphere of half-nitrogen and half-oxygen, it is still inhabitable, but only barely because the nitrogen can rain down in a liquid form and cause deep-freezing of anyone exposed to it. The world is primarily inhabited for it's rich amounts of gemstones including diamonds and cryonite. The world's inhabitants are protected from the hazardous weather in subterranean temperature-controlled civilizations, and no domed cities exist due to their history of shattering in nitrogen rain. There are massive mining colonies, and the cities are connected through a global metro system. The planet has 17 nitrogen-filled oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; OT: 333d
  • Sarph XX- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to Sarphgure. It is a barren moon that was filled with crevices, large rock formations and massive heights, a gray sky filled with small amounts of metallic gases, active weather, plants that provide a breathable atmosphere, small amounts of wildlife, and a crystalline core. The Villains Act claimed this world by buying up the ecumenopolis project, and built it in their own image. But when they finally fell, the world was reclaimed by lawful civilizations of the system. The city has large black buildings with pigmented platings, red, yellow, blue, and white lighting, underground semi-virtual underground levels, holographic/computer interface windows, holographic/screen display and propaganda, metro systems of highly-propagated tunnels and trains, vehicle roads, AFTs, and a concentrated amount of plants and animals. The moon has 6 oceans surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 380d

Igoldest System

  • Igoldest Prime- The Home planet of Ugoldest Neighters, the like-wise race of tec obcessed Crab-Eqsed bugs of Teadr 2 power. known as the Tecadons. When Ugoldest joined as an allience with UIS, the Tecadons joined as members and obliged in building a powerful high-tec wall designed to block out USRA forces from expanding to the since isolated Systems.

Isolated Systems-3

Isolated Systems Side 1

Tenloer System

  • Tequesta- (AUU gen:LOCK, TBC...)
Isolated Systems Side 2

Galaxusua System

  • Galaxusua I- A semi-ecumenopolis planet and the headquarters of the ruling galactic alliance of these isolated systems, The Galactic Council of Unity, which are basically the opposite of their long time enemies, the Aggressor Empire. They have also came to be a defacto problem for UIS to suppress because frankly blocking out their allined systems is a violation of their group's galactic code and thus declared a war against UIS while still fighting against the Aggressors. The GCU are an extremely noble and righteous sort, if though they have a rather black and white view of good and evil and overtly high-expectations of heroic perfection. Basically like the AUU's own Guardians of Harmony. The Group were famous for unifying once sworn enemies to great allies, even having managed to reform a space pirate race and an insectoid tecno-swarm, even pacifying an infamously rough reptilian race that's basically these systems Bullarns. Yeah, these guys, would've been GREAT against the VA if they weren't separated from the rest of the AUU community.

Jimchimery System (Nizids (Left) and Bizzians (Right))

  • Nizhnoy- (Nizid Homeworld, TBC...)

CHimmuss System 

  • Bizz'ra- (Bizzian Homeworld, TBC...)

Kholdist System (Kronchans (Left) and Brachnoids (Right))

  • Brachnos- (Brachnoid Homeworld, TBC...)
  • Kronch- (Kronchan Homeworld, TBC...)

Kolbat System 

Tanganyika System

  • Fightra- A terrestrial alien planet with strange alien biota, active weather, and cities with no doors or windows that orbits a highly-energetic star called Tanganyika, which gave its home race, the Fightreons, energetic abilities including the ability to ghost through walls, absorb energy from any star to replenish their stamina, heal, and even regenerate. Though the race is Teadr 2.5, they live in a monarchy and are an aristocratic people. The planet has 8 continents surrounding 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:514d

Hazzdance System (Kragers (Left) and Nashes (Right))

  • Krag X- (Krager Homeworld, TBC...)

Jidjiddy System 

  • Nasha- (Nash Homeworld, TBC...)

Didjuddy System (Cricereans, Cricere Meatbug)

  • Cricere- (Cricerean Homeworld, TBC...)

Thesys System

  • Thesys Prime- (TBA...)

Jkalajsa System (Blobes (Left) and Toaxids (Right))

  • Noggo- (Blobe Homeworld, TBC...)
  • Toantox- (Toaxid Homeworld, TBC...)

Didion System

  • Orana

    Orana- An icy rocky planet noted for the holes in its surface containing technologically advanced cities. The place of UUF Gamma-3 Headquarters, and pretty much one of the stupidly few actually successful UUF bases established in the Isolated Systems, if only by virtue of being under the wings of the Galactic Council of Unity, which was already on UIS' case before the base existed. But that didn't nessersarly meant that the base got to be a threat to UIS, as the UUF base of this place got held down by so many regulations and restrictions that sometimes it never has the same commander forever as they would then rage quit and leave the UUF. No leader has been elected by UUF yet, so the group placed here ended up coming to take direct orders from the GCU themselves, with the bases even slowly being subverted into being an extension to their Unity rangers due to alot of politics and regulation changes.... Hey, we didn't say the UUF were COMPLETELY successful.

4. Bothira Sector

The Bothira system, founded by the Xurun traveler Xee Bothira, actselly found this by accsident when it was mistaken to be an entirely new universe. But it was considered new enough that the Xuruns made use of what the secter had to offer.

Kyion System

  • Humus- A brown desert wasteland toxic planet (Red Dwarf, K2-9b, Human Colony, Aridia (Ratchet and Clank), TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:621d

Vobien System

  • Corvathos- A planet which used to be an ocean planet until a climate change reduced most of it to a desert world with continents containing mountain chains and plateaus, and the coral reefs adapted to life on land, and formed reef-like jungles with sparse corals, fungi, plants, and vicious fish-like animals which are mostly carnivorous and most that visit this planet get eaten. This makes it a good place for criminal syndicates to offer rewards for gladiator hunting. Hundreds of people who went here to collect rewards have survived up to 5 days without being injured or killed. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:329d
  • Foros- A swampy forest planet where mostly primates thrive. Many of the primates have adapted to the air, water, land, and trees. Primates here have developed various diets, lifestyles, and behaviors. This planet is also a USRA planet that is colonized by the primate-like beings of the USRA. The Teadr 2 cities are made of precious metals and the architecture is very basic. It's where certain war machines built by Globex facilities are tested. The planet has 3 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:399d
  • Iplbeon- A tropical rainforest planet with bizarre plant life and is drenched with loads of water. The environment is very similar to a Carboniferous Period, having large insects, a wide array of tetrapods and synapsids, and there are no cities found here. The main inhabitants, a race of green-skinned monkey-tailed semi-aquatic Teadr 7 humanoids called Chloropods, live in a tribal community and live in a world of peace and harmony, for they have never been touched by the Villains Act. Naroudans, before forming the USRA, have considered studying the Chloropods' behavior a great activity, and have socially interacted with them at certain times, even inviting the humans to partake in this activity. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: NE:446d
  • Fuezeurus- A wetland planet where water is sometimes so deep, you have to actually swim across the terrain, making it a great sport for the Legion and other sentient animals to swim here. Sentient and unsentient semi-aquatic creatures thrive on this planet. The main inhabitants, a race of amphibious Teadr 2 humanoids called Anthribians, are incredibly intelligent, and have even managed to successfully transfer Chloropods from Iplbeon to their home planet, and make them adapt quickly to their new home. 2 centuries later, the Chloropods have co-dominated with the Anthribians, and have even learned how to use guns and flying vehicles all by themselves. The Anthribians live in either water or land, for sometimes the cities of the planet are underwater, whereas some are not. This planet has 11 continents, 5 oceans, and a moon that's close enough to cause small floods on the planet. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:497d

Ega System

  • Ega Prime- An ecumenopolis planet (Orange Dwarf, Kepler-298d, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Scormon System

  • Ulcerone- A temperate lava planet (Red Dwarf, Gliese 682 b, Rabodan, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 17hr:326d
  • Ardicotone- A cold dune planet (Gliese 682 c, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 57hr:632d

Koibon System

  • Koibon Prime- A temperate desert planet (Red Dwarf, KOI-4427 b, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:386d

Rai System

  • Narra- A temperate planet . It has continents surrounding small oceans. (Normal Sun, Kepler-1638b, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:337d

Veniso System

  • Gnoroson- A coniferous planet where sentient and unsentient animals live in a Teadr 4 medieval society. The main species, a race of Teadr 4 troll-like lizards called Gnorons, are advanced in magic and technology, and have developed non-magical flight and medicines. Some villages live in magocratic societies which practiced both magic and alchemy, and sorcerers (magicians) and sages (alchemists) ruled, and others just live in a monarchy with a king that can often have a sorcerer or a sage as an assistant. This world prefers to live outside the reach of the other-worldly beings that visit the place because they like their traditional lifestyle. The planet has 4 continents, 3 oceans, and a rock and crystalline ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:277d
  • Waeetis- A coniferous planet where the Gnorons have used a magical stargate to transport to and colonize. Since then, this stargate, called the Versaporter, had served as the Gnoron's main transport from Gnoroson to Waeetis. The Gnorons of this world have the same lifestyle as those on Gnoroson. The governments are often magocratic or autocratic, and the Gnorons still preferred to stay away from higher-level technology. However, Waeetis was once the home of the real owners of the planet, the Waeeties. A race of Person Sized or bigger Locust people that once fed and spread happiness and joy thanks to a benvolent magilo user's gift to them during the planet's serious drought and food shortage problem. However, a tragity involving the loss of a beloved princess over a hero's sacrivice against the world's anchent demons drove them into sadness, which in term lead to mass starvation. In desperation, the Emperor of the race tried to use an infamous hex to save it's people with immortality through thriving on his benvolence, but in doing so, the hex corrupted the magilo gift and turned them into hidious dark monsters. And with the Emperor's benvolence not enough in a sense, they were made to wait and take advantage of their relitive obsucrity and wait for people to want to colonise their world. Which they did. However, thankfully, their aims to fully grab the colonists were haulted by King Jall using the very Hex against them by being as semi-tyrantical as possable given how the hex works, but still kept his people from an easy revolt by placing them in condos on the hills where it was a sacred site of the very battle against the Waeetisian demons. He even went as far as to include Starbots into the mix and became a VA benufactor to take advantage of the fact that the Starbots are basicly robotic versons of the anichent demons and are almost uncanny to them. However, this would be ruined accsidently by the heroes thanks to an embittered, entitled twat of a village leader, and thus, would set the path of letting Waeetis greatest and darkest secret to be reveiled. The planet has 5 continents, and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:300d

Eesh System

  • Eesh Prime- A large soiled desert wetland planet (Red Dwarf, Gliese 3293 b, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 1; AT: ; DC: 30hr:602d
  • Mesoworld- A temperate planet (Gliese 3293 c, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC: 48hr:714d
  • Permfost- A cold brown desert planet (Gliese 3293 d, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: ; DC: 59hr:982d

Xeer System

  • Axarthum- A mountainous semi-lava planet which is a Xurons colony with bustling megalopolises, and lava refineries handled by Thabes. This world is known for it's famous gladiator show called the Cloniators, where clones of very excellent Xuron military fighters fight to the death. The planet has several geothermal oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 18hr:274d
  • Igeser- A wetland planet filled with massive swamps and bogs, as well as massive land corals and land reefs, as it used to be an ocean planet until most of the water got mostly evaporated to create the planet's large cloud layer and thunderstorms. This is a Xuron colony where massive megalopolis cities are found either on the ground or in large AFTs. This planet is known to be a large source of rare resources such as spices and rare minerals, and thus has established trade routes with the AUU Currency Troupe on Inorbon. The planet is mainly covered in land whereas there are no oceans and instead large lakes. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:345d
  • Torae- An ecumenopolis planet which is a Xuron colony and the most famous in the Xuron Government. The monuments are significant, and the buildings stand taller than any other Xuron building in the AUU. The underground is also a place for mining the planet's rich amounts of spices and metals, as well as a few criminal syndicate work and some betting and casinos. The planet has 4 small oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:425d

Youub-Bah-Doo System

  • Keek-Jeekis- The prime planet of a multi-cultural collection of unigte to the system aliens simular to these guys. The planet is being heavily contested between the USRA and UIS, as the once peacefully co-existing aliens are now devided by politcs, as certain speices wholly prefer one group over the other, with a handle of spieces that go either way.

Wolden System

  • Wolden Prime- A semi-temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Geturn- A Medieval Wild West world (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Terus- A humid tropical planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Smajeter- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Edratis- A temperate planet (Medieval Society with Robots and Guns, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Iudora- A temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Cucrion- A temperate planet (Mythical Creatures and Technology, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Adraotoist- A large terrestrial jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Casssina System

  • Cassina Major- The Homeworld of the farmer race, Potato-Bug-Eqsed Afhid-like creatures that are master farmers and horoculturalists, called the Cassmites. However, the Cassmites were once heavily subugated by the Xuruns in wanting to capitalise on their farmer skills pre-USRA joining days back when the Xuruns were at an era were they were not a considerable improvement from the Byzans. But the Cassmites hosted a revolution against the Xuruns but never succeeded to to fight them back off. It wasn't when the UIS was founded for some time now that the Cassmites finally were able to chase away Xurun enslavement, and thus, the Casssina system became high UIS supporters. Being Teadr 4, the Cassmites offer little ability to offer an effective blockade, hence why UIS colonised their moon and created a forcefiled surrounding the exit torwords the isolated worlds.
  • Cassina Minor- The Cassmite moon holding a UIS forcefild generator that blocks out the USRA from ever expanding beyond this point, isolated more systems.

Isolated Systems-4

Attato System

  • Rhyzicon- (AUU Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Doctor Greene, TBC...)

Rhyzon System

  • Botambica- (AUU Buzz Lightyear Rhizome, Botan Homeworld, TBC...)

Potatous System

Tomatus System

Chaleto System

  • Charren Pex- The planet of the UUF Gamma-4 Headquarters. The bases were once viberent and operational, but then the Armahor'rorian invaded the planet and captured some of their members, including their commander, Leader Killedoff, to be subugated to unspeakable lovecraftian horror-like torture. The Survivers left behind feared they would return, and actselly called for UIS to come and arrest them, rather having to deal with being jailed then to be subugated to the Armhors. After this was done, UIS came to have a cautious relationship with the Armhor'rorians ever since.

Cucumberious System

Snacattac System

Jcornastsis System

Joti System

  • Joa- A barren but soiled planet with biodomes of agricultural farm colonies that are equipped with constructo-tanks and mechs to fight of the omnivorous alien predators of the planet. This is the home planet of the Teadr 3.5 Buzz Lightyear Joadian-like Joms, whose agricultural sciences and mastery are matched only by their muscles and control of the terrain around them, as they evolved in the hostile outside world as brutish cave beings that moved into growing their own food during the climate change that made the entire world barren, allowing them to survive and eventually build the technology and defenses they have come to possess today. The planet has 18 crater oceans and a large icy planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 48hr:685d

Senticopicia System (Sentipedes)

  • Sentipedia

    Sentipedia- A temperate quarter-ecumenopolis planet that has blue-green flora, crustaceous arthropod fauna, active geothermal and volcanic activity, active weather and storms, complex rock formations, and massive land/sea reefs. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 1.5 centipede-like invertebrates called Sentipedes, which are technologically resilient and have great learning capabilities. They are an independent race and supports neither the USRA, even though they aren't even near their system, or the UIS, reckitnesing both thanks to having recorded their existence even before the isolationing had started, just telling them to get wise and get along, seeing beings that can't get along doomed to an unceremonious end. The planet has 3 large continents, 477 islands, and a large ocean.

Milloslugga System. (Millaslugs)

  • Planet Fort Sluggo- The hyper-millaterrised home planet of the millaterry-minded serpently slug creatures with segmented mouth-parts. What they lack in arms to hold guns, they make up for it in being able to create powerful defensesive systems and their creation on mechs that basicly do all the hard stuff for them. In having a friendship with the Sentipedes, the Millaslugs also agree that UIS' and the USRA's aimless disagreements will go nowhere but dishastor, and stayed out of both as well. They're pretty much the Sentipedes' first defence against the Armahor'rorians, which while they don't actively tried to go after the Sentipedes, they are powerful cosmicly-aware beings that sometimes can cause trouble, which the Millaslugs often had to quell.

Amahor'ror System (Armahor'rorian)

  • Armhorrus- (Armahor'rorian Homeworld, TBC...)

5. Canicour Sector

The once islolationist Canicour secter, founded by an exiled Xurun named Buthed Canicour, who lead a group of fellow exilers and tried to rule in this system with fellow booted out xuruns and start a new goverment to rival the USRA, but due to the mischief the group cause, the Canicour was discovered by the USRA and lead to the group jailed. Still, Canicour became a popular place for the USRA to explore ever since. This system has been famed of taking a liking to the famous Garganula weapony that they made a secter exclusive law that they can't be banned in the Canicour secter, although Ugoldest gets in to some of that action as well.

Eridoni System

  • Wosoword- A mountainous desert lava planet (Orange Dwarf, Kepler-174b, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: 16hr:189d
  • Exe- A desert planet (Kepler-174c, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 23hr:208d
  • Boidia- An ocean planet (Kepler-174d, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: 1; DT: Teadr 2; AT: Type 1; DC: 26hr:247d

Borbox System

  • Seourus- A Chinese ecumenopolis planet where sentient and unsentient creatures live under the beliefs of Sirianism, an Alternate UUniversal religion where people believe that Yin and Yang represent the fates of those who choose to be either good or evil. People visit this place so they can have a look into their fates for only $2.00. This planet houses a dozen rehabilitation centers that use Sirianism to it's advantage. The cities are not that advanced, being made of weak metals, but they do have advanced lighting systems, flying vehicles, and live in an imperialistic government. The planet has 2 large oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:375d
  • Tunige- A temperate moon belonging to a gray and black gas giant called Tuorvax. This moon is known for having large floating platforms which are levitated by magnetanium, and these platforms are filled with large Teadr 2 cities consisting of chrome conductive metals, purple, red, and orange lights, flying trains and cars, and holographic windows and display. The ground isn't inhabited with cities because it's where Globex facilities and military bases test out weaponry and war machines that could sometimes be dangerous. military fortresses and strongholds, and massive cities. The moon has 2 continents and 2 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; OT: 556d
  • Toorange- A desert moon also belonging to Tuorvax. It has no cities, and is instead a moon where, just like the ground of Tunige, is meant for testing out weapons and combat equipment created by the many mobile Globex facilities with sockets in the ground for them to land in. This has been active since the Interuniversal War, and is the birthplace of proton grenades and robotic armor. Has a large supercontinent and one large ocean. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 599d
  • Ustrao- A Japanese ecumenopolis planet which shares an alliance with Seourus, and believe in a religion similar to Sirianism. Urnaoism is an Alternate UUniversal religion in which people use the Yin and Yang meditation technique to find inner peace, thus allowing them to know what will happen and what will not happen if they had done something bad (Kind of like Buddhism). This is also a planet containing rehabilitation centers that use Urnaoism. The planet has one large ocean and crystal and dust rings. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:555d
  • Oltanx- A tundrous planet where snow pours down almost every day. The sentient and unsentient animals there have developed enough fur and fat to combat the cold environment and create Teadr 6 villages in areas where snow does not fall often. The villages are made of metals, and do have limited access to electricity in the intense snowstorms. But there are places on this planet belonging to Teadr 3 crime lords that have access to electricity inside underground caves where they can easily hide from authority, smuggle illegal substances and weapons, and do dealings with other planets and moons. The planet has 3 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:638d

Crimemi System

  • Aombie- A desert lava canyon mountain planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gou- A semi-temperate mountainous canyon lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Coullex- A semi-temperate planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ataxia- A semi-junkyard semi-wasteland soil planet. This is a world with a grand and significant history of crime, especially during the Great Stagnation when crime ran rampant, especially with the foundation of a secret underground organization called CrimeTech, which was founded by the Mephean criminal overlord CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey, who bought 98% of the criminal underworld across the entire AUU and had nearly-unlimited control as, during this time, technology was stagnant and law enforcement was poor. Bertron ran this business for 76 years until being taken down by a family of famous antiheroes known as the Morecrafts. However, since CrimeTech's downfall, it's mass-unemployed members staged a rebellion that obscured the Morecrafts and produced most of the hundreds of lawless sectors and worlds across the AUU. However, 16 months before the Villains Act, Bertron's descendant, CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, would restore CrimeTech and form a stiff competition with Corruption Co. until eventually being taken down by one of the many remnants of the Morecrafts. (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ralgauth- A wetland jungle planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ocury- A tropical island planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Clexeter- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Joujue XI- A lava moon belonging to a red gas giant called Joujurkury. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Joujue XX- A desert moon also belonging to Joujukury. (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:

Oggins System

  • Dasibar- A wetland planet which is the first of a planetary system given to the Aufones as an act of gratitude for giving the humans advice on how to properly beat the Rabodans during the Human-Rabodan War. This system is the only other system which the Aufones have since the race itself has no access to space travel. To get around, the Aufones were given a teleportation grid connected to all the planets in the system. This grid can even take the Aufones back to their home planet if desired. This planet in particular is a prosperous one with bustling cities with common Aufone architecture, being either on land or in the water. The planet is covered mostly in land and the water mainly exists in small oceans or wetlands and marshes. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:287d
  • Grallock- A temperate wetland swampy planet which is covered mostly in water and is mainly surrounded in marshes. This world is the capital of the Aufone Colonies, and carries it's own Council, which itself is chosen by the ruler of the Aufones. The cities are larger than they are on most of the Aufone colonies, and the sky, due to the small amount of sulfur, is yellow in color. The planet, like all the others in the system, has the habitat that fits these beings the best, having bodies of water and swampy environments. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:311d
  • Kie- A wetland rainforest planet which is noted for having had no volcanic eruptions for millennia, and most of it's volcanoes are extinct. This Aufone colony is the second most prominent in the system bcause it has the greatest population of any of the planets due to it's cities being the second largest in the system, carrying several historical monuments. This is often where scientific experiments take place to help the Aufones discover space-travel, particularly lightspeed travel, which is difficult for them to build even with reverse engineering. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:386d
  • Orealis- A tropical planet with a sky with a small concentration of elements which make the sky a greenish color. This is the first most prominent in the Aufone Colony System for being a great vacation spot. There are massive resort cities, large oceans for the Aufones to often live in, and because the magnetosphere is stronger than most planets, auroras are often seen even around the equator twice every few years. The planet has several small islands surrounded entirely by ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:421d

Granshcan System

  • Lithuinia- A Lithuanian-like planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Atvia- A Latvian-like planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Teriea- A temperate planet that has longer days and nights which last an entire year due to it's axis making it's rotation slower, creating biota that thrive in each side of the planet as the fauna always migrate and the flora always hibernate. This world is a semi-medieval technological world built from a former Arterian prison colony, and has had massive prison colonies for the planet's old period of mass anarchy which was quelled quickly by an evolving justice system, as a technological knighthood was founded and an autocratic martial rule where the strongest fighter was king was founded, being dubbed the Teri Kingdom. Legends came up on this world mainly of antiheroes like the origin of the Morecraft Clan and of the grand Teor, a master thief that was sent on a mission that shook the foundations of the Teri Empire, free roaming the vibrant prison world and chose to help or exploit its many citizens, and ended up accidentally quelling half it's crime. The planet has 1787 islands, 9 continents, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 365d:8810d

Phemzy System

  • Geich- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Bolfoy- A European ecumenopolis planet (AUU Beyond Good and Evil, European Ecumenopolis, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Erbom- A swamp planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Marmsamy- A rainforest planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Grykron System

  • Bellioroh- (Normal Sun, 51 Pegasi b, Human Tourist Site, Hot Jupiter (Hot Oerum), iron rain, auroras from charged particles, strong winds, TBC...) Moons: None; DC: 8h:100d

Scurpum System

  • Girgmus- A desert planet which is noted for having a massive amount of geothermal valleys. The terrain, despite having a sustainable amount of plants, is very dangerous due to the air containing a tiny bit of toxins that are only tolerable to the wildlife that lives on the planet. Despite the toxicity, this world is rich in rarium and spices, as several mines have been colonized to harvest them and sell them across the AUU through the AUU Currency Troupe. The waters are for the most part too toxic and hot for drinking, but there are clean water holes for it. Some spas are also built here for the many relaxing geyser baths and for the toxins that can often be beneficial for health. The planet has over 8 large oceans surrounded entirely by land, and it has a crystalline and rocky planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 20hr:301r
  • Tuthi- A semiarid desert planet which is distinguished for it's green sky as the result of the small concentration of radon, and has been the production of many chemical-based weaponry. Globex facilities were built here and have been working on chemical weapons during the Exo and Interuniversal Wars. They have created over 50 million variants of chemical weapons that were a huge profitable success throughout the AUU, but their destructive capabilities were so dangerous, in later years, and thanks to Councilwoman Lotus, these weapons have been discontinued and are still being disposed of to this very day, or stored in highly-guarded underground vaults. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:328d
  • Ziasmo- A Jamaican tropical planet which is a popular world for being locked in it's place and not orbiting it's sun, thus making one side an eternal summer day, and the other a frozen snowy wastelands. The oceans used to be filled with tons of rarium until toxic-based attacks by the Villains Act polluted the oceans and obscured any trace of the valuable gem. Now the gem is rare in the oceans of this tropical resort planet. The planet has colorful plants and wildlife, and the toxins entering the oceans have actually improved the oxygen quality in the water, allowing life to flourish at an alarming rate and creating bigger coral reefs. The community is like Jamaica, having a parliamentary democracy and has over a hundred resort cities spread across island to island. The planet has over 516 islands ranging in size and several oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: Locked
  • Qormit- A tropical jungle planet with desolate and colorful jungles and beautiful wetlands. The civilizations are primitive and are made of soil. This world has been one where technology was lost due to an asteroid strike, rendering the beings here into an ancient lifestyle. Some signs of ancient technology still exist including strong supports and architecture, advanced medicines, dams, and only regained technology from reverse-engineered machinery from lost ships. The citizens here range in species from either aliens or sentient animals. The planet has 7 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:386d
  • Risp- A rainforest planet which is distinguished for being a minor colony for the Augurans. This is a world with colorful plants, a colorful sky as the result of the numerous amounts of noble gases, a lot of weather, and a massive amount of wildlife that the Augurans have often introduced. The world is known for having massive advanced monuments that contain ancient yet advanced machinery including supercomputers that actually keep data information and contain books of magic spells that require certain levels of classification to unlock. These supercomputers are durable and weapon-resistant, and the Villains Act hardly have the patience to destroy them just to get to it's secrets. There are also large treetops with large cities with similar architecture. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans and a large icy and dusty planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:431d

Abis System

  • Basarder- A temperate desert planet which has a massive amount of plants and animals often coming from Daiter. The planet has several large outback-like deserts with massive rock formations, several grasslands and valleys, a few billabongs and swamps, and the blue sky, instead of being comprised of xenon, actually has mercury. This is a Daiten colony, and one of the many colonies they decided to settle in on during a time when they wanted to explore, and later grew out of it to focus on other pursuits. This planet is still a prosperous colony to the Daitens, and still makes them feel like they're in their preferred outback world. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: NE:327d
  • Daiter- An outback planet which is populated by massive megafauna and the terrain ranges and can be very massive. This world is different from several others because it's society is a blend between technology and tribal society, thanks to the planet's main race, the Teadr 3 marsupial primate beings known as the Daitens. These chimp-sized beings were intelligent individuals who were experts at adapting, hunting, and even learning to other things such as swimming, which they didn't know how to do in their earlier years. They possessed high-grade technology including primitive-style electric machines, projectile-based firearms, impressive architecture, and limited robotics, as well as space travel, which they rarely do. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:385d
  • Sio- A temperate planet which has terrain consisting mostly of rainforests, as well as a small amount of grasslands, billabongs, and desert outbacks. There are also a massive amount of marsupial and outback wildlife, some being introduced from Daiter, and the sky is yellow due to the small amount of fluorine. This is a colony for the Daitens which was inhabited during their old days as travelers before they went to different pursuits. Though this world still thrives and is mined for it's vast amounts of precious gemstones and resources that are valued to them. The planet has 15 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:424d

Edge of the Galaxy System

  • Edge Planet 1- The prime leading planet of a series of planets that sit percariliously close to the edge of the Secter's arm and looks at risk of being drifted off into endless space. This is the captial planet of the Edge Planets ruling goverment, the Edge Allience, ruled by the Lioessia, A Sub-Omnican Robotic race known as the Borgican, and the Swattini, (three of these guys), that rule the edge planets with firm control and are strictly independent, thus the Edge Allience is UIS friendly and has done business with them from time to time. UIS even has representives stationed in Edge Planet 1 eyeing the group for the day the Edge Allience would accept an allience partnership, though for now the Edge Allience has yet to have serious trouble from the USRA races.
  • Edge Planet 2- A sub-servient planet that is home to the races the Snootgorini, a race of aliens with small snouts, The Snoblins, little goblin-eqse scavingers and sometimes thieves that have a Jawa-like socity, male Lioesssians due to the Lioessians being a predominant Matriarchical socity, and the Tentogussians. (These guys). The planet is a desert and filled with forsaken scrap yards and garbage dumps of long ago Teadr 1 origin, implying that the Edge Planets used to be a dumping ground for Teadr 1 races to throw up broken or worthless devices into. Thus, the Edge Allience has the subservient forces to clean up, recycle and renew the lost Teadr 1 tec for their use and/or to share with UIS if they wish for it.
  • Edge Planet 3- The Home planet of the Semi-Teadr 1 race the Edgulons, (These dudes), that are the "Landlords of sorts" of the Edge Planets, as the races of the edge planets are from worlds long-lost to either war with a powerful outside threat or their own carelessness or an unstoppable cataclsyum and the Edgulons were semi-kind enough to offer these races homes, but under FIRM conditions that they respect their standerds and laws, and that they pay the rent of the anichent Teadr 1 tec that's been restored and not already in the Edge Allience's use. The Edgulons are pretty much why the Edge Allience is so strict. The Edgulons are by no means malevolent, they just don't believe in being "Recklessly Kind" and/or "Doing something nice for free", implying the Edgulons want the disenfrancised races to return this kindness back in advance.
  • Edge Planet 4- The Degenerate Home Planet of those that won't back the Edge Allience nor support their Pro-UIS stance. The group, Edge-Deflecters, consist of the primitive Cyclcopsian Eyeclopsors, the ultra relijustus hole-headed aliens called the Religenions, the horn-headed big-head elf-eared aliens called the Unicorpitans, and the lizard-snake-eqsed creatures with long purple tongus known as the Hisscentuari. (These Guys). They protest against UIS because some of UIS members were old enemies of them, The Eyeclopsors Suffered Mass Enslavement with their planet being turned into a weapon testing area by the Vyrans, the Religenions being old defeated enemies of the Skorners, the Unicorptans being exsiled enemies of the Brainiacaazks that saw their planet being impluded apawn the race's exile so there would be no return, and the Hisscentauri were old enemies of the Bullas that lost their planet to them via a giant planet-sized mech known as the Axe-Titan. Even when these races were different back in Pre-UIS times, these races proved judgemental that they refused to co-operate with the Edge Allience. This being said, Edge Planet 4 and it's inhapitence still have to adhere under the Edgulons rules, which includes commiting violent acts in the name of idealogities, thus preventing these races from doing anything extreme. That doesn't stop rogue individuals however that the Deflecters often had to silence to protect themselves from losing their new home. As a consiquence, the Deflecters are a USRA friendly race, if barely cause the races had have their previous beefs with the USRA races too, that Rabodans were racist to Eyeclopsors, The Religenions used to enslave Naurodans, The Unicorptans used to have a fierce rivalry with the Yaterons who hated them for causing the Ehswans extinction in that the Ehswans were great people to them who saved them from their many times of woe, and the Hisscentauri, like Naaars, consider Yuruns a delicacy. Uneasy of a strange bedfellow these guys are, they are the closest the USRA has to have this system contested away from compelte UIS control.
  • Edge Planet 5- An Edge-Deflecter controled planet where non-Criminalised Grutts have taken part in keeping the Edge Planets from being fully UIS-esed, creating another odd-bedfellow for the USRA races to have. Thess Grutts, lead by One-Eye The Edgelord, had befriended the other local races that lean more torwords the Deflecters and by extention the USRA, who were also disenfrachised distasters of certain UIS races Pre-UIS. The warrior race the Hornaxons who had lost to the Ka'Navi in a war to try and claim their sacred treasure (Before it's historic ruin) and lost their planet as a result, The Sciencari who were victims of a Coraak corperation that turned their planet into an empifimy of climate change dishastor after they accepted an incompidently made deal from a reknown idiot Coraak, and the mercenary Flgikinians after the Sea Krows used a bomb filled with tritium that turned their planet into an ocean one when the Krows needed to protect the Ziseryins from the Figikins that were threatening to destroy them for harassing them on how they handled their oceans. (These guys next to Eye-One). Like in Edge Planet two, Edge Planet 5 is also an anichent scrap yard and garbage dump for Teadr 1 races back in the age of Teadr 1s, and thus the scrap metal is collected, recycled and renewed in the same efficentcy as in Edge Planet 2. And like the Edge Allience, the Deflecters often split the tec to keep for themselves, to give to the USRA race, though abit more relucently then how confident the Edge Allience is with UIS, or to the Edgulons as part of their rent-payment.

Eolon System

  • Descion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vafluocury- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jesceon- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jerror- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Hazzara- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Eolphon- (Eolphan Home Planet, Aliens That Look Like This, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Aili V- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Bloxon- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Koglion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Kogon- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Feo Tera- Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Glex X- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Glex XX- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thaxoruta- Moons: ; DC:
  • Thax I- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thax X- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Thax XV- DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Eota Vux- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Garganutus System

  • Garganu Prime- The once proud home of a mighty and noble Taranchula Race called the Garganulas, a powerful race of giant hairy spider people. Though incapable to make complex webs, they make up for it by having the best weapony in the Canicour system and being extremely durable fighters, being able to handle many shots from normal guns, around the thoundsons and billions, of which by then even an entire army will be exhausted of their weaponry. The best way to fight them is through their own weaponry. However, the proud warrior race is in hard times in due to a terriable fungus infection that reduses them to zombies, causing un-infected members of the race to scatter across the system. A cure has yet to be made. Though this tragity doesn't effect the Garganulas because they have a philosify that's asentually a lighter verson of the Pharcums's beliefs, given that they do morn for their dead but they know not to dwell in it for longer then certain days or dedicated holidays, and know when to make the best in life. And the Garganulas really did made the best of the situation and spread their race throughout the system. Fortunately, the fungus as of now only infects Garganulas, but the race still warns against outsiders visiting the planet "To keep it that way" as a procaution, warning that the fungus is a mysterious and always evolving infection. Hence why an absolute cure is still being studied and reshearched.
  • Garganuian- The new home planet of the Garganulas and where the race began to make a miraculious recovery (In thanks to a very good reproductive rate) and began production of a cure for the fungus, though not nessersaly to cure the long lost zombies, (of which they say their weaponry is a good enough cure for the long infected, stating that the persons they once were would rather die then live another second as a slave to the fungus), in due to the fungus being very adapted to curing attempts once it has already found a host, but more like to make them ammuned to the fungus before it can enter their bodies. Once so, Garganu Prime would see a powerful reclaim by it's original occupents, and Garganulas won't hesitate to make sure there won't be any stragglers in that wake to prevent a new infection.
  • Hugeagus- The Garganula animal santcuary planet where their native fauna are reintrodused in the wake of the infection as a precaution to make sure the fungus can't adapt to anything not a Garganula and risk being mistakenly rescued by a wildlife group with ill-placed sympathy. The Introductions proved widely successful, though it was a challnage to keep the introdused wildlife from being a direct threat to established native animals and make the ecosystem properly adapt to the new change. Close Calls aside, the Garganulas were able to have their planet's creatures be accepted into the ecosystem without serious loss of the native wildlife.
  • Bigo- The Garganulas millaterry outpost planet and the perfect shorce of defense since the infection. The finest of Garganula weaponry is made here and are popular in the Canicouri Secter. Though why only the Canicouri secter is widely because the weapons are too powerful for more interuniverseal share and are only restricted in the Canicouri, with obvious exception to the tec loving Ugoldest secter for non-surprising reasons. For the rest of the universes on why this is the case, it ranges to the basic reasons of the weapons being too powerful to high risk factors of being irresistable to less desirables for how powerful even a mere handgun can be and that the entire Garganula arnsal can shame the entire Huncus line alone, even it's best guns in the series would pale in compairison. Even the greatest of heroes are restricted from having a Garganula weapon.

Huntrix System

  • Huntrix Superior- The capital world of the Garganulas firece rivals: Garganula Hunter Huntrixmites. A Sub-Cousin race of Hymenovespula that were once a normal hive but years of isolation evolved them into a radically different race that are fierece fighters, even for being about the size of medium-sized dogs. They reverse-engineered smuggled Garganula weaponry to make their own way to combat Garganulas. Usually, the Huntrixmites usually take what the Garganulas deemed to be outcasts in the purpose of feeding their carcusses to their young, but the Garganulas hard times became THEIR hard times because the Garganulas desired all members, even ones unpopular, to stay alive. This sparked a more intense relationship as the Huntrixmites have started raiding parties on isolated Garganula towns and take all residence to be subugated. The Garganulas did aim to bring punishment to the Huntrixmites, but they have been held back by UIS, the Huntrixmites new allies. The least the Garganulas can do is build up more defences on the cities and encourage towns to move closer to the cities for better protection. But the Huntrixmites still enjoy going after whatever loner or traveling Garganula party that strays beyond the group to ensure their surviveal.
  • Huntrix Inferior- The moon of the Huntrixmites given to UIS to established a forcefiled to block out USRA advancement torwords now isolated systems. The Huntrixmites don't nessersarly hate the USRA, but they have been convinced that the USRA would offer problems to them in some shape or form because of their lifesytile and acted on surviveal interest to join UIS as a result.

Isolated Systems-5

Aracrictus System (Spidiritions (Last Alien Being))

  • Aracritus Prime-
  • Spidiritas- (Spidirition Home Planet, TBC...)

Manacour System (These Freaky Things)

  • Reservus- A UIS-owned wild-life reserve now the home of animals and creatures from dying/dead worlds and how UIS restores lost species thanks to the planet's hyper-reactive primordial ooze that instantly re-creates a lost species by one male and one female, which are both made instantly in heat and instantly mate madly to re-create a species with members biologically made not-related to eachother so inbreeding isn't an automatic issue. This planet came espeically helpful for species of creatures affected by the mad actions of Blech. The creatures include but not limited to, The gorborian, a love-craftian looking creature hunted to near extinction in Skornus until UIS ordered the creatures spared, the marboon, a cartoony looking one from the once existing islands of a prehistoric Bruddlefish Homeworld, a fanasor, a centaurian predatory alien from the Vyrann world that were hunted to near extinction for sport but were stopped when the Commodore at the time ordered them to be spared after such a creature saved his daughter's life from a sickness and stopped the sport hunting in gratatude, Sraw Srats, a herbavorious nector sucker from the Zhaerthis homeworld which suffered a decline due to previously unchecked Zhaerthis defelupment, Clucksaurs, The Huge Apex-Chicken Headed Beasts of Bulla Heroldry that suffered drumatic decline due to the second civil war and were placed in consversation status, The Accrutus, A beaked-hooved weird-features creature from Prehistoric times in the Skep Homeworld that're barely found in viaitable numbers due to outsider pouching, and the cute monkey-like reptilian Mashiona, little creatures that originated in islands of prehistoric times of the Brains homeworld before it was over-taken by water and became the all ocean planet at that time, but were found barely surviving on a barely vitable island unchartable to maps and were given a new home here with other creatures, as each began to adapt and thrive.

Canamour System

Blamacour System

Thavv System (Thavvans)

  • Thavv- (Thavvan Home Planet, TBC...)

Banmamslama System

Myzeo System

  • Myzilea- Originally the place of UUF Gamma-5 Headquarters, but the leader assigned to the place, LT. Pouchus, made the mistake of wanting to start a pouching operation of Reservus, but UIS spies were able to expose the operation before it started, leading to the bases very blunt destruction. UIS even left the bases to rot and be claimed by nature to spite them, even leaving survivers without ways to leave the planet to devolve into primitives for what they tried to do.

Couracon System

Hjkland System

Kirk'iki'kik'iki'kiki System

Jikx System

6. Tobani Sector

A secter of gamma founded by the Aufone philosifer, Master Tobani, the Tobani Secter is considered the most mysterious of the Gamma system, as Tobani believed that the worlds in it could hold many secrets that even today have yet to be understood. What is currently understood is that there's a world with life without a sun, a dinosaur rider planet, a planet with a tourniment with a complicated reputation, a system owned by a very creepy Yateron, the Xurun home planet, a planet of conflicting leaderships, and a world that's considered among the biggest evolutionary marvels ever.

  • Xeske- A rogue planet, or planemo, that comes from a destroyed system called the Nosun System which had a red dwarf, and since it's destruction, the world drifted off into space and became so stable, it became a rogue planet, or a planet with no sun and only orbits with the unigalax, and thus, having an eternal night with no sun, is at times cold because of the lack of sunlight, yet generates it's own heat because of the atmosphere it possesses and the heat it retained from it's days with the Nosun Star, the native fauna and flora here, which are only in the form of single-celled organisms and anything similar, nourish themselves from the chemistry in the soil of the planet, there is a thin yet breathable atmosphere, large rock/lava/geothermal/toxic valleys and formations, strong thermal shifts, weather, and storms, massive bacterial colonies including stromatolites, and has thriving communities. However, the life that exist are not only based on highly-active single-celled organisms with collective intelligence to simulate an animal, but they are physically unpleasant to look at. They thrive on Xeske like the creatures from Pitch Black and are often necromorphic or unworldy in nature to the point that they can't be properly classified as any sense-making creature, even though they have already been documented as being 'stromatoliids', or single-celled life forms that act as a singular unit to simulate a eukaryotic organism. Very few brave scientists dare venture into this nightmarish world to study these creatures and the plants that have learned to thrive on the heat of the planet without the use of a sun, and that in it's oceans, every fish looks like a trench horror and birds here eerily look like they're walking dried up corpses, looking like this because of the lack of available food and thus reduced biological mass to save energy. This world never worries about poachers because of the infamy of this world. The world has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: None

Cospray System

  • Rouch Ju- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Jure- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Cosper- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Co I- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Co II- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Relly- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Flerea- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Costyrma Neom- (Costyr Home Planet, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Neoma- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Rainia- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vreck- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Adjacerea- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Atter- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Gochion- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Loker- (TBC...) DT: ; AT: ; OT:
  • Proytis- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Tookeng Gente- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Roh- (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:
  • Threme- (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:

Quinxiote System

  • Aboafronoe- A tropical planet with floating soil platforms in the sky levitated by magnetanium for flying animals to fly onto and live in. The planet is extremely large, and the surface of the planet is mostly covered with water. Sentient and unsentient flying animals make a living here, and have built Teadr 3 cities on the floating platforms of the planet which consist of silver buildings with glass windows, modern-day household technology, and ground vehicles. The planet has 3 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:308d
  • Sioephus

    Sioephus- An Australian outback planet where the temperature is scarcely hot, and oceans make up 70% of the planet. Large swamps and billabongs lay everywhere, and Teadr 3 cities can be found across the land. Some cities have been coated with metal since the first Villains Act attack from Master Ganali, and since then, Sioephus has been one of the many planets to have a rebellion dedicated to fighting the Villains Act. When it was destroyed, the rebellion bases were converted into military bases and fortresses. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:386d
  • Ibrjuna

    Ibrjuna- An ecumenopolis planet which is a USRA planet, whereas all the dominant races in the AUU populate it. It houses a large global Teadr 2 city constructed with silver, chrome, and obsidian-colored buildings with holographic windows, sometimes virtual rooms, a large abundance of plants, orange, blue, and white lighting, and flying vehicles. It is also known for it's diplomatic powers, as well as it's capitalistic society which helps provide big business for the planet in the form of over a hundred Globex facilities. The planet also has one of the greatest military forces in the Alternate UUniverses. But though it has a great military, it is mostly just a diplomatic planet, which people there don't believe in war, but instead believe in defense and peace. Hardly any wars ever occur on that planet, and the Villains Act had only attacked it once. The planet has small lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: NE:502d
  • Tiyxubos

    Tiyxubos- A temperate jungle planet where dinosaurs live free and can often cause ruckus to the Teadr 3 communities. There are no cities, but the civilizations are composed of mainly technological towns for advanced tribes. This is the main home for the Dinosaur Training Force, which is charged with the duty of using their trained dinosaurs to fight and capture the rampaging dinosaurs, rehabilitate them, and defend their planet's secrets from the evils of Krolken the Sharp. Some of the dinosaurs have been fitted with detachable cybernetic weapons, and most of them are easy to ride. This makes this planet the Alternate version of Berk. The planet has 3 continents, hundreds of islands and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:594d

Forgce System

  • Forgce Prime- A lava planet that has lava valleys, a hot surface, a red sky due to it's small amounts of neon, large rock formations and volcanoes, and is rich in valuable metals and volcanic gems. This is a world where the Vyeper Group established a hundred lava refineries and mines to collect the rich amounts of metals and gemstones. There are no cities found on this planet due to the barely-habitable conditions of the planet, and the technology to fix it and build cities using it is terribly expensive. The planet has 5 lava oceans surrounded entirely by hot land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type II; DC: 20hr:289d
  • Qilzorm- A semi-temperate planet which started out as a barren uninhabitable planet until the Villains Act terraformed it to be a colony of their own. They used their colonies here to begin their campaign to take over the entire system and declare war on the Vyeper Group, and they nearly won the war had it not been for their downfall. Since then, the Vyeper Group claimed the planet as their own, disposed of all contraband technology, and made a viable community out of selling the contraband technology for disposal. They even created a new environment consisting of small amounts of dull-colored plants, land reefs, geothermal valleys, large rock and lava formations, canyons and tall mountains, and made the Villains Act monuments into displays either in museums or parks. The planet has a hundred cities with the same architecture and Teadr level as the cities on Mirra. The planet has 8 large oceans surrounded entirely by land, and has a large dusty and rocky planetary ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:322d
  • Oslormy- A temperate planet which has alien-like fauna and flora, along with a population of mythical creatures, and is a world within it's Industrial Revolution. The planet has several kingdoms and city-like villages that, despite having ounces of criminal activity in the form of bandits and thieves, has currently developed steam-powered machinery which includes robots, jet packs, airships, and other machines. Guns have also been developed, but they are all projectile-based. Magic is also a popular practice on this planet, but it has a bit of infamy of being used to solve all problems, which is why magical ethnic groups exist, some of which exert to terrorism and crime in order to get the point across. Regardless, magic is still allowed and used many times, though technology is starting to grow on this planet at an alarming level. Villages and kingdoms are starting to use electricity, robots are being used for multiple purposes, vehicular technology is starting to arise, and a global military police force is starting to evolve in order to combat crime. The planet has 10 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:356d
  • Mirra- A temperate planet that is known for it's colorful fauna and flora, it's ancient military forts and ruins, it's pure water, it's large mountains and rock formations, and for it's rich amounts of gemstones and spices. This used to be a home for the Zyauar Masters as a military colony until their extinction left a militaristic faction called the Vyeper Group, whose home planet ran out of viable resources to make a decent living, to take control of the many forts, receive a countless amount of advanced technology including weaponry, shields, and vehicles, and form a militaristic government of their own that has went through several wars throughout history including during the Interuniversal War. Their weapons have even been spread throughout the AUU and commonly used on worlds such as Warboth, Xalcrom, Iallog, and so on. This world has even invited the USRA races to inhabit this world and help them revolutionize through Globex facilities. The planet has over a hundred cities, towns, and megalopolis cities spread out and connected through underground interstates, and contains gray, white, and chrome buildings with holographic/computer interface/durable/plasma windows, metro stations, hovering/ground vehicles, screen/holographic display and propaganda, massive amounts of plant life, virtual reality catacombs, robotics and AI, and AFT platforms. The planet has 12 continents and 7 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:386d
  • Arpletoy- A temperate island planet which is in it's 11th century days, yet possess fine levels of technology through their semi-technological Medieval society. Though most of the population lives within these semi-technological societies, they were often raided by pirates of one of two factions that want to rule their own ways: the Freecrafts, which want peace through free will, and the Tempcrafts, which desire peace through control. These two factions have been at this since the 6th century, and most of the independent semi-technological societies were founded by people who have forsaken both factions and wanted to make a living of their own, establishing kingdoms which almost match the beliefs of whatever faction they were from, though evolved into something different as the centuries passed. As for the factions, they have multiple territories across the planet, and travel through steam-powered airships that are fueled by hovering over the water, heating it, and using it's steam to fuel the ship itself. Though other vehicles including blimps exist, and these two factions still continue their fight to this very day, and obtain resources either by scavenging the thousands of ancient semi-technological ruins, or by raiding the kingdoms for them. Though special Knight Templars exist to quell these raids and protect people from danger. Though rumors exist which involve ancient alien AUU God artifacts which use quantum technology to warp fate and reality, and sometimes the pirates of both factions believe the rumors to be true, and scourer the planet for them, wherever they could be, to no prevail. The planet has 26 small continents, 7,896 islands, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:404d
  • Bable- A temperate planet which has a sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon, and consists of only 4 small continents and a global ocean littered with small islands. This world is mostly consisting of over a hundred city-states that are revolutionizing Medieval communities ruled by a single kingdom, some of which have lawless stretches of plains and forest between each other. The ocean territories are all considered lawless and thus are filled with pirates that steal, and thus several sailing routes are taken to get from island to island, or some worlds are easy to get to from the continents. One of the most prominent institutions of the planet is a multinational institution called the Guild, which is a centre of learning and training for Guilders, renowned mercenaries that are active in all parts of Albion. They are hired as thieves, soldiers, guards, rescuers, and protectors, and they make no moral judgment on the actions of its own members, making the Guild entirely antiheroes who provide for both others and themselves, and are the only people that can sail the lawless sectors of the planet without worrying about pirates because they have superior defenses and larger ships. Not all of the planet's society consists of city-states and pirate coves. There are also native sentient animal tribes and minor villages, mostly on the islands. The planet has 4 small continents and over 731 islands. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:444d
  • Ossleker- A white gas giant which is rich in a conductive gas which could be useful in powering blimps. Thus several mining colonies have been established on this planet, as well as a few AFT cities and artificial continents. The community is at a Teadr 3 level consisting of blimp-like airships as the primary source of maximum transport, cities with metro stations, white buildings with computer-interface windows and teleportation grids, hovering vehicles, screen/holographic display and propaganda, large amounts of plants and wildlife, floating debris fields, robot intelligence and AI, and augmented reality/mobile touch-screen devices, wearable computers and Omninet. This world earns $900 million a year when mining the conductive gases on this planet, making it a very corporate success. The planet has over 156 artificial continents. Moons: 67; DC: 78hr:902d
  • Seash- A tundrous mountain planet which is a mining colony rich in cryolite, and was once taken over during the Interuniversal War by a slave group which would take all the wealth for themselves and make the slaves mine them in exchange for food and nutrients. It wasn't until a battle that the slaves revolted and restored the old community back to normal. The world used to be a colony for the Sabochans until a global superstorm which lasted over 28 years left it to be abandoned. Yet the world slowly recovered when it passed, and all the societies were restored by other sentient inhabitants. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 4 small cold oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:488d
  • Heion- A frozen ice planet which is known for being uninhabitable due to an eternal Ice Age caused by an eternal global superstorm which wreaks cold havoc on anything within it's reach. This used to be another Sabochan planet until the superstorm came and, as the result of global events, the superstorm remained as it is to this very day, and nobody has ever set foot on it ever since. The world is too cold for even temperature-controlled suits, and there are only a few signs of wildlife in the form of Ice-Age-like fauna and flora which fight off the cold through years of extreme evolution. The planet has a large icy planetary ring. Moons: 5; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type III; DC: 35hr:505d

Magam System

  • Vaago- An uninhabitable lava planet (Four Suns, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Magmitose- A lava planet (Magmite Home Planet, Teadr 4 Bombardier-Like Beetle Insectoid Beings, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ulscrom- A lava planet which is known for being one where Globex established lava refineries and robot factories. The wildlife makes the atmosphere breathable, and there are also robotic graveyards spanning the lava fields. This world was victimized by the Exo-Wars centuries ago, and Infernus took it over in order to produce war machines. Several models of robotic weapons and vehicles were manufactured and tested. There are no cities found here, and the only signs of civilization appear in space stations that orbit the planet. The planet has a large rocky and metallic planetary ring. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC:
  • Cynseus- A semi-lava desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Vercle- A desert lava planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Gress- A semi-temperate desert planet (TBC...) Moons: ; DT: ; AT: ; DC:
  • Ejjimer- An orange-brown gas giant (TBC...) Moons: ; DC:

Occil System

  • Fyzogmer- A desert planet which used to be a brief colony for the Yatorans until it was abandoned for it's difficult-to-terraform climate. However, the planet settled nicely into a habitable world later on and became the center for a lot of technology for independent manufacturing protfitable companies. Certain companies soon evolved into megacorporations which have gained control of certain sectors of the planet and have started uncovering the many Yatoran underground vaults which store a ton of random alien technology which they can use to profit from. They soon went into owning the planet itself while it's citizens would fight for themselves since the megacorporations breezed up the economy. Cities still exist, but the bigger ones belong to the megacorporations, while the smaller ones were owned by a semi-corrupt society where bandits, combat racing, raids, robberies, science, advanced combat sports, and technology are the norm. People get used to this lifestyle, and the megacorporations show they still care about their world by using their privatized police force to govern the planet. The technology is from different worlds and different races of different Teadr levels. Powerful fauna exist here as well as introduced wildlife from other planets, and the flora is beyond beautiful, filled with colorful plants and land reefs. Colossal Yatoran lands are found here in the most sparse of climates, but there are only a few of them here. The planet has 6 large oceans and 76 small lakes surrounded entirely by land, and it has large rocky, crystalline, and dusty planetary rings. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:303d
  • Magobah- A semi-temperate desert planet which used to belong to the same megacorporations that were in control of Fyzogmer, but since they colonized it for it's precious and rare resources during it's winter cycle, and the spring time bestowed dangerous genetically-engineered and freshly-evolved alien creatures from an extinct alien race, they wreaked havoc and left the megacorporations to abandon it for good, leaving it and it's inhabitants into a lawless society that evolved from the same society of Fyzogmer. Some manufacturing corporations still make a living here profiting for the survival of the society here, often having to steal technology from Fyzogmer, charge outrageous prices, and turn this world into one with a similar society to their origin society. Bandits, pirates, murderers, machines, gladiators, raiders, scientists, and all-around corrupt people inhabit this world and do whatever they can to get by, getting along with whatever people they can and avoid any conflict that could start in the blink of an eye. Cities exist here in the form of giant slums and the corporations have been aiming to be as great as the megacorporations on Fyzogmer, starting with building a privatized police force which has not yet been completed, and building colossal monuments like those on Fyzogmer. There are some forms of wildlife introduced from Fyzogmer including plants and land corals, and also even animals. The planet has 3 large oceans and 119 small lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:333d
  • Cibla- A junkyard lava planet filled with valleys and wastelands full of junk. Before it became a junk planet, it was once a world scorched by a solar flare, leaving all of it's civilizations to be burnt into ruins. Then tectonic activity got out of control and nearly wiped out all life on the planet with the exception of insects and other invertebrates. Though some evacuated the planet during it's cataclysm, some were never able to make it. This world has since become one where trash is disposed of and repurposed by the same company that cleans up Pharagu and mines on Occolo. The planet still has a decent amount of flora on it to keep the atmosphere breathable, and the sky is dark-orange due to it's combined concentration of helium and sodium. The planet has several small oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 25hr:377d
  • Procxon- A terrestrial world which is known for it's large amounts of levitating debris and it's flying islands. It was once a world that tested special weapons on it's own moon, until one ended up destroying the moon, nearly destroying the planet, and reducing it's gravity into going unstable and causing it to decrease. Though this eliminates tidal effects, it also allows people who travel there to jump higher, and their physical strength is increased. Thus, the world recovered and began life all over in a tough and dystopian setting filled with greed, gambling, crime, and military activity. Cities still remain alive, or are built from ancient ruins, and an independent fascist empire began dominating country after country, as a rebellion was forged and fought back with the abilities they had gained from the loss of their moon. Though they fought valiantly, the fascist empire still stood strong fighting these forces, and still does to this very day. The Villains Act briefly wanted in, but the empire denied them permission. This world still remains fighting strong against the evils of this empire. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:401d
  • Occolo- A barren wasteland planet where several AUU Currency Troupe mining colonies have been established. The planet has a purple sky due to it's small amounts of nitrogen, the soil is gray and supports large rock formations and a sustainable amount of plant life and mineral-rich waters. The wildlife only consists of bugs, small reptiles and small mammals. This world is known for being the richest source of rarium, where there are crystal forests and wet humid underground caves, and even volcanoes hold the richest sources of this extremely-valuable gem. Even the core of the planet is 89% rarium. Lava formations and geothermal valleys are apparent here, and the miners are of the same company as the one that cleans up Pharagu. The planet has 6 large oceans surrounded entirely by land, and it has a rocky crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:425d
  • Ucazog- A 75%-ecumenopolis planet which has a global city that covers most of the planet, and the rest of the planet consists of abundant and invasive wildlife that could easily spread to the cities. Land reefs, rainforests, colorful wildlife, rock formations, and canyons are found in these spaces of the ecosystem, and they are all reserves. The city itself has holographic windows, holographic display and propaganda, 64% of it is covered with plants, hovering vehicle traffic and flying hovering billboards exist, the lighting ranges from red, orange, yellow, cyan, blue, pink, purple, and white, and a revolutionizing police force patrols the city streets. The planet has 9 oceans surrounded entirely by land, and a small metallic and rocky planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 32hr:461d
  • Bulse- A mountainous taiga planet filled with boney graveyards, frozen soil, is in an Ice Age period, Ice Age-like wildlife, and colorful forests and plants. This is the home of all the corporations that operate in this system and beyond. There are no cities, but manufacturing and research facilities, factories, mining colonies for cryonite and laserum, and others are found scattered across the planet's cold surface. While some of them have been abandoned due to attacks from the hostile wildlife, these corporations never fail to cease their business. Private armies protect these corporate colonies and the valuable technology they have created, each individual private army using signature corporate weaponry and are incredibly smart and often enhanced. The environment is tolerable enough to survive in for a long time, but sometimes storms can change it. Predators on this planet have even been captured and turned into advantageous guard animals for the private army. The planet has 12 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 37hr:484d

Yavnyer System

  • Naprytire- A large temperate planet which has colorful forests, a purple sky due to it's small amount of argon, and a legendary reputation. This world spawned several beings that could manipulate their life force into useful needs, and learned martial arts and created several warrior fighters that defended this world with extreme diligence. There are also sources of ecological magic which can be harnessed and actually make up most of the world's society's applications and others. There are powerful wizards that live here and can use this ecological magic to it's full potential. This ecological magic sometimes has adverse side effects on the planet itself including flying islands and mountains. The planet has 14 continents and 10 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:326d
  • Sopates- A temperate jungle planet which is a hazardous land with poisonous colorful plants, a thick atmosphere with a red sky consisting of neon, and hot geothermal formations. This is a hardly-known world of military training, as some hardly-known heroes from magical worlds come here for training, or even live here. The animals are dangerous and are wrestled with by these heroes for sport, and once made this world a gladiator hunting world until the end of the Exo-Wars. The planet has 8 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 26hr:385d
  • Paramn Tasa- A red gas giant which is noted for it's habitable zone comprising of a massive complex of AFTs that form a flying community of buildings. These AFTs are supposed to be of Gao Themnus origin, building similar structures and architecture as these many AFTs hover in the cloudy zones of this gas giant. This world is also mined for it's metallic gases, and contains hundreds of cities. The AFTs are capable of withstanding the extreme weather with the use of quantum locking devices that keep them locked in place through the gas giant's intense lower gravity. There are over 50 million AFTs located on this gas giant, each of them ranging in size, and decorated with red, purple, blue, and white lights and hover-traffic. Moons: 32

Chrekse System

  • Foili- A desert planet which has robot graveyards, ancient Teadr 2 city ruins, some still functional and inhabited, large rock formations and cacti, large oases, dull-colored flora, and passive-aggressive wildlife. A haven for criminals and pirates, the world was settled as a mining colony for the AUU Currency Troupe for it's gold mines, it's rich amounts of jewels and gems, valuable metals, and spices. Seeing a flood of settlers after word of its lush natural resource supply spread, many colonists came from all across the AUU to either steal or profit from the mining colonies. The criminals and pirates use the stolen loot for themselves or for trade across the black market. These criminals and pirates are mainly located in inhospitable areas such as canyons, gullies, mesas, and many other rock formations. These criminals ride monster-truck-like all-terrain vehicles packed with weapons, and manufactured by their own private corporation, along with their own weapons and equipment. A security force is thankfully charged with fighting off these criminals when they show up. The planet has 6 large continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:284d
  • Ueo Thnemn- A semi-temperate desert lava planet which is a world with a barely-hospitable surface consisting of mutated fauna and flora, intense sand storms that only twice a week, large rock and lava formations, tainted water, geothermal valleys, and a hot temperature. As the result of mass volcanic activity ravaging the formerly-clear surface and making it harsh and inhospitable, living on the surface has long since been made impossible and the remnants of civilization now dwell in a vast system of underground states linked together by underground metro/roadways that are supposedly the last bastions of a fading race. These underground systems are temperature-controlled, preserve underground life-filled parks that span for miles, are rich in gems, gemstones, and valuable metals, have several levels that get more dangerous the lower they go, and each state is run by a single mayor. The entire network of these states are powered entirely by underground generators, and communications are only made through underground cables. The society is at a Teadr 2 level, and sometimes gladiator hunting above the surface is allowed as long as strict regulations are followed. The planet has 8 lava oceans surrounded entirely by sandy lands. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 21hr:309d
  • Collyx- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet which is known for it's revolution in artificial mnemonic technology, particularly for the megacorporation of Collyx Mnemonics, which had actually first colonized the planet and named it after it's CEO, Collyx Cechner-Wykes. It has developed long lines of mnemonic implants that allow the user to control their own memory through neural blocking, and even connect to the OmniNet from the brain. Though one of their inventions seemed to change the world, but not in the way they expected. This invention was called the MnemNet, a new component of the OmniNet which enables roughly 99% of the planet's population to upload and share their memories on the OmniNet, as well as remove unhappy or unpleasant memories. This in turn gives C-Mnemonics an immense degree of control over the population and enables them to establish a surveillance state, which also leads to a small group of independent rebels forming under the name 'Expressors', whose sole mission is to free themselves from this control. The invention of the MnemNet has also resulted in the creation of Errors, or memory-addicted beings who have absorbed so many memories that their implants has degraded and they have mutated into a sub-being form, now living in the sewers of it's many megalopolis cities. Though in order to avoid conflict with the AUU Grand Council and the Federations, they put together a special police force called the Collyx Defense Force which balances out the problems that the invention of the MnemNet including quarantining the sewers and apprehending and balancing out the needs of the Expressors and giving them whatever demands they desire, though still continue to carry on their company policies. However, this does not make the corporation malevolent, as they at least try to maintain the trust of their people by complying with their wishes, and explain how the MnemNet helps revolutionize crime detection and stop it before it ever happens. The planet has 5 large continents surrounding 3 small oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:335d
  • Pizige- An ecumenopolis planet noted for it's complex city structures, bridges, underground road networks, it's high amount of criminal activity, it's red and orange lighting, it's black, gray, and chrome buildings with windows having computer interfaces, holographic display and propaganda, hovering/ground vehicles, AFT platforms, and for having several junk valleys, is partially polluted, and has trade sales for the most valuable of resources on the black market. This planet is one of the many financial and trading center for the Grutts. The civilization is hard to get through, and alcoholic beverages are a highly-marketed product here. This world is known for being grand in entertainment, though some sectors are entirely lawless, and the homes of over a hundred Grutt crime lords. Because of their control, the underground is operated by Thabbac slaves, most illegal drugs are legalized and smoking is infectious, fast-food businesses are top-notch and make thousands of dollars every month, and thus this world has a concentrated population of overweight people at the same degree as modern-day America, and the non-Grutt government has been trying to revolutionize police forces to try and balance out this chaos. The planet has 7 oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:369d
  • Olia- A temperate planet which has dull-colored plants, mutated wildlife, rock and lava formations, a completely-clouded sky, ancient city ruins, geothermal valleys, intense weather, and large barren wastelands. This was a world that was ravaged during a deadly meteor shower that rendered most of the land inhospitable, wiping out most wildlife on the planet. The only wildlife that exists are fish, plants, fungi, and invertebrates. The civilizations that took shelter inside an underground metropolis dubbed the surface too barren and lost for them, so they have become a subterranean society that turned the underground metropolis into a virtual/holographic matrix filled with holography, multi-colored lighting, holographic windows and interfaces, robots, virtual reality, and lower subway stations for transport all over the underground. As they would prosper below, the upper surface would be claimed by nature and the wildlife that was able to survive. Very few people exited the subterranean metropolis to seek out adventure, but because the air has been poisoned by the toxic material leftover by the meteors, oxygen suits are required. However, not all inhabitants have retreated underground. There are tribes of raiders that have been able to resist the toxins and live in poverty and attack anything they see, including sentient inhabitants. These tribes have been crazed and deformed after the cataclysm, and will not be friendly to anyone who enters their territory. The planet has 13 oceans surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: NE:397d
  • Gygax

    Gygax- An ecumenopolis planet which is rich in white, gray, silver, and chrome buildings with blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and white pigmented plating and lighting, complex roadway systems, metro systems, a barrage of decorative alien flora, virtual catacombs beneath the ground, hovering/ground vehicles, holographic/screen display and propaganda, millions of public robots, and much more. This is a USRA planet where not just USRA races inhabit it, but it is a common living area for all other races across the AUU and sentient animals. This world is specifically known for the annual Plazma Tournament, which is a public combat sport where all members with Plazma registry are allowed to use holographic non-lethal weapons, combat machines, armor, energy shields, and other useful equipment manufactured by the Plazma Corporation to combat with each other without any worry of killing anyone, particularly because at this time, Digisurrection, or digital resurrection through a DNA registration, is free. This event lasts for most of the day and breaks are allowed. This event was created in order to help the government in it's weak economy make money from the many people who watch the annual tournament on HoloVision, especially when an event involving the world's old corporate founders left the planet's global reactor power plants to fail except for one called the Gygax Reactor which was too much to run and make better, and this the economy got weak until the Plazma Tournament fixed everything, though only slightly as secret underground corporations like New CrimeTech (Before disbansion), Corruption Co, and many others came to profit off of this and make the tournament legitimately dangerous, yet Gygax had it's high-tech police force of not just organic beings, but Omnicans, deal with it, and they have long succeeded even around the times of the Villains Act. Besides the Plazma Tournament, the Plazma Corporation also runs the market as manufacturers of advanced home appliances, popular AI pets, toys, and many others. Because the economy on this planet is not that easy to fix, the Plazma Tournament continues to go on and excite everyone, and the Plazma Corporation funds the police force that protects them from greedy people who use the Tournament for evil. That doesn't mean this torniment avoided it's critics who still have their voices and enfluence against the event, good intentions and some proven benifits aside, arguing that it's both a neednessly overcomplicated short-cut to fix something other worlds resolved without such extremes, and the fact it's been attracting rouge corperations helps little, with some critics warning of a possablity of a digiserection failing and someone actselly ends up perimently dead or if a less desireable brings real weaponry to unprepared improperly armed individuals, and have commonly warned that the police forces that the Plazma Corperation funds can't stop every nere-do-well. These individuals have since formed Nu-Plazmus Group, a mixed reputation Anti-Plazma activist group trying to get the goverment to shut down the event and find a proper way to fix the ecomamy. Their concerns are legit and brought out decent arguements and earnest beliefs, but the reason why this group is mixed is because some members tend to try ABIT too hard to get the goverment to end the Plazma Tournament, even at the expensive of being viewed unlawful. People, civilian, goverment officals and members of the Plazma Corperation, are all divided on their opinions of Nu-Plazmus. The planet has 50 small oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:424d
  • Mabaat- A bright-orange-and-scarlet gas giant which has a poisonous but habitable zoeosphere. The world was populated and given AFT air-locked cities and communities in order to mine the valuable metallic gases and gemstones found in the gas giant's lower zone. The cities are operated entirely by Thabes in exchange for sustenance, and contain metro stations, airports, sometimes bubble domes, buildings with ordinary windows, ranged light coloration, robotics, screen display and propaganda, and a balanced amount of plants. The storms on the gas giant can range in intensity, which is why all AFT cities and platforms are mobile and automatically move to safer locations by analyzing the weather through weather balloon probes. Moons: 16; DC: 63hr:492d

Kraver System

  • Kraver- A very savaged wildlife planet owned by the amoral but extremely unsettling zillionaire Yateron named Lord Kravor Starverius, a darwinistic, surviveal enfusiest and resident very creepy guy, has been known to surround himself with a private army of starbots he purchused from the VA as a benufactor, has been known to kidnap and capture any that get too close to his system and forces them to survive in his planet Kraver, filled with un-natrol beasties of all sorts, like Wolf-Raptor Hybrids with splitting jaws, giant titanic epic creatures created from his mad sciencetists' lab, pharina penguins, electrisity producing deer, pig people, and many more nasty surprises, and often makes the survivers play twisted games that cross the line of their mental, moral, and personal beliefs, and makes them fight and even kill eachother for his amusement in return for speical rewards to garrintie them surviveal for another day. He never let's his victims go, decrying them as property. This world like the AUU equilient of the Don't Starve Game.

Vhigus System

  • Vulgun- A lava planet which was a once a human mining colony for it's many valuable volcanic gemstones and metals until it was abandoned due to too many mining colonies being destroyed by the volcanic activity. However, it was eventually revitalized by Teadr 2 sentient animals, and now the planet itself has many AFT cities and mining colonies operated mainly by Thabes. The planet is named after the AUU human god of fire, volcanoes, tectonic and seismic activity, and even fiery extinctions. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:300d
  • Mag Ianiti- A semi-ecumenopolis planet and former Ehswan colony which is a famous USRA planet for it's Globex facilities and mainly for being the main source of AUU firearms besides Tau. This is where all known weapon manufacturers worked, invented, patented, and distributed their weapons across the AUU, in the Exo-Wars, the AUU Third Cartoonian War, the Interuniversal War, and even the Villains Act. The planet has 10 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:397d

Aini System

  • Aini Prime- A temperate desert planet which has a deep-blue sky as the result of the small concentration of actinium in the sky. The world itself also has a high amount of plants that still get enough sunlight in the system's blue sun. This is a Yatoran colony which is not only a good place to build massive cities, but it's also mined for it's rich amounts of elements that are used for many purposes, such as the composition of the city buildings. The planet has 4 large continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:239d
  • Kue Saibi- A terrestrial jungle planet which has a whitish-blue sky as the result of the sky's small concentration of krypton. This was an Ehswan colony where the Ehswans created chemical weapons for their military during the AUU Second Cartoonian War. Because of this, most of the battles here lead to the Ehswans winning except for the last one. Now this is a Yatoran planet where the labs are controlled by them. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:302d
  • Miunus- A tropical planet which is famous for being locked in it's orbit, meaning that there is one side that eternally faces the blue sun whereas the other is in eternal night. The night side is forever trapped in an Ice Age, whereas the light side is a tropical paradise. This is a Yatoran planet which eventually became a USRA planet and a good place for the USRA races to take a break from the stresses of their jobs, especially with keeping peace in the AUU. The planet has several small islands and one large continent on the day side all surrounded by ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: None (Calendared 24hr:365d)
  • Cocratune- An orange-and-brown gas giant which has a habitable zone which the Yatorans have built large AFT cities on. Despite the storms being 10% intense than other storms due to the planet's red spot, the habitable zone is still safe to live in. The lower areas of the gas giant are mined for it's metallic gases in mining colonies operated by Thabes. Moons: 47

Saitos System

  • Soron- A humid desert planet that used to to be inhabited by a mammalian Teadr 3 mole-like race known as Soronons. However, because of the genocidal actions of Gordon the Animal, they have gone extinct, and their Teadr 3 architectural cities have become inhabited by other mammalian species. The cities were then given Teadr 2 qualities such as flying vehicles, glowing roads, holographic display and propaganda, and 30% robotic labor. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; DC: 21hr:347d; Capital City: Sol Gaminoa
  • Qatium- A planet filled with toxic swamps, tar pits, and sparse plant life. Many unsentient species have learned to thrive in this painful environment. Teadr 3 cities with screen displays, flying vehicles, underground catacombs, a 70% variety of plant life, and large bronze buildings with red lights are found all over the planet, as well as AFT cities with the same appearance and architecture. This is a USRA planet, having all the dominant races populating it, and using filtering machines to keep the water drinkable. The planet has 7 continents, 5 oceans, and a crystal and dust ring. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: NE:488d
  • Yahur- An ecumenopolis moon belonging to a purple gas giant called Yanitharro. This is a USRA moon that was colonized by Qatium, and has large Teadr 3 cities being populated by all the USRA races and having the same architecture and appearance of Qatium cities, and is all powered by underground non-nuclear reactors. This moon is a rich source of valuable spices and precious metals that are mined. It has 2 oceans that are surrounded entirely by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; OT: 237d

Earco System

  • Pozan- A desert planet which is colonized by the Xurons. It is a world filled with land reefs and it is the capital of the Xuron Millennium Military. It once housed several hyper-cloning factories which created clones for the Millennium Military, but once the artificial population control was used to restore the endangered Xurons, these cloning factories were shut down and now serve as military bases. This planet is known for it's many virtual training catacombs and for holding all known Xuron military technology. The planet has several large lakes. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:192d
  • Rafata- A tropical planet which is a colony of the Xurons where several massive megalopolises are found. This is a USRA planet where all known USRA races live at, give or take a few sentient animals. This is a world which is rich in land reefs and the cities are often found either on the ground or in large AFTs. This planet has several medium-to-small islands surrounded by ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:344d
  • Xuronosis

    Xuronosis- A desert planet with one massive supercontinent, large mountains, and a diverse community. It was once an ocean planet which gained a massive global ice cap on it's south pole, lowering the sea levels and creating a humid desert planet where coral jungles can be found, as well as aquatic animals that evolved to life on land live. It is ruled by the USRA gray-alien Teadr 2 race called Xurons, which had psychokinetic abilities, and their famed versatility. They have provided the USRA with hyper-cloning technology, and various other genetic technologies. The planet has no moons. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: NE:529d; Capital City: Xaineeda
  • Tacader- An ecumenopolis planet and perhaps the first one built by Xurons. It is a bustling world which has a fair amount of plants and land corals, as well as large floating AFTs. The cities are massive, carrying the same common Xuron architecture. Despite the fact that the buildings are barely able to accommodate taller beings like humans and so on, they can still work around them. The planet has 6 large oceans surrounded by land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 36hr:761d

Noifinny System

  • Kuurrus

    Kuurrus- The home planet of the tec coping Finkurs, obcessive deluded fanboys/Fangirls of the Xuruns. The UIS protected them from otherwise getting an exile shield that would've stopped them from breaking and sneaking into Xurun private facilities and copy their tec. The Xuruns, prefering not to get emotional about this, though admit no fondness, have come to cope with the Finkurs reaccuring shenanigans. Some Xuruns even came to garner a more positive attatude torwords them, because otherwise the Finkurs mean no serious harm, even say that "Imitation is a form of flattery", espeically that the Finkurs liked the Xuruns, although less then positive Xuruns came to believe that the Finkurs are up to something, when really they just want to imitate the Xuruns because they're obcessive fans of them, and these Finkur critics had sited that they could've been given a minor exile sheild probation by now if it wasn't for the UIS' interfearence.

Utopia System

  • Utopia Prime- The Capital Planet of the Utopia System and tecnecally the only one in the system, and for a reason. It used to have other planets, each home of seperate races: The Wingdingari, The Kronans, The Raptorians, and the Aquacaakzins, (These Guys) for seperate utopian races that ended up liking eachother so much, that they used a special device to combined their planet into one large planet thanks to it's Teadr 1 origin of it being a lost Ehswanian device. That same device would allow these races to assend to semi-Teadr 1 as a result. Thus, Utopia Prime was born, and the Utopians lived in peace. However, it has come to be a contested system due to the fact that the Finkurs and the Xuruns were actselly created by the Aquacaakzins, meaning that there was a justifyable reason by the Finkurs kept mimicing the Xurons because the two were meant to be as utopian as they were. Unfortunately, the Xurons and the Finkurs ended up not getting that message yet as the fact they both are on different groups is clear indication of this, as now the system is caught in being made to favor one group over the other, which to the Utopians would end up meaning betraying one of them, thus the utopians kept firmly neutrol to both. The system remained stubbernly contested by the Xuron representive Master Xigmos and the female Finkur ambassitor that sometimes looks at Xigmos in a fangirl daze, Ambassitress Fian Guirl.

Scoriii System

  • Wostage- A red desert planet (Three Red, Yellow, and Blue Suns, Gliese 667 Cb, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 17hr:107d
  • Eccentruse- A red semi-temperate desert planet (Gliese 667 Cc, Human Colony, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Teadr 3; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:277d
  • Vitis- A small red semi-temperate desert planet (Gliese 667 Cd, Cunone, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:340d
  • Acig- An arid smoggy lava planet with poisonous clouds and air (Gliese 667 Ce, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: 32hr:398d
  • Contamin- A lava ocean island planet (Gliese 667 Cf, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 40hr:504d
  • Milbrew- A poisonous-aired ocean planet (Gliese 667 Cg, TBC...) Moons: ; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type II; DC: 44hr:565d

Arebulox System

  • Zrome- A lava planet that has a dark-red sky due to it's small amounts of helium and metallic gases, lava pits, ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins, active firestorms and volcanic activity, native fauna and flora, and multiple unstable tectonic plates. It has a thin unbreathable atmosphere, yet it is inhabited because of it's rich amounts of spices, valuable gases, metals, and gemstones, and thus it established a trade route with Inorbon for the AUU Currency Troupe. The world is sponsored and run primarily by Deus Ex Corporations and the two share their mined resources 50/50, splitting it for both the rest of the AUU and their own system's currency and resources. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: NE:156d
  • Eoston- A desert lava planet that has large geothermal, lava, and toxic valleys, large rock and lava formations, crystal-clear and clean water, geysers and springs, tar pits and wastelands, a red, orange, and yellow sky due to it's small amounts of neon and sodium, plentiful Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, salvageable ship graveyards and junkyards, rich amounts of gemstones and spices, boneyards, orgaliths, and large amounts of native and introduced fauna consisting of plants, land reefs, zooplantae, and fungi, and wide amounts of animals including invertebrates and reptomammals, and active weather. The planet has multiple plants, lava refineries, large Deus Ex Corporations facilities, military outposts, large megalopolises and average cities. It is a highly-profitable world for the system, mining spices and other resources, sharing it for themselves and the AUU Currency Troupe on Inorbon. This world also has it's own population of Thabes who make a decent scavenging lifestyle in their own slums and corporate manufacturing business. The planet has 60 lakes surrounded entirely by land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:209d
  • Strangeland- A semi-temperate planet that is named for it's highly-ranged and enigmatic variety of wildlife from literally all corners of the AUU, as it was a wildlife sanctuary for the Ceallans during their pre-anomaly days. Though when they went extinct, this world later became a thriving USRA planet where multiple cities and megalopolises and farms were built, all while emphasizing that all the wildlife on the planet are protected by law, all since this world was about to be sold as a gladiator hunting world. The world also has a colorful sky due to it's small amounts of metallic and noble gases, ranging climates, orgaliths, artificial landmarks, flying islands, mountains, and rock fields levitated by magnetanium, active weather and storms, nitrogen-and-fertilizer-rich soil, and ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins. This world has had a lot of activity from the other planets as well as the USRA, and is inhabited by sentient animals that are passionate and nice as they feel in tune with the nature of the AUU and welcome everyone in the AUU. The planet has 8 continents, 2,240 islands, and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:287d
  • Messeract- A large temperate planet distinguished for it's large ranging environments, it's passive-aggressive fauna, it's colorful flora which consist of fluorescent, bioluminescent, and alternately-colored plants and land reefs, it's large flying islands and mountains as the result of magnetanium, it's colorful sky as the result of it's small amount of neon gases, it's large rock and lava formations, canyons, mountains, it's active weather, and for it's significance. This is a world that started out with only 6 civilizations since it was first colonized by the USRA. But later, depletion of resources lead to expansion across this super-giant planet. In turn, this expansion also led to competition and fighting over available resources. Five major distinct societies rose to prominence from this: The Ocran Empire, the Aurdene State, the Cantauri Federation, the Czpecial Republic, and the Gabolline Directorate. The Ocran Empire is a militantly theocratic empire that expanded by conquering and enslaving several small independent or abandoned communities and through this gave birth to the Czpecial Republic. The Aurdere State is a corporatocratic capitalist democracy whose president founded and owned the global multinational megacorporation of Deus Ex Corporations which provide consumer products all over the planet, is organized as a form of statist corporatocracy, where the State itself is owned by and operated on behalf of a few trust-like megaconglomerates of Deus Ex Corps, and were originally a part of the Cantauri Federation until cultural animosity between the two peoples spiraled into a 65-year evenly-matched war during which the Aurdene seceded from the Federation to found their own state. The Cantauri Federation is a high-functioning technological democratic republic that favors liberal economic policies, encourages individual entrepreneurship and social democracy, maintains a progressive approach to social welfare, and founded the Centurion Law Core, a public military police force which safeguards the rest of the planet. The Czpecial Republic is a strong military and economic power actively seeking the emancipation of their brethren and all other slaves after being liberated of slavery from the Ocran Empire by the Cantauri Federation. Finally, the Gabolline Directorate is a relatively high-functioning technological democracy which saw two major periods of empire, and artificial enhancement became a popular trend in artificial evolution and transbeingism, despite the risk of genetic diseases. Each of these factions reside on each territory on the planet's massive supercontinent, each being surrounded by high-tech borders protected by laser turrets and laser gates owned by Centurion, immigration only being allowed through citizenship regulations. The planet is filled with megalopolis cities, regular cities, small towns that serve as cheap places to live, sell, buy, get jobs, and feel free, a large complex of underground road and metro systems that free the stress of disturbing the environment, has several lawless unclaimed sectors inhabited by pirates, bandits, criminals, and many others that are all being controlled by Centurion through their hundreds of penal colonies, stronghold bases, and outposts, it's many underground caves rich in precious gems and gemstones that are mined by Deus Ex Corps, and several government-owned restricted areas which are homes of Deus Ex Corps facilities, factories, warehouses, and underground vaults that store tons of government-owned peoperty. Much of the planet still remains unexplored, and some people make a living exploring for anything valuable. Deus Ex Corps also owns most of the market on the planet selling whatever they can manufacture. They even fund sporting events such as combat racing, robot combat, ball games, virtual wars and other virtual games, and have built coliseums that can be up to a thousand miles wide. While not friends, the 5 major kingdoms at best begrudingly tolerating eachother, though the Orcan and the Aurdene get along the best eith eachother, while the same is said with the Cantauri, the Czpecial, and the Gabolline, though only as far as for their equil distain for the Orcan and the Aurdene. But little to any of them realise that the planet is more speical then just having a super continent, and if all five of them can't settle their beef, their problems will only get worse. The planet has a massive supercontinent and a moderately-large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:330d
  • Ru- A temperate planet that has a ton of spaceship graveyards and junkyards, ranging climates, active weather, large mountains and rock formations, introduced fauna and flora, and ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins. This is a world that, ever since the USRA claimed it, was made the capital of the Aurdene State. As such, the world is a corporatocratic capitalist democracy who has a highly-intelligent president who organized a separate form of statist corporatocracy than on Messeract, and like on said planet, the world itself is owned by and operated on behalf of a few trust-like megaconglomerates of Deus Ex Corps, and even became the capital headquarters of Deus Ex Corporations itself. This world has since been an offered colony for the Thabes for special labor, thus upon being introduced, the Thabes built massive slums and used their caste role in the Deus Ex Corporation to build an advanced society of their own. The world continues to flourish well without the trouble it's founders suffered on Messeract. The planet has 9 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:368d
  • Sorner- A temperate planet that has active weather, a red sky due to it's small amounts of neon, native/introduced alternate-colored flora, and partially-native fauna, large mountains, land reefs, orgaliths, large rock and lava formations, geothermal valleys, and spaceship graveyards. Since the USRA claimed Messeract, this has been a more specific capital for the Czpecial Republic. As such, it is a strong military and economic colony that benefits more than themselves. Because of this, it attracted attention from warlike beings all across the AUU, even ones of great controversey, who offered a ton of military technology that made them a more-efficient colony. Even the races themselves made this world a fitting place to call home, and aid them even when the colony is fighting against the evils of the outside world. The planet has 10 continents, 618 islands, and 7 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:398d
  • Oirsuth- A tropical island planet that has tropical/prehistoric fauna and flora, active weather and storms, ranging climates, artificial landmarks, ancient Teadr 1 monuments and ruins, and active-to-extinct volcanoes. It is a world famous for it's ranging Teadr communities, and as such, since the USRA arrived, the world became a front for the Ocran Empire, who, under the orders of the USRA, claimed the world without slavery-based means to avoid controversy. As such, the world became a militantly theocratic imperial world where literally all abandoned communities were revitalized into fresh new ones, and the world itself, like the Ocran Empire, worshipped a specific set of deities called the Gods of Warfare, which had one purpose in life: war, especially what one can guess occurred during the AUU First Cartoonian War, and thus the Ocran Empire honored their name and their talent for warfare by becoming an empire of half-combat and half-diplomacy. Though this meant that multiple islands participated in inter-island warfare for several periods, the Ocran Empire still found it a priority to keep peace on this colony. The planet has 8 small continents, 6,789 islands, 4 oceans, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:421d
  • Qeacury- A purple gas giant that has large and intense plasma storms, artificial islands and mountains, Teadr 1 monuments and ruins, a semi-breathable zoeosphere, introduced invertebrates and vertebrates and flora including zooplantae and land reefs, and rich amounts of rarium. This world has been a manufacturing capital for several eons, claimed by many generations by multiple Teadr 1 races, and low-Teadr business, and is still used to this very day. The world has several kinds of factories, facilities, refineries, and mining colonies, all being funded by the Legion and AUU Currency Troupe. The gas giant has 6,780 islands. Moons: 28; DC: 998d
  • Fruy- An ecumenopolis planet that has a blue, indigo, and purple sky due to it's small amounts of actinium and nitrogen, active weather, and beautiful oceans with equally-beautiful coral and artificial reefs. The ecumenopolis itself has cities that have the same architecture as the cities of Messeract, having black, gray, chrome, and white buildings with red, yellow, turquoise, cyan, blue, indigo, violet, and pink pigmented plating, red, yellow, turquoise, cyan, blue, indigo, violet, pink, white, and occasionally-black lighting, and holographic/computer-interface windows, a vast variety of fauna and flora from all across the AUU, metro systems, underground levels, holographic/screen display and propaganda, high sponsorship of limitless businesses across the AUU, AFTs of several shapes and sizes, ground/hover-based vehicles, and vast heights and other scenery on par with the Wall-E corporate future. Since the USRA arrived, this world has become the capital for the Cantauri Federation. As such, the world, like it's founders, is a high-functioning technological democratic republic that favors liberal economic policies, encourages individual entrepreneurship and social democracy, and maintains a progressive approach to social welfare. They even founded several Centurion Law Core bases and grounds all across the system, starting with the planet's moon. The planet has 7 continents, 2,280 islands, and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 31hr:444d
  • Veucury- A tropical island planet that has beautiful underwater reefs built on artificial reefs built by Teadr 1 beings, immense amounts of underwater fauna and flora, large ship graveyards that can be found even in the water, often sticking out of it, several islands with tropical fauna and flora from multiple corners of the AUU, several Teadr 7 temples and ruins, active weather and strong tropical storms, advanced Teadr 2 resort cities with the same architecture and sponsorship as Messeract and the two ecumenopolis worlds of the system, and large rock and water formations, amazing shores and coast formations, and famous cruise ships and aquacities. It is a USRA planet and a widely-popular resort world that has a cheap economy, elegant nature, large amounts of water and has a megalopolis that holds a lagoon-sized pool in the center, sea caves and underground aquifers and tropical jungles, and used to hold a very elegant Teadr 7 semi-technological civilization. The planet has over 18 small continents, 17,600 islands, and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 33hr:486d
  • Tulypso- A large wetland rainforest planet which has a turquoise sky filled with small amounts of radon and xenon, fauna and flora mostly introduced from Strangeland, large mountains, rock formations, toxic pools, tar pits, boneyards, orgaliths, and active weather and tropical storms. This was the Ceallans' first choice of a wildlife sanctuary before Strangeland, but all the colonies were destroyed by tropical storms, and thus they chose Strangeland instead. Regardless, much of the animals and plants they introduced flourished and spread out and turned the world into an active rainforest world. It remains uninhabited, and the USRA claimed it as a wildlife sanctuary before it could be named a gladiator hunting world. The planet has 10 continents surrounding 6 small oceans. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 35hr:505d
  • Sessract- An ecumenopolis planet that has a green-blue, green, or blue sky due to it's small amounts of radon and xenon, has active weather and storms, and artificial underwater reefs. The ecumenopolis has the same architecture as that of Messeract and Fruy, only it covers the entire planet. Since the USRA's arrival, this world has been a capital front for the Gabolline Directorate. As such, it is a relatively high-functioning technological democracy that specializes in artificial enhancement when it became a popular trend in artificial evolution and transbeingism, despite the risk of genetic diseases, and thus the world mainly sponsors biological technology businesses and created a bit of a genetic caste system. The planet has 18 oceans surrounded entirely by metropolitan land. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 38hr:544d
  • Ior- A coniferous tundra planet that has massive glaciers, ice and rock formations, frozen soil, alternate-colored fauna and flora, introduced or otherwise, Teadr 1 monuments and ruins, a gray sky due to it's small amounts of metallic gases, a nitrogen-filled core, and geothermal valleys. This was a former Ceallan colony until it was terra-frozen during a war and left it a frozen wasteland for millennia as wildlife died out, migrated, or adapted, and the Ceallans' former civilizations were claimed by the USRA and the other inhabitants of the system, as well as building their own cities and megalopolises. The world has been known to be a research world for the Ceallans in genetic-engineering, particularly with their own genetic anomalies and improving upon them, as well as other genetic purposes, as the cold temperatures proved useful for cryostasis, and it's where they developed other cryogenic forms of technology. Their genetic library is later claimed by Deus Ex Corporations and research is currently under progress. The planet has 17 small oceans surrounded entirely by frozen land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 40hr:565d
  • Prion- A frozen ice planet that has large ice and rock formations, permafrost soil, highly-strong blizzards and snowstorms, has oceans filled with liquid nitrogen, geysers that spread liquid nitrogen, and even 75% of the air on the planet is filled with nitrogen, the rest being oxygen, and the world itself is rich in cryonite. Though it has never been touched for eons since the last attempt to mine the planet has ended up with everyone being frozen and crumbled by the nitrogen. Even the businesses of the system and beyond have decided to forsake the cryonite of the planet. That's not to say it's forgotten, by all means, as less then easily detered prospecters come here to claim the cryonite with an array of intentions. The planet became the epicenter of small scale prospecter conflict ever since. The planet has 6 liquid nitrogen oceans surrounded entirely by frozen land. Moons: None; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; DC: NE:610d

Evolus System

  • Evollus- A planet dominated by apex predatory creatures that co-exist in a hive-mind fastion, and are capable to going though a metamorthus-like process that makes them stronger, or as sciencests like to dub it as "Evolve", and are deemed evolutionary marvels that justify their Apex status. They exist in five major classes, Giants, brutal musled beasts capable to break even an entire side of a mountain, Krokens, chuhulu-eqsed monstorsities capable of inhuman abilities, Banshees, surprise attack stalkers that can appear as quickly as they can disappear, Titans, giant rock covered golum beasts capable to turn into giant destructive balls and can either be lava or ice based depending on evioment extreme, and finally the Hags, Spider-Folk eqsed beasts with webbing stronger then even the strongest metal in any existence and a gooey, toxic venom that drips from their mouths. In thanks to bold coloniests trying to make this world their own, the creatures nateroly wanted to defend their terratory from something they intinctually felt is a threat to their surviveal, as the creatures worked to togather to destroy and/or chase away the colonests, sometimes even having to eat their most vulerable to scare them away from their terratory, all to ensure their dominance. However, the colonests deside to make the mistake of only encouraging the creatures surviveal driven fears and continue to fight them, in a 50-50 battle where both sides win and lose at times, as the colonests formed a group of speicalised "Hunters" to protect the colonies and their "right to live here" against the native threats, of which the group is dubbed as Hunters of Evolus. The Grand Council is caught in a bind here, because neither side is truely evil or truely good, both want to ensure their own surviveal and both are afraid of eachother being a threat to that, the creatures of Evolus afraid of the colonests potainional eviomental threats as well as compition to the other native creatures as food, along with the fact that sometimes the colonests want to weaponese the powerful creatures, and the colonests are afraid of the great apexs of Evolus for already explained reasons. The least they could do is keep both sides from destroying one and the other because of something that would escalate it, as in the Colonest side, attempts to exspeariment on weaponiseing the creatures or even so much as a certain trait is now off-limits, as the Evolus creatures react negitively to such attempts and had been known to destroy colonest labs for it in order to save their captured, and "Rouges" on the creatures' side are declaired a top priority for the Hunters to bring down because of disobeying the hive-mind and attack colonies unprovoked and without organised reason. This surviveal of the fittest contest is held even to this day. This is an AUU equilent of the game "Evolve".

Zincrainium System

  • Zincrania- The home planet of a Teadr 2 Xenomorth-Headed Aliens known as the Zincrainioms, a reptilian-bug casted race that were once the rulers of the entire Tobani System. But when they declaired war on the USRA for interoping onto their secter without approveal, war was ineditable. Great as the Zincrainian tec was, the USRA won with perserveriance and persistence. Leaving the entire Zincrainiom race to be left with nothing but their native system while the entire Tobani became mostly USRA terratory or USRA leaning. Thus, the Zincrainioms joined forces with UIS in one day building up an army great enough to reclaim all of Tobani back from the USRA, sharing it with nobody but themselves and their UIS allies. The Zincrainioms buildt a giant Wall Drone that blocks out advancement beyond the system, leaving the worlds Isolated and ripe for future Zincrainiom control after the initional Tobani has been reclaimed.

Isolated Systems-6

Globspace Nebula

  • Gloebtoon- A temperate semi-toxic rogue planet that is filled with Globspace, an organic chemical charged up with quantum energy, and has a mind of its own and this creature was oppressed for its freaky cartoonish nature, driving it to cartoonify the entire isolated sector into what is now known as the Globspace Nebula. This planet was the first and worst victim of Globspace, and thus it's inhabitants are Nickelodeon-cartoonish and out of control. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I

Reptinios System (Reptinians]

  • Reptinios Major- (Reptinian Home Planet, TBC...)

Grontstex System (Grontles)

  • Grontstex II- (Grontle Home Planet, TBC...)

Splicelov System

  • Splicia- A temperate planet with a large supercontinent and formerly being the headquarters of a mad scientist named Iaac Splicelov who was sent to life imprisonment for illegal and unethical experiments that created the supercontinent's mix-matched inhabitants, whose appearance is based around spliced parts of any lifeform in the UUniverses. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:461d

Mivvisto System

  • Enrico- The base of the UUF Gamma-6 Headquarters, where bases were once under the command of an abusive ill-suited tyrant of a leader, Supreme Commander Tyrannzin, who treated UUF members like absolute shit, so much so that he even has the gull to openly and unapologetically insult and degrade CIC himself. Tyrannzin cared little about actselly fighting UIS, he even has the nerve to actselly admire what they're doing, which to UUF folks is a personal sin, but the reason he's in the UUF at all is because he was the brother of a Brass General of the UUF and strings and arms were pulled to let him join. Tyrannzin's true motives for the UUF are penultimately dark, cause he joined the group to be able to be closer to Gloebtoon, so he can be able to harness the power of Globspace, cause the bases he has to defect against the Main UUF forces and rebel to become its own forces, crudely renamed T.Y.R.A.N.T., which began to rampage across the isolated systems here and took them over in Nazi-like fashion and causing atrocious horrors. A gang of heroic beings from Gloebtoon decided to stop T.Y.R.A.N.T. and teamed up with a group of UIS agents that were assigned to take them down, with a Gloebtoon Lizard falling in love with a female Skep agent named V'reonica, to work together and dismantle T.Y.R.A.N.T., with Tyrannzin falling into Globspace and forever condemned to be a toon, in which he was imprisoned with a book litterally closed on him and Tyrannzin trapped as a drawing in the book. The ruined corrupted bases of once-UUF origin, forever stood as testaments why these systems will NEVER trust UUF members unless MASSIVE reforms of standards happen, though some will still be cautious of them even then.

Hybitia System

  • Hiia- A temperate alien planet with massive Annom-based civilizations. This is a recent planet founded in 2018 as the sanctuary of USRA-UIS hybrids because a union between rival races is very intolerable to either, UIS cause to some UIS races it either violates purity or is seen as a fraternization of an adversary, though a primary belief is simply because a hybrid, to hardliners, would risk compromising UIS' cause and make them forget the point of UIS by the mere act of finding the adversary attractive in even a minor way, whereas the USRA-side isn't any better by virtue of Anti-UIS nuts and/or genetic puritans that often deemed these hybrids aberrations to the USRA legacy and/or "genetic perfection", and thus these beings live in isolation from both alliances. But the planet is superhabitable and thus big enough for them to forge their own path. They decide to shut themselves out of the rest of the AUU and be their own people, hating both UIS and USRA for their oppression. However, the planet became subject to its own problems with beings that appeared to have missed the memo that this planet wants to not pick any side, predominantly with a pro-USRA insurrection group lead by Mitch Mixenmatch who's still blindly into the USRA ways even if A, they're in the worse place to do that, and B, the USRA is no improvement from UIS in terms of Hybrid rights, espeically between alliance races. A group of hybrids referred to as "Hums" tried to get Mitch to realize that, but at most they only got a lousy exile to the planet's moon H'u.  Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:477d

Monzomo System

Zambobia System

Zambambobo System

Gagreflexin System


Kal'ala'lala'jeee Gaz System

Syy'sys'ys'syst System

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