Gary Skalesworth

Gary Scork Skalesworth

Gary S. Skalesworth is a Non-Dragon Realms Purple Dragon who had once been an accomplice to Professor Eagle Beak, and is also an old friend of Clare Buckington since she hatched him when he was an egg. Gary had played innocent with the people at Magic University when he was actually just a nosey spy who's what Randall from Recess would look if he was a dragon. He ratted out anyone who bends the rules for any reason, justified or not, and though he has earned the respect of Eagle-Beak, has gained hatred from everyone else, and is routinely tormented by the bullies. He possesses powerful truth and stealth magic, and has the tendency to frame others for crimes he committed if he does not like the person he meets or even on orders from Eagle-Beak to prevent people from being on their tails. To add insult to injury, he had no respect for Celestia, thinking she is a pacifist, also because Celestia knew he framed those he does not like and because Eagle-Beak lets him get away with it, and thanks to him, he thinks Celestia is unfit to rule Equestria, and is quick to be in a negative position with Taiku and originally would be true for Twilight had it not been for Taiku's bad first impression. Russel the Minotaur's usual Shenanigens with bulling Gary helped little. But the thought of him has been painful for Twilight. When she and Taiku defeated Eagle-Beak, Twilight was too blind to see that Gary was just a misunderstood soul who was starting to form a friendship with Twilight, and she caused events that got him sent to a boot camp where he became extremely ruined and anti-social after being oppressed and put through loads of pain. This makes Twilight feel guilty for ruining his life, and she gets sad every time she is reminded of it. Luckily, indirectly thanks to the actions of Clare and more directly to Sunset Shimmer, Gary was saved and restored back to his original self.


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